Promotion Strategies For FINCARE Anti-Corrosion Coating for Air Conditioner


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Promotion Strategies For FINCARE Anti-Corrosion Coating for Air Conditioner

  1. 1. SUMMER INTERNSHIP PROJECT REPORT ON “Promotion Strategies For FINCAREAnti-Corrosion Coating for Air Conditioner” UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF Prof. Poonam Chouhan SUBMITTED BY Tanveer Singh Rainu ROLL NO: A - 40 Master of Management Studies 2010-12
  3. 3. CERTIFICATEThis is to certify that the study presented by Tanveer Singh Rainu to theUniversity of Mumbai in part completion of the two year full time degreeof Master of Management Studies under the title of Customer SatisfactionIndex has been done under my guidance.To the best of my knowledge this project is in the nature of original workthat has not been submitted for any degree of this University or any otherUniversity. Signature of the Candidate ________________________ Tanveer Singh RainuForwarded through the Research GuideSignature of the GuideProf. Poonam Chouhan
  4. 4. Table of ContentSr No. Topic Page No. 1 Introduction 1.1 Corrosion 2 1.2 Forms of Corrosion 3 1.3 Corrosion in India 5 1.4 Air Conditioners Market in India 6 1.5 HVAC Market in India 7 1.6 Company Profile 9 1.7 Product FINCARE 11 2 Research Profile 2.1 Objectives of Research 15 2.2 Literature Review 15 2.3 Scope 17 2.4 Limitations 17 3 Research Methodology 3.1 Research Design 19 3.2 Sample Design 20 3.3 Data Collection Tools 21 3.4 Data Analysis Techniques Used 22 4 Findings, Recommendations & Conclusion 4.1 Data Findings & Analysis 24 4.2 Recommendations 29 4.2.1 Journals 30 4.2.2 Exhibitions 32 4.2.3 Registration with Associations 34 4.2.4 Registration with B2B Websites 38 4.2.5 Registration with LinkedIn 39 4.3 Conclusion 41 5 Bibliography 43
  5. 5. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTDuring the perseverance of this project, I was supported by different people, whose names if notmentioned would be inconsiderate on my part. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude andappreciation to Prof. Poonam Chouhan who initiated me into the study of “Promotion StrategiesFor FINCARE Anti-Corrosion Coating for Air Conditioner”It has indeed been a great experience working under her during the course of the project for herinvaluable advice and guidance provided through out this project.I would also like to thank the following people who through their experience have enlightenedme on the practical aspects of this subject without whom the study would not have been carriedout successfully. 1. Dr. Sachin Joshi - Director of SK Formulations India Pvt. Ltd. 2. Mr. Pradeep Ingle – Chief Operating Officer SK Formulations India Pvt. Ltd.
  6. 6. PART 1 INTRODUCTIONGuru Nanak Institute of Management Studies Page 1
  7. 7. 1.1 CorrosionCorrosion is a process that takes place when essential properties within a given material beginto deteriorate, after exposure to elements that recur within the environment. Most often, thisdeterioration is noticed in metals and referred to as rust. What happens in this case isthechemical reactions that are set up by an exposure of the electrons in the metal to thepresence of water and oxygen. As an example, a tin roof is exposed to the wind and the rain.Corrosion is an electrochemical reaction involving electron transfer between materials. Onematerial is oxidised, and loses electrons. The other gains electrons and is reduced. Thematerial that loses electrons is called the anode, while the one that gains electrons is calledthe cathode.Corrosion is the disintegration of an engineered material into its constituent atoms dueto chemical reactions with its surroundings. In the most common use of the word, this meanselectrochemical oxidation of metals in reaction with an oxidant such as oxygen. Formation ofan oxide of iron due to oxidation of the iron atoms in solid solution is a well-known exampleof electrochemical corrosion, commonly known as rusting. This type of damage typicallyproduces oxide(s) and/or salt(s) of the original metal.Corrosion is a naturally occurring electrochemical process. The presence of a tiny amount ofelectrolyte on an unprotected metal surface can cause electrons to flow from a higher energyarea (anode) to a lower energy area (cathode) initiating and sustaining corrosion. Microscopicdroplets of water that are present in the air at 70-85% relative humidity most commonly serveas the electrolyte.THE CORROSION PROCESS: When moisture is present for prolonged periods of time,corrosion "cells" are formed. These cells act as miniature batteries, feeding the transfer ofelectrons as long as any oxygen-providing moisture is present. Corrosion ProcessGuru Nanak Institute of Management Studies Page 2
