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Cv tanveer alam

  1. 1. TANVEER ALAM KADIYALA Consultant (SAP-CRM Technical)Email: Cell phone: 0414 553 685 tanveer.kadiyala@yahoo.comCareer Objective To give the best of my knowledge and ability to the company I am working with. To be a part of the team that is open for sharing ideas, learning new Technologies and hard work. I wish my job to provide me with enough opportunities to grow and develop as a person, apart from providing me a good career.Professional Summary • Technically equipped and functionally competent Professional in IT Industry with 5 years of SAP CRM (Customer relationship management) technical, SAP WEB-DYNPRO and SAP ABAP expertise with focus in RICEF and Web UI development. • Able to translate functional objectives into clear technical requirements and further into high performance code. Involved in CRM customization development for leading global clients. • Excellent communication, interpersonal, and presentation skills.Demonstrated proficiency in leading and mentoring individuals to maximize levels of productivity while forming cohesive team environments. • Form quality liaisons and relationships easily, and instill a high level of confidence at all levels.Professional Experience Organization Designation Experience Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd. Senior Programmer 3.1 Years Deloitte Consulting Pvt. Ltd. Consultant 7 months Mahindra Satyam Team Lead 1.5 Years Bluleader Pvt Ltd SAP CRM Consultant June 2012 to till dateResponsibilities: • Analysis of functional and technical specifications • Designing of Technical Documents. • Development as per the technical specifications and unit testing. • Development and production support. • Handling and solving of urgent and very urgent issues with great ease.
  2. 2. • Maintaining project processes and quality metrics related documents.Technical Skills • Worked in SAP CRM Technical (SAP CRM 2007) and SAP ABAP with over 4 years of SAP technical design, development and implementation experience in Web UI, BSP’s, RICEF and Web Dynpro for ABAP. • Good exposure of CRM GUI, CRM IC-WEB CLIENT and WEB-UI EHP1 along with basic concepts of PCUI. • Worked in SAP SRM technical (SAP SRM 2007), mainly in BADI and web-Dynpro enhancements like creating new fields, windows, pop-ups, search helps and views. • Implemented and proficient with different aspects of SAP CRM Technical including SAP CRM Web UI enhancements and BADI implementations. • Worked on New concepts of CRM like White Field Framework, Grantor Mangement System (GMS), EEWB (Easy Enhancement workbench), AET (Application Enhancement Tool), VCT (visual configuration tool) etc. • Experience and proficient with different aspects of SAP ABAP.  Reports,Function modules, ALV and Module pool programming  ALE/IDoc development, Object Oriented Programming  BADI enhancements  BAPI and BDC programming.Education % Of Degree Branch Duration Board/University Marks Electronics and Osmania university B.E 2003-2007 80% communication (E.C.E) Hyderabad. Board of Intermediate Intermediate MPC 2001-2003 94.7% Education, A.P Board of Secondary SSC 2001 85% Education, A.PSelected Achievements • Honored with Mahindra satyam BRAVO award for the work done in project. • Honored with Products Oscar award in the project for the quick resolution of critical Issues and also helping team members in all prospects. • Honored with ACE Award (Accenture celebrating excellence) for excellence in business operation. • ASDA (Accenture Solutions Delivery Academy) certified for SAP ASDA certification program is conducted by Accenture in collaboration with MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and is highly regarded certification program in Accenture. • Received client appreciations and performance awards for solving critical issues.
  3. 3. Projects Profile1. Project Name : RMS (NSW)Client RMS NSW- (Road Transportation Authority) - Australia (onsite)Role SAP CRM Techno-Functional ConsultantDuration June 2012 to till dateTechnical details SAP WEB UI, BADI, Reports, Enhancements, CRM Service.Versions SAP CRM 7.0 enhancment pack1Responsibilities and • Working on WEB UI developmentsContributions • Roster time reconciliation report using ALV(Work Exposure) • Added assignment blocks for site availability same as resource availability in BP service arrangement. • Created popups for the WEEKLY and MONTHLY rules of site availability. • Action profile creation for updating the header status and check list item creation on change of category in a service request. • Popluating the check list items partner to the follow up document of a service request. • Linking of items to the followup activity created through a service request.2. Project Name : DIACClient DIAC – Department of Immigration and citizenship Canberra – Australia (onsite)Role SAP CRM Techno-Functional ConsultantDuration August 2011 to June 2012Technical details Grantor Management,WEBUI,BADI,BRF &BRFPlus, Rapid Action Tool, Action profiles, Workflow, Middleware. WEB-DYNPRO etc.Versions SAP CRM 7.0 enhancment pack1, SAP ECC
  4. 4. Responsibilities and • Understanding the Grantor Mangement system, replicating theContributions business partner master data, program, application data from(Work Exposure) CRM to ECC using middleware enhancements and configurations. • Created workflow designs to send mails containing the WEB UI url and configured the automatic triggering of the workflow using the ACTION PROFILES. • Created workflows to send mails externally for the approval of grantor agreement and change request. • Creating custom home page screen of WEB UI using newly added rapid application development tool and AET. • Enhancing the grantor management system for replication of tax related, grantor invoicing related issues. • Trigerring workflows, alerts and other actions using the action profiles. • Creating and configuring the status profiles in SPRO along with creation of new transaction types and item categories. • WEB UI navigation bar, business roles and work centre configurations. • BADI enhancements for proper replication of data. • Creating new custom web-dynpro screens for the user registration and updation. • Integrating the WEB-DYNPRO screens in the client portal for the external users. • Calling the custom business role in portal for the external users, making modifications to the WEB UI interface.3. Project Name : VolvoClient Volvo – Automobile giant industryRole SAP CRM ABAP DeveloperDuration Dec 2010 to July 2011Technical details SAP CRM technical, WEB UI, OOPS concepts, BADI,BRF Component workbench, AET, EEWB,CRM GUI enhancements etc.Versions SAP CRM 7.0Responsibilities and • Triggering custom events using BRF technology for customContributions implementations.(Work Exposure) • Good Exposure to all the sales related areas,reverse process in sales, complaints, services etc. • Added New fields, tabs and screens in GUI and WEB UI screen using EEWB in product master data, sales area etc. • Worked on standard and custom GENIL classes to add new attributes (where AET and EEWB cannot be used). • Created New custom components in WEB UI screen. • Created new screens in WEB UI using SET TYPES for product area using product hierarchy. • Developed custom RFC to pass the data from CRM to other sap systems and java systems.
