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  1. 1. CONTOH BIMBEL NOTICE AND CAUTION Choose the best answer a, b c or d. 1. Read the notice! DUE TO THE LENGTHENING DROUGHT THE FISHING DOCK AT THE PARK IS UNUSEABLE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. …… … It means that … . a. People are not allowed to fish at the park in the dry season b. The dock at the park cannot be used as the fishing area anymore c. People should not use the fishing dock because of the long dry season d. People may not visit the park because the fishing dock is being rebuilt 2. Read the warning. Never touch the dry basket and the clothes inside to avoid accidents. What does the text mean? a. You may not place your clothes in the dry basket because it can cause an accident. b. You cannot operate the washing machine when the dry basket is full of clothes. c. You are prohibited to put your hand on the dry basket for your own safety. d. You must not touch the washing machine when the basket is dry. 3. What does the notice mean? a. You are not allowed to enter the office. b. You may not do your job in the office. c. The office is not used anymore. d. There is no job in the office. No Vacancies 4. The warning at the back side of the telephone means … Do not use during thunderstorm a. b. c. d. You may use the telephone all the time. You should keep your telephone in a safe place. Your telephone will be automatically off if there is a thunderstorm. You are prohibited to use the telephone when a thunderstorm happens. 5. You might see this sign on the door of a high building. It means … . EMERGENCY EXIT a. b. c. d. the door is not used anymore because it is in bad condition and dangerous People have to use this door to get out of the building in case of fire. the situation in the building is dangerous so people like to use it if you leave the building through this way, you are in danger
  2. 2. 6. Read the text. Keep your hands and fingers away from the blades! It is meant that … . a. you should touch the blades by your hands and fingers b. Never dislodge the blades when the device is “on” c. You may touch the blades only when using the tool d. The blades are really safe to be touched 7. You may find this notice at the movie. What does it mean? a. All tickets have been bought by people, so there are no tickets left. b. The film is not interesting so you do not need to buy the tickets. c. Do not buy the tickets because they are very expensive. d. You may not watch the film although you have the tickets. SOLD OUT 8. What does this caution mean? CAUTION EYE IRRITANT. Avoid contact with eyes, skin or clothing It reminds people that the product is …for their eyes. a. good b. dangerous c. suitable d. effective 9. What does the notice mean? a. b. c. d. Someone has just mopped the floor so you cannot enter the room. You have to stop walking when you are thinking of something. You must walk carefully here because the floor may be oily. You should use the slippery floor to go around here. 10. You might see this notice at the beach. LEAVE YOUR FOOTPRINTS Not your LITTER It means that … a. you are prohibited to walk along the beach b. the beach is used to show your footprints c. you may throw the garbage to the beach d. you should keep the beach clean
  3. 3. 11. You find this notice at the airport. Do not leave your luggage unattended What does it mean? a. You are prohibited to bring your luggage into the aircraft. b. You have to leave your luggage in the checking-in counter. c. You are allowed to ask the porter to bring your luggage. d. You must watch your luggage all the time so nobody will steal it 12. Read the caution. CAUTION BEWARE OF SUBMERGED ROCKS It means that visitors of the beach…the underwater rocks there. a. must be careful of b. are prohibited to take c. should enjoy the view of d. may take the photograph of 13. This notice can be found on the road. It is meant…because there are many people walking along the street. a. to ask the drivers to stop their cars b. to tell the drivers to drive carefully c. to forbid the drivers to open their cars d. to remind the drivers to use the safety belt 14. Read the caution! It is meant ... the damaged street ahead. a. to prohibit people to enter b. to advise people to construct c. to remind people not to walk along d. to tell people to be careful if they take
  4. 4. 15. You can find this notice at the parking lots. PARKING BY PERMIT ONLY It means that … . a. the parking lot is only meant for those who are visitors b. only people having permission can park at the parking lot c. the visitors are permitted to leave the parking lot with their car d. people must take the parking tickets before entering the area 16. Read this notice! PICK UP ZONE NGURAH RAI AIRPORT People put the text … at the area where the notice is placed. a. to remind people not to stop the bus b. to tell people to fetch the passengers c. to accompany people who want to fly d. to ask passengers to take a rest 17. What does this notice mean? Please be aware Bathtub overflows in 8 minutes a. b. c. d. There is water in the bathtub so you have to bathe. In eight minutes the bathtub will begin to work well. You must be careful when you take a bath there. It won’t take long to fill the bathtub with water.