  8. 8. 1.2 Forms of corrosionA quick review of the six forms of corrosion commonly found at HVAC and process coolingpiping systems is often helpful in understanding their end result. They are:Generalized CorrosionGeneralized corrosion is the well distributedand low level attack against the entire metalsurface with little or no localized penetration.It is the least damaging of all forms ofcorrosion. Generalized corrosion usuallyoccurs in environments in which the corrosionrate is inherently low or well controlled - suchas for chemically treated closed circulatingsystems, and in some open water systems.Pitting CorrosionPitting is the most common form of corrosionfound where there are incomplete chemicalprotective films, and insulating or barrierdeposits of dirt, iron oxide, organic, and otherforeign substances at the pipe surface. It isprevalent at galvanized steel pipe, where anyfailure of the galvanizing invokes a pittingcondition. Pitting corrosion may include:crevice corrosion, water-line attack, underdeposit attack, impingement or erosioncorrosion attack, and concentration-cellcorrosion.Galvanized CorrosionThis is an aggressive and localized form ofcorrosion due to the electrochemical reactionoften found between two or more dissimilarmetals in an electrically conductiveenvironment. It occurs because the moreelectronegative material (the anode) is attackedby the more electropositive material (thecathode).Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies Page 3
  9. 9. Mic CorrosionMicrobiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) is,by far, the most severe and threatening form ofcorrosion to HVAC piping systems.MIC is causedby the presence of various microbiological agentsunder specific environmental conditions - in somecases resulting in advanced and widespread failureof entire piping systems within a few years.Erosion CorrosionThis is the gradual and selective deterioration of ametal surface due to mechanical wear and abrasion.CUI CorrosionKnown as Corrosion Under Insulation, CUI is asignificant threat to any piping system or holding tankwhich operates at lower temperatures in humidenvironments.CUI is commonly found at cold water domesticpiping, free cooling condenser water systems, andespecially at chill water piping - being most severe atthe colder supply side piping.In extreme examples ofhigh humidity, CUI corrosion will even occur ontypically warm condenser water piping.Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies Page 4
  10. 10. 1.3 Corrosion in IndiaThe map describing corrosion patterns in India shows macroscopic differences between areas,with coastal regions being the most severe. The corrosion map of India was prepared by theCorrosion Advisory Bureau, Metals Research Committee (Council of Scientific & industrialResearch) Jamshedpur and the book was edited by K.N.P.Rao and A.K.Lahiri. The map wasdrawn on the basis of data collected over the 5 year period from 1963 to 1968 and publishedin 1970. Source„MOST‟ (Ministry of Surface Transport) estimated that India loses about Rs 36,000 crore perannum due to corrosion.Corrosion is a natural impact of atmospheric environments like marine, industrial, urban andrural and affects the structural stability of buildings. The annual loss due to corrosion can becompared with that of other natural calamities like earthquakes and cyclones, only its impactis indirect. Loss due to corrosion has been reported to account for more failures in terms ofcost and tonnage than any other environment.The overall loss due to corrosion alone amounts to at least 2 to 4 percent of GNP and at least25 percent of this could be avoided by using appropriate corrosion-control technology.Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies Page 5
  11. 11. 1.4 Air Conditioners market in IndiaThe Indian air conditioning industry is on a highgrowth trajectory with an overall volume growthrate of 20–25 per cent per annum. In 2010, airconditioner sales were 7,200 crores at 3.88millionunits, up from 2.8 million units in 2009.This growth rate is expected to be maintained in2011 too.In fact, LG Electronics is targeting India as itslargest air-conditioner market by next year,ahead of the current leader US. In 2010, Indiacontributed 18 percent to the company‟s globalair conditioner revenues in 2010, while the UScontribution was over 30 per cent.The consumer is certainly not being shortchanged; he is at par with his global counterpart.The new range of ACs are spread across window,split, multi-split, inverter ACs, floor standing,cassette, and tower ACs, albeit the split segmentdominates with 70 per cent market share. Starrated, energy efficient models with superiorfeatures continue to rate high on consumerdemand. Gaining from on-going technologicaladvances they have been transformed intoproducts that can providehealth benefits as well.Korean models, Chinese imports and aggressivestance of Japanese players have maintainedcompetitive pricing. This is set to be rationalizedwith an increase of 8–10 per cent. Stiffening ofcommodity pricing like copper, aluminium, andsteel coupled with high crude oil prices haveincreased logistics expenses.Growing affluent middle class population, robusteconomic growth coupled with the booming retailsector will ensure that the expectation of a 25-30per cent growth in 2011 is a reality for thissegment. Source: TV VEOPAR JOURNALGuru Nanak Institute of Management Studies Page 6
