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Short functional texts


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Short functional texts

  1. 1.  Caution Greeting Card Short Message Invitation Announcement Advertisement Food Label Personal Letter
  2. 2. Dear Mr. Anto,Your appointment tosee Mr. Charlie is onTuesday 7th June at2.15 p.m. Please be ontime. Margareth
  3. 3. FRAGILE – HANDLE WITH CARE•Where do you probably find the notice? a. In the car port c. In the letter envelope b. In the electrical tool d. In the locker box
  4. 4. What does this sign mean?a. You are allowed to get c. You are prohibited to use closer electric toolsb. You have to keep using d. You have to be careful in the way the area
  6. 6. YOU’RE INVITED TO KIM’S BIRTHDAYDate : March 13Time : 6.30.pmPlace : 44 Devoe RoadDirection : Take the No. 5 bus to the corner of Devoe and King’s street. We are the second house on the right. Please arrive on time. This is a surprised party.Please Confirm : Marie Salinger 238 – 1722 Or e-mail Marles
  7. 7. Attention all students:You are reminded to bring along a workingthermometer to school on 11/02/08 (Mon) and12/02/08 (Tue). Students who choose not tobring along the thermometer will have topurchase one from the Bookshop at a cost of$3.50 each. Use the Class relay system toremind each other to bring along thethermometer. NS Nathan, Principal
  8. 8. Announcement To all the ninth and eighth year students of SMPN 4 Purwantoro In celebrating the school anniversary, the school will hold a News Reading competition at the hall on the third of October 2009. For more information and registration, contact Riris at the Students’ Association Office•Who can take part in the competition? a. All the students c. Only the students who study in SMP 4 b. Only the students of grade IX d. All the students of grade VIII and IX
  9. 9. Find the correct spelling and pronunciation (more than 80,000 words) with this ADIBA Electronic Dictionary Made of strong plastic Comes in two colors : Dark gray and light blue Rp. 250.000
  10. 10. HOTEL KARTIKA WIJAYAPublished rate 2006Room type Room rateStandard Rp 197.750Superior Rp 249.100Cottage Rp 285.450Executive Rp 495.375Extra Bed Rp 35.000No additional charge for children under 12 years old,sharing room with their parents or guardians.Check out time is 12.00 noon. Room will be held until 6.00 p.m.unless guaranteed payment is received.ReservationJI. Panglima Sudirman 127, Batu, Malang, East Java, Indonesia