  5. 5. 4. Project Name : SCJClient SC Johnson & Son is a privately held family business specializing in the production of household products and products for home storage, personal care and insect control. The Company has operations in over 70 countries and products sold in over 110 countries. SC Johnson owns brands such as Shout, Windex, Ziploc, Glade, Vanish, Raid, OFF!, Pledge and Scrubbing Bubbles. The Company has 12,000 employees and is headquartered in Racine, WisconsinRole SAP CRM ABAP DeveloperDuration July 2010 – Nov 2010Technical details SAP CRM technical, WEB UI, OOPS concepts, BADI, Component workbench, AET, EEWB etc.Versions SAP CRM 7.0Responsibilities and • Creating New marketing BADI implementations in order toContributions implement the client specific functionality.(Work Exposure) • Good Exposure to all the marketing components like trade promotions, agreements, funds, territory management etc. • Worked on standard API classes and methods of all the marketing components to update the standard fields data. • Worked on standard and custom GENIL classes to add new attributes (where AET and EEWB cannot be used). • Changing the GENIL implementation class in the UI layer. • Created new Navigation bar profiles, work centres, direct link groups, GENIL components, Custom fields, component sets and BOL entities. • Created custom Popup screens. • Enhancing the standard view of one component to be used in a different component using the concepts of component usage and plugs.5. Project Name : CGS CoE (Consumer Goods and Service - Centre of Excellence)Client DIAGEO – Largest multinational beer, wine and spirits company in the world.Role SAP CRM ABAP DeveloperDuration June 2009 – July 2010Technical details SAP CRM technical, WEB UI, OOPS concepts, BSP, MVC, Component workbench, AET, EEWB etc.Versions SAP CRM 7.0 and 6.0
  6. 6. Responsibilities and • Adding new functionalities in the standard WEB UI screen as perContributions the client requirement and also working on SPRO configurations(Work Exposure) and settings. • BADI implementaions and component work bench enhancements. • Triggering of events and mails based on client requirements using the workflow concepts. • New Components and BSP page creation. • Worked on Application Enhancement Tool (AET available in 7.0 version of CRM) used to add all types of fields(input, dropdown etc) to the WEB UI screen directly with out doing any coding in component work bench. • Profound knowledge and work exposure in latest version of CRM i.e. SAP CRM 7.0. • Enhanced the standard functionalities of WebUI like adding and populating fields and tables of CRM using AET and EEWB. • Enhanced the standard search functionality in CRM WebUI. • Added screens and views in the standard components and also custom Links to the home page of WebUI. • Creating and Populating the values of fields like Drop down boxes, Search helps and check boxes using the GETTER & SETTER methods. 6. Project Name : CGS CoE (Consumer Goods and Service - Centre of Excellence) Client FERRERO - Largest manufacturer of chocolate and other confectionery products. Role SAP SRM ABAP Developer Duration Mar. 2009 - May 2009 Technical details SAP SRM technical, BADI, WEB-DYNPRO, Enhancements and Reports. Version SAP SRM 5.0 Responsibilities and • Understanding the Complete SRM application, work flow of the contributions Modules. • Enhancing existing functionalities in SRM applications with the help of WEB-DYNPRO and BADI. • Solving the critical issues in time and providing a quick response to client’s queries. • Has performed the unit Testing and helped on-site team in integration Testing. • Involved in preparing the Technical design, Test proofs and Test case documentations. Achievements • Client recognition for the quick learning and work done in this entirely new skill. • Received 7 out 7 rating in the client satisfaction survey (CSTS) for the work done in the new technology.