  12. 12. 1.5 HVAC Market in IndiaHVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) refers to systems that perform processesdesigned to regulate room temperature, humidity and air flow in buildings, according to theiracceptable ranges.HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) refers to technology of indoor orautomotive environmental comfort. HVAC system design is a major subdisciplineof mechanical engineering, based on the principles of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics,and heat transfer. Refrigeration is sometimes added to the fields abbreviation as HVAC&Ror HVACR, or ventilating is dropped as in HACR (such as the designation of HACR-rated circuit breakers).HVAC is important in the design of medium to large industrial and office buildings suchas skyscrapers and in marine environments such as aquariums, where safe and healthybuilding conditions are regulated with temperature and humidity, as well as "fresh air" fromoutdoors.HVAC systems consume an important part of:  Architectural design and space allocations  Building construction budget  Building‟s annual energy consumptionHVAC Market  HVAC market in India has immense potential owing to the boom in the construction and infrastructure sectors.  Though the market appears steady there are many innovations that need to be made to update its offerings.  Though the market appears steady there are many innovations that need to be made to update its offerings.  Commercial air-conditioning constitutes the bulk of the market share.Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies Page 7
  13. 13. HVAC Application Airports and SEZ Office Government Facilities places HVAC Multiplexes Retail Outlets Healthcare Educational Facilities FacilitiesHVAC Drivers  Growth in construction industry.  Government investment  Constant flow of direct investment  Geographical advantagesGuru Nanak Institute of Management Studies Page 8
  14. 14. 1.6 Company ProfileSK FORMULATION INDIA PRIVATE LIMITEDOverviewSK FORMULATIONS is a professionally managed organizationengaged in offering innovative solutions in the domain of polymerscience and technology. The company has an vast experience of manufacturing and exportingpolymeric based specialty surface coatings for various industrial purposes.Being an An ISO 9001-2000 Certified Company organization, the company provide highquality Insulation Coatings, Waterproofing Decorative Coatings, Heat Insulation Coatingsand so on. Manufactured using advanced technology machines, our coatings are sure toprotect the materials from various adverse environmental conditions and enhance their life.Since 1996, the company has been successfully catering to the various industries like defense,engineering, infrastructure and so on. Under the headship of Mr. Sachin Joshi, a PolymerEngineer, we have achieved specialization in the domain of coatings. Moreover, Dr.KusumJoshi, PhD holder in Polymer Science is the promoter of the company, whose guidance hasassisted us in scaling new heights of success.InfrastructureThe company has a well-equipped manufacturing facility, situated near by Mumbai thatassists us in developing impeccable coatings. Installation of technically advanced machinesand equipments assures maximum production of premium coatings in minimum time.Product Range  Anticorrosive coatings(ANTICOR) Used for Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals  Electrical Insulation Coatings(INSULECT) An electric insulation coating for Electrical Applications  Protective Coating for Air conditioning Fins & Tubing(FINCARE) Used for protecting air conditioner aluminium fins & copper tubes from corrosion  Heat Insulation& Resistance Coating(HEATSEAL) To protect concrete & metal structures from scorching heat & saves electric consumption  Waterproof Coatings(AQUASEAL) Water repellent protective coating for Slabs, Exteriors Walls, Terrace & Sloping Roofs and so onGuru Nanak Institute of Management Studies Page 9
  15. 15. Protective Coatings commonly used in Indian Industry  Epoxy Coatings An epoxy coating or paint is a protective material made from epoxy-based resin. The advantages of epoxy paints are that they can handle full time immersion, strong chemicals, and are very impermeable as well as tough. Application Process:  Epoxy coatings have two parts, the base and the curing agent. These components are stored separately from each other, and are mixed just before the epoxy paint is going to be applied. The secret to getting a good epoxy coating is found in the curing process.  Once mixed together, your painting and coating contractor has a limited amount of time to apply the paint before it has dried too much for further use. The curing process affects the final finish of the epoxy coating. If the process is rushed by various factors, the coating will not be as tough or as durable as the project requires. Similarly, if the curing times are extended for too long, the final quality of the coating will suffer.  Enamel Coatings It is a vitreous, usually opaque, protective or decorative coating baked on metal, glass, or ceramic ware. Enamel paint can be used to coat surfaces which are outdoors or practically any are that is subject to hard ware or have a variations in temperature. Application Process:  Prepare the area. Select a workplace where enamel can dry better and where there is good enough ventilation to prevent suffocation or light-headedness from the potentially harmful chemicals that exude from the enamel.  Start by applying a coat of primer on the material. This keeps it from growing mold, rusting and warping in time. It also keeps the following coat of enamel smooth and glossy when painted over the material.Constraints of the existing coating:  Longer painting operation- waiting 12-24 hours of drying  Complicated painting process- Mixing, curing & baking  Delays in Dispatches & Prolongs Delivery Schedules  Consumes energyGuru Nanak Institute of Management Studies Page 10
