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Alberta 2


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Alberta 2

  1. 1. Alberta “Where enjoyablity is everything” BY: GURPREET & TANYA
  2. 2. Introduction Alberta is a beautiful province. With nice viewing of the Rocky Mountains and nice tourism sites. This magnificent province is a great place to visit, our even stay at. We will be going through some information that you will need before you go on to your trip to Alberta!
  3. 3. Basic Information Population:  3.99 million  10.9 of Canada's population Area:  640,000 km  Ranked 6th
  4. 4. Landform Regions Western Cordillera  High mountains separated by plateaus and valleys  Many Rocky mountains. Interior Plains  The land is flat, with deep valleys and hills in the south  Heavily forested areas and wet lands in the north Canadian Shield  Extends to the northeast corner of Alberta  Rounded hills of rock  Lakes such the Athabasca River
  5. 5. What is the climate for Alberta? Continental climate * Not near any body of water * Dryer Climate *Large temperature Range *Receive more precipitation in the summer months than the winter months
  6. 6. Seasonal Temperatures and Precipitation Levels  Has mild summers to snowy winters  Has the highest number of sunny days  In summer, temperatures can reach 20 - 25 degrees Celsius (68-77 degrees Fahrenheit)  In winter, nighttime temperatures can range from 15 to -25 degrees Celsius  Daytime temperatures of Winter can range -5 to -15 degrees Celsius
  7. 7. Month (s) Average Monthly Temperatures March (-9ºC to -2ºC) April (2ºC to 5ºC) May (8ºC to 11ºC) June/July/August (12ºC to 30ºC) September (9ºC to 13ºC) (3ºC to 8ºC) October (-8º to -1ºC) November December to February (-22ºC to -6ºC)
  8. 8. Vegetation Regions Boreal and Taiga  Northern part of Alberta  Made up mainly of coniferous trees  Fir and Pine are both found in the eastern and western areas  Aspen and white birch found in the south  White spruce, larch and black spruce are farther up north
  9. 9. Grasslands  Southern part of Alberta  Includes both short-grasses and mixed-grasses Short-grass area: short, drought-resistant grasses. Mixed-grass area: a combination of both tall and short grasses.
  10. 10. The Nature and Wildlife  This province has 587 species of wildlife. This includes: *10 species of amphibians *93 mammals *411 birds *8 reptiles *65 fish  This only province that has more mammals than Alberta is British Columbia  Alberta also has a number of zoos
  11. 11. When is the best time to go?  Skiing and Snowboarding Season – Early November     through May Best snow conditions – January through March Wildlife viewing - Spring through Fall – Early morning and Dusk Golfing – Late May Hiking and other outdoor activities - May until October
  12. 12. National Parks to Visit The Banff National Park:  Canada's first and most visited national parks.  Located in the center of the Rocky Mountains.  Many stunning mountains, forests, glaciers and rivers.  All sorts of species of animals and many vegetations.
  13. 13. Jasper National Park  Largest national park in the Canadian Rockies  Wildlife and amazing scenery  Thousands of plants and animal species, for example largest animals found are the elk, bear and deer.  Athabasca Glacier
  14. 14. Some festivals……  Bon Appétit Banff - Banff - Nov 14-24  A night at the museum shopping event - Lethbridge - Nov 28  Opening day - Banff - Nov 29  Strathcona Christmas in the heartland - Josephburg - Nov 30  Light up the night winter festival - Lacombe - Nov 28- Nov 30
  15. 15. Recreational Activities Skiing and Snowboarding  Banff and Lake Louise have great ski resorts  Ski Nakiska, is located in Calgary  Sunshine Village Ski Resort Hiking  Waterton Lakes Park is a quiet and pleasantly free from crowds  Many trails along the mountains, and a lot of wildlife.
  16. 16. Some tips for tourists  Alberta is Canada's sunniest province, so if you are going in the summer, be sure to wear proper clothing and be sure to wear sunscreen to protect your skin.  It is pretty chilly in the winter, so be sure to wear suitable and warm clothing for your stay at Alberta.  Visit the national parks in Alberta  You should plan your vacation when the festivals happen
  17. 17. Interesting facts!  Ranked number one for having overall most comfortable in Canada  Estimated more than 2,300 hours of sunshine every year  Alberta is Canada's sunniest province  In June, daylight hours can reach 16-18 hours a day
  18. 18. We hope you learnt more about Alberta!