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General guide for O Level comprehension


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General guide for O Level comprehension

  1. 1. General Pointers for Maximising Your ComprehensionPaper Marks1. Read all instructions before answering any questions.2. Manage your time well. The recommended time allocation for the 0 level Comprehension Paper is as follows: 8-10 minutes Read the passage twice. [For a double-passage paper, read Passage A twice first, then read Passage B twice .) 35 minutes Answer the comprehensio n and vocabulary questions. 45 minutes Answer the summary question. 10 minutes Check all your answers. [And answer comprehension questions left out from the first 45 minutes!) [You may need to vary the above schedule depending on the time your school allocates for the Comprehension Paper for your level.)3. Write NEATLY and LEGIBL (and remember to write down the question numbers). Y You will only be penalising yourself if the examiner cannot read what you have written . Why? If he cant read what youve written, he cant give you the marks you deserve !4. Your first reading of the passage does not have to be a blind reading, that is, reading without having a clue as to what to expect . Scan the paper for clues to predict what you will be reading about in the passage. What are these clues? (i) the title (ii) the preamble or the brief summary of the passage (usually printed in brackets just before the passage itself) (iii) the authors name (iv) the title of the book/story/art icle the passage was taken from (v) the questions - reading the questions before reading the passage will give you a rough idea of what you will be reading about Try this out on one of the practice passages in Chapter 4 of this book, and using the above clues,predict the content of the passage.Then read the passage itself,and see for yourself how this prediction exercise helps to make reading the passage easier.