  16. 16. 1.7 Product FINCAREIt is a grafted co-polymeric basedprotective coating used for protectingair-conditioners aluminium fins &copper coils from corrosion in variedclimatic conditions. Enhances lifewith long lasting corrosion protectionwithout affecting heat transfer.Features:  Self Priming- Usually an anti-corrosion coating requires an primer in the coating for adhesion to surface but this product does not requires an primer for adhesion.  Single Component- The anti-corrosion products available in the market are two- packed system consisting of primer & thinner but this product is single pack system ready for use.  Air Drying- Usually anti-corrosion coating requires 6-12 hours for drying but this product only requires 15-20 minutes for drying at room temperature.  Resistance to chemicals- The product is resistance to Acids, Alkalis, and Chemicals.  Resistance to fire- The product thermally stable upto 2000 C.  Resistance to UV radiation- The product provides good UV resistance compared to the existing products.Benefits:  Superior Performance: The existing ant-corrosion products only provide maximum of 1 year of protection from corrosion but this product at least provides 3 years of protection from corrosion which increases the life of air conditioners  Saves Cost: The existing anti-corrosion products requires mixing of primer which increases the cost but this product is single packed system does not requires mixing of primer.  Saves time: Since the coating dries in 15-20 minutes thus it saves the time which can be utilized for other purpose.  Saves energy: The existing ant-corrosion product requires baking thus increases the energy consumption but this product having drying capabilities in room temperature thus saves the energy consumed.Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies Page 11
  17. 17. Comparisons: Table 1.1 ComparisonsParameter Polyurethane FincareSystem Two pack Single packPrimer Necessary Self primingDrying / Curing Long curing cycle Quick dryingAdditional feature Not available Resistance to fireTouch up/Recoating Not possible PossibleUV Resistance Poor ExcellentShades Limited Shades All Indian Standard Shades Laboratory Testing: Table 1.2 Laboratory TestingParameters ResultsSalt Spray Test 1500 hours No corrosionImmersion in cold water-7 days No effect observedImmersion in boiling water- 24 hours No effect observedImmersion in Lubricating oil-7 days No effect observedImmersion in kerosene No effect observedThermal Stability 2000 C (Continious) Application Procedure: Clean the surface Apply FINCARE Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies Page 12
  18. 18. SWOT Analysis: • Single pack ready to use system no mixing operation • Quick drying at room Temp no need of Oven Baking Strength • Self priming no need to apply primer • Requires proper cleaning process • Only offers optimal thickness built up Weakness • Growth of industries • Increase in awarness of corrosion among the manufacturers Opportunities • Increase competion from low cost anti-corrosion products ThreatsGuru Nanak Institute of Management Studies Page 13
  19. 19. PART 2 RESEARCH PROFILEGuru Nanak Institute of Management Studies Page 14
  20. 20. 2.1 Objectives of the research:  The objective of the research was to analyse the market of the anti-corrosion coating for the air conditioners.  The research undertaken was to study the market of the product FINCARE anti- corrosion coating of air conditioners.  What was the present solution applied by the manufacturer/ maintenance officials for the protection against the corrosion, the performance of the existing anti-corrosion coating and expectation from the anti-corrosion coating.  With regard to the data analysis the project undertaken was to create awareness of the product FINCARE.2.2 Literature Review:Business to BusinessB2B (business-to-business) websites include all internet-based technical solutions whichfacilitate services in the establishment of new trading relationships between companies andsupporting the existing relationships. It can be termed as an e-market for e-businesstransactions. A B2B portal primarily serves as a platform for wholesalers, retailers,distributors and manufacturers to carry out their business activities online. It allows electronictransfer of orders, invoicing and payments. B2B stands for business to business, so in B2Bsite the communication and transaction is between one business ventures to another businessventure, here the targeted customers are not approached directly, it does not sell directly tothe end user.B2B websites are an excellent source of various types of business related information. Suchas:-  The history about sales, present scenario as well as future prediction about the sales by business pundits.  Knowledge about their competitor‟s market share, the products offered by them and it also helps the companies to understand their competitor‟s marketing strategies.  It also provides information about the product‟s pricing and sales in the e-market.  It provides business classifieds, i.e. indirectly business directory of sellers and buyers.Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies Page 15