  7. 7. 7. Project Name : CGS CoE (Consumer Goods and Service - Centre of Excellence)Client BVLGARI – World’s leader in jewelery and other luxury goods which includes Watches, Handbags, Fragrances and Accessories.Role SAP CRM ABAP DeveloperDuration Aug. 2008 - Apr. 2009Technical details SAP CRM technical, WEB UI, Entire OOPS concepts, BSP, MVC, component workbench etc.Version SAP CRM 6.0 and 7.0Responsibilities and • Understanding the Complete CRM WEB UI application,contributions component work bench and BSP applications. • Learned concepts of CRM functional and the processes used in it and also provided the knowledge transfer session to other collegues in the project. • Enhancing CRM WEB UI by using the entire knowledge of BSP like context nodes, view, viewset, component controller, windows, navigational links, component usages, component interface etc. • Adept in BSP MVC architecture and have sound knowledge on the same. • Enhanced the standard save functionality of sales order in CRM WebUI using BADI implementations • Worked on SPRO configurations and settings of business partner and status profile. • Worked on EEWB (Easy Enhancement Workbench) and VCT (visual configuration tool) for adding new tabs and fields in SAP GUI standard screens as per the client requirement. • Creation of Direct links in Work centers, Navigation bar profile enhancements and Using Transaction launcher concept in WEB UI. • Worked on the Business partner role configuration of CRM.Achievements • Received 7 out 7 rating in the client satisfaction survey (CSTS) for the work done in the new technology.8. Project Name : CGS CoE (Consumer Goods and Service - Centre of Excellence)Client FERRERO - Largest manufacturer of chocolate and other confectionery products.Role SAP CRM ABAP and ABAP DeveloperDuration May. 2008 - Dec. 2008Technical details SAP CRM technical, WEB UI, Entire OOPS concepts, BSP, MVC, component workbench etc.Version SAP CRM 6.0 and 5.2
  8. 8. Responsibilities and • Grooming Freshers joined in the company (project) by makingcontributions them understand the business processes and Providing Knowledge transfer (KT) sessions regarding the project. • Assisted them in getting all the related project accesses. • Worked extensively on objects involving BSP, workbench component and WEB UI concepts. • Worked on complex OOABAP objects in CRM including objects related to CRM web UI (Mainly on the component enhancement, view, windows and component usage). • Worked on Adding/ Deleting Messages in WEB UI. • Have knowledge on Inter Component Communication, Inbound and Outbound Plugs.9. Project Name : CGS CoE (Consumer Goods and Service - Centre of Excellence)Client GALBANI - World’s largest leader in the production and processing of milk and cheeses.Role SAP CRM ABAP DeveloperDuration Jan. 2008 - July. 2008Technical details CRM Middleware, BDOCs, MSA (Mobile Sales Application) integration, Adapters, Administration Console and ABAP enhancements.Version SAP CRM 5.2Responsibilities and • Providing sessions to collegues in order to make them familiarcontributions with the new technology. • Worked on BDOCs(Business documents) and data replication to MSA (mobile sales application). • Profound knowledge of BDOCs, replication, subscription etc. • Good learning experience on new concepts like adapters, data replication to SAP and Legacy systems, subscription, replication etc. • Contributing to Project by developing assests based on the work exposure. • Good understanding and work exposure to various methods of data replication to other system by using the MBDOC ( Messaging BDOC) and SBDOC ( Synchronising BDOC) concepts. • Profound knowledge of creation of CDB (Consolidated data base) tables and replication of these tables to mobiles, PDA etc.10. PROJECT NAME: CGS COE (CONSUMER GOODS AND SERVICE - CENTRE OF E XCELLENCE)Client FERRERO - Largest manufacturer of chocolate and other confectionery products.Role SAP ABAP DeveloperDuration Dec. 2007 - Mar 2008Technical details Complex Reports,Enhancements, IDOCs, BADI, BAPI, ALE configuration etc
  9. 9. Version SAP ECC 6.0 (R/3)Responsibilities and • Assisting and helping new joiners and junior collegues in the teamContributions technically and also making them comfortable in order to get acquainted to the team work environment. • Worked on the interfaces (INBOUND and OUTBOUND) using custom function modules, BADI, User exits and BAPI. • Worked on the ALE and partner profile configuration and customizing part related to the interfaces. • Delivered many critical and complex objects before specified time and guided team members by knowledge-sharing. • Developed objects using SD-MM concepts involving transit management. • Worked on ALV reports and BDC. • Created BDC program using both call transaction and session methodsAchievements • 6.5 out 7 rating in the client satisfaction survey (CSTS) for the work done.Professional Trainings & Certifications • SAP ABAP/4 training – (for 4 weeks) • SAP CRM Technical training – (for 1 week) • BADI and BAPI training – ( for 1 week). • ASDA Certified. • GNIIT Certificate from NIIT. Personal Information Name Tanveer Alam Kadiyala Date of Birth 07-May-1986 Sex Male PAN Number AFKPT4279H Passport Number F2745589 Permanent Address H No : 10-2-509 & 10-2-509/1, Flat no: 302, Royal castle Apartments, Asif nagar road, Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad – 500028 Visa Type 457 Sub class ( Sponsored by Mahindra Satyam) Present Address 9/7 Bungendore Road, Queanbeyan, NSW 2620 Visa Validity August 2014