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IPad Video Lessons


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Ipad video lessons, requires some type of training above and beyond the tour or manuals that are provided. But many still struggle with the concept ipad usage. Ipad video lessons will keep many of us from becoming frustrated or confused.

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IPad Video Lessons

  1. 1. IPad Video Lessons
  2. 2. IPad Video LessonsSearching for ipad video lessons? Your questhas ended and the frustration is over. Formany individuals using our ipad has become amajor issue. If you are like me the problembegan when I opened the boxed, with no bookto get me going I was at my wits end and veryswiftly the frustration began. The first thoughtI had was how in the world am I going to beable to navigate this brand new technology?
  3. 3. The search begins for video lessons I began my search to try and find a solution to this major problem. I purchased a couple of dummy books, spoke with others who knew a little more than I did, searched the web and found a few tips, searched blogs, did facebook, twitted and try to followed a couple of complicated manuals. Just when I was about to give up I discovered videos learned a few more tips and got a little bit more clarity with what I could do with my ipad.
  4. 4. how to get the most from ipad I found that the best way for me to learn how to getthe most out of my ipad was watching video lessons.Here is what I learned during my long search, some ofthe video lessons can be very expensive and if you’reon a fixed budget, don’t have hundreds or thousandsof dollars to spend, have a limited amount of time tolearn how to become better acquainted with your ipadand processing new information is easier to obtainvisually, then video lessons may be the light at the endof the tunnel.
  5. 5. • The video lessons should be clear and concise, easy to follow and most of all if you’re like me they need to be interesting to keep and hold my attention. A video lesson should only take five- ten minutes out of your busy day.• Once we have watched the video we should immediately be able to actually use the tools that we learned.• Great video lessons give you step by step instructions, the ability to stop rewind any part of the lesson you missed or didn’t understand
  6. 6. and see what lessons should have• The most important factor is the lessons should be easy, fast, fun and accessible anywhere especially in the comfort of your home during your morning or afternoon cup of tea, juice or joe (coffee) or even during break time at work.
  7. 7. Learning about ipad• I found a video that I enjoyed. The lessons are short approximately 8-10 minutes, view the videos as often as you like, stop, pause and rewind. Here is where the learning begins and what you get from the lessons: All about Your iPad Web Tips and Tricks More About Mail Reading on Your iPad App Fun & Productivity Listen to Music & Podcasts Organize Your Photos Exploring Maps Watch Video on Your iPad
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