  21. 21. Information for the supply chain process i.e. quality, delivery time, mode of payment, etc.Provides information about latest happenings of the industry the website is dealing to. B2Bwebsite is a low cost electronic medium to communicate about your products or services tothe target markets. Nearly 90% of technical buyers use the internet to fulfill their businessrequirements. It is very easy to operate through B2B, all that is needed a web browser andinternet connection. Before taking decision to invest in B2B portals certain points should becleared in the buyer or seller‟s mind, like why they want to use this platform, decision aboutwhat are products that are to be displayed for sale on the website and to see to it that B2Bmarketing does not conflict with other marketing channels been used before.B2B PortalsB2B portals have made possible for buyers and sellers to carry out sales and businessactivities online with the advantage of having choice of many companies that are listedthrough these websites for business purpose. There are many benefits coupled with B2Bs.B2B MagazinesTodays successful B2B magazines have redefined themselves as multi-platform brands thatprovide a variety of information and services to their audiences and advertisers.Publishers are now applying their B2B magazine brands to a variety of products that servetheir already existing audiences in new ways. Some are developing webinars, sponsoringtrade shows, and creating online databases of information related to their topics, in addition tothe now-commonplace websites, social media outreach, and digital editions.The role of actual print B2B magazines has shifted as well. Most of the news that thesemagazines once offered can now quickly be found online, so their publishers have had tofocus on other kinds of content and find ways to play upon the unique strengths of print.Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies Page 16
  22. 22. 2.3 Scope:  The research will determine the market demand for the product Fincare  The research will determine the existing solution applied towards the problem of corrosion applied by the manufacturer of air conditioners.  It will also determine is there a need for the anti-corrosion product in the market, what is the requirement of the manufacturer & maintenance official of air conditioner.  The study will determine how to increase the amount of awareness about the product Fincare.2.4 Limitations:  The samples for the study were those who were the members of the air conditioner association and the companies which were listed in magazine & websites.  It was difficult to find the local manufacturer of air conditioner as they were neither listed in association nor they were registered in B2B websites.  Some of the promotional strategies that are devised cannot be taken granted to increase the amount of response for the product.Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies Page 17
  23. 23. PART 3 RESEARCH METHODOLOGYGuru Nanak Institute of Management Studies Page 18
  24. 24. 3.1 Research DesignMarketing research can classify in one of three categories: Exploratory research Descriptive research Causal researchThese classifications are made according to the objective of the research. In some cases theresearch will fall into one of these categories, but in other cases different phases of the sameresearch project will fall into different categories.Exploratory research has the goal of formulating problems more precisely, clarifyingconcepts, gathering explanations, gaining insight, eliminating impractical ideas, and forminghypotheses. Exploratory research can be performed using a literature search, surveyingcertain people about their experiences, focus groups, and case studies. When surveyingpeople, exploratory research studies would not try to acquire a representative sample, butrather, seek to interview those who are knowledgeable and who might be able to provideinsight concerning the relationship among variables. Case studies can include contrastingsituations or benchmarking against an organization known for its excellence. Exploratoryresearch may develop hypotheses, but it does not seek to test them. Exploratory research ischaracterized by its flexibility.Descriptive research is more rigid than exploratory research and seeks to describe users of aproduct, determine the proportion of the population that uses a product, or predict futuredemand for a product. As opposed to exploratory research, descriptive research should definequestions, people surveyed, and the method of analysis prior to beginning data collection. Inother words, who, what, where, when, why, and how aspects of the research should bedefined. Such preparation allows one the opportunity to make any required changes beforethe costly process of data collection has begun.Causal research seeks to find cause and effect relationships between variables. Itaccomplishes this goal through laboratory and field experiments.The research associated to my project is exploratory research.Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies Page 19
  25. 25. 3.2 Sample DesignSample unit  For the market research sample unit were those respondent who were the manufacturer and maintenance officials of air conditioners.  Service provider & dealers of the air conditioners were also taken into consideration.  The members from air conditioners association were also taken into consideration.Sample size  The sample size for the research was 20 respondents.Sampling procedureThe sampling procedure used in the research was convenience sampling:  Non probability Sampling Non probability sampling is any procedure in which elements will not have the equal opportunities of being included in a sample. In non-probability sampling, you set criteria for elements to be included in the sample i.e. on basis of region, appearance and so forth hence limiting the chances of representation in the sample. the type of non- probability sampling procedure used was:  Convenience Sampling It is a sampling method in which units are selected based on easy access or availability. The disadvantage of convenience sampling is that the units that are easiest to obtain may not be representative of the population. For example products on top of a box of parts may be a different quality from those at the bottom, people who are at home when the market researcher calls may not be representative of the entire population. It is also called as Accidental Sampling.Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies Page 20
