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The ever changing chameleon sarah behar


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The ever changing chameleon sarah behar

  1. 1. The Ever Changing Chameleon
  2. 2. Once upon a time there was a chameleon named Leon. Leon was a bright green chameleon. Although he was usually very happy, he sometimes felt alone and different.
  3. 3. One day Leon went to the city zoo. At the zoo there were lots of animals to see, so he got a map so he wouldn’t get lost.
  4. 4. The first animal he saw was a parrot. The parrot was beautiful and had bright red and blue feathers.
  5. 5. While watching the parrot fly from branch to branch, Leon felt verystrange. All at once he realized he was all red and blue too just like the parrot.
  6. 6. After saying good bye to the parrot he continued walking and saw an animal with a long neck and spots.
  7. 7. It was a giraffe. The giraffe was yellow with big orange and brown spots.
  8. 8. Leon was so amazed by the giraffe and his long neck that the turned yellow with brown spots too. The giraffe was very friendly though but he couldn’t stay there, so Leon decided to keep walking onwards.
  9. 9. After the giraffe, he saw a white horse with huge black stripes.
  10. 10. It was a zebra. Leon liked the black stripes on the zebra as he thought they were unique.
  11. 11. He liked them so much that he turned black and white, just like the zebra.But Leon didn’t like the color black as he thought he looked too unhappy, so he continued onwards.
  12. 12. While walking towards the next animal, a bright blue butterfly landed on Leon’s nose.
  13. 13. The moment the butterfly landed on Leon, he turned bright blue to matchthe butterfly. The butterfly seeing this change got scared and flew away.
  14. 14. The next animal Leon met wasa big black animal with a long tail and sharp teeth.
  15. 15. It was a black panther. The black panther was walking in the grasslooking at everyone. Every once in a while the panther would let out a roar.
  16. 16. Leon got so scared of the panther that he turned black immediately and decided to leave the panther alone.
  17. 17. After seeing the big cats there were two big ponds in the middle of the zoo. In the first pond was a big grey animal with big teeth.
  18. 18. It was a hippopotamus who was swimming around.The hippopotamus was very calm and was enjoying his time in the pond.
  19. 19. Leon liked the hippopotamus, and while he was watching it swim,he turned grey. Leon liked the color grey but wasn’t sure his friends would recognize him if he was grey so he kept going.
  20. 20. Jumping from one pond to another was a dark blue frog.
  21. 21. Leon liked that the frog was jumping so he turned dark blue and followed the frog by jumping.
  22. 22. In the second pond was a very pink bird. Leon had never seen an animal like this so he was very curios.The animal pulled out his head from his body and lifted a leg up high.
  23. 23. It was a flamingo.The flamingo was very colorful and very friendly.
  24. 24. Leon loved the color of the flamingo and turned pink to match it, but healso knew he couldn’t stay with the flamingo because it was getting dark and he had to go home.
  25. 25. After seeing the flamingo he realized that was the end of the trip to the zoo.
  26. 26. When he had seen all the animals he realized that even though he wasdifferent he had one very special characteristic, he could match the colorsof any animal around. This made him very happy as he now knew that he was unique. He went home with a big smile.
  27. 27. Story By Sarah Behar