  26. 26. 3.3 Data Collection ToolsFollowing are the types of data collection tools used in the projectObservationObservation means viewing or seeing. We go on observing some thing or other while we areawake. Most of such observations are just casual and have no specific purpose. Butobservation as a method of data collection is different from such casual viewing.Observation may be defined as a systematic viewing of a specific phenomenon in its propersetting or the specific purpose of gathering data for a particular study. Observation as amethod includes both seeing and hearing. It is accompanied by perceiving as well.Observation also plays a major role in formulating and testing hypothesis in social sciences.Behavioural scientists observe interactions in small groups; anthropologists observe simplesocieties, and small com-munities; political scientists observe the behaviour of politicalleaders and political institutionsQuestionnaireA questionnaire is a set of questions for gathering information from individuals. You canadminister questionnaires by mail, telephone, using face-to-face interviews, as handouts, orelectronically (i.e., by email or through Web-based questionnaires).InterviewingInterviewing is one of the major methods of data collection. It may be defined as two-waysystematic conversation between an investigator and an informant, initiated for obtaininginformation relevant to as a specific study.It involves not only conversation, but also learning from the respondents‟ gestures, facialexpressions and pauses, and his environment. Interviewing requires face-to-face contact orcontact over telephone and calls for interviewing skills. It is done by using a structuredschedule or an unstructured guide. Interview is often superior to other data-gatheringmethods. People are usually more willing to talk than to write. Once rapport is established,even confidential information may be obtained. It permits probing into the context andreasons for answers to questions.Mail SurveyThe mail survey is another method of collecting primary data. This method involves sendingquestionnaires to the respondents with a request to complete them and return them by post.This can be used in the case of educated respondents only. The distinctive feature of the mailsurvey is that the questionnaire is self-administered by the respondents themselves and theresponses are recorded by them, and not by the investigator as in the case of personalinterview method. It does not involve face-to-face conversation between the investigator andthe respondent. Communication is carried out only in writing and this requires morecooperation from the respondents than those verbal communication.Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies Page 21
  27. 27. 3.4 Data Analysis Techniques used The data analysis techniques used for conducting the research were:  Bar diagrams A bar chart or bar graph is a chart with rectangular bars with lengths proportional to the values that they represent. The bars can be plotted vertically or horizontally. Bar charts are used for plotting discrete (or discontinuous) data which has discrete values and is not continuous.  Pie charts A pie chart (or a circle graph) is a circular chart divided into sectors, illustrating proportion. In a pie chart, the arc length of each sector (and consequently its central angle and area), is proportional to the quantity it represents. Pie charts are common in business and journalism. However statisticians generally regard pie charts as a poor method of displaying information, and they are uncommon in scientific literature. One reason is that it is more difficult for comparisons to be made between the size of items in a chart when area is used instead of length and when different items are shown as different shapes. Along with this observatory tools were also used in order to determine the promotion strategies for the product.  Diagrams A diagram is a two-dimensional geometric symbolic representation of information according to some visualization technique. Sometimes, the technique uses a three- dimensional visualization which is then projected onto the two-dimensional surface. A process-data diagram is a diagram that describes processes and data that act as output of these processes.Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies Page 22
  28. 28. PART 4 FINDINGS, RECOMMENDATIONS & CONCLUSIONGuru Nanak Institute of Management Studies Page 23
  29. 29. 4.1 Data Findings & Analysis:  The problem of corrosion faced by respondent. Particulars No. of respondent Percentage Yes 19 95 No 1 5 Total 20 100 Table 1 Problem of corrosion Yes No 95% 5% Interpretation:  The question asked was to determine the problem of corrosion. From the data collected 95% of the respondent faced the problem of corrosion.  The reason behind the problem of corrosion was due to the increase in the saline climate. The saline climate increases the chances for the air conditioners copper tubes to form gaps in the tubes which result into the leakage of the gases. This leakage of gases reduces the performances of the air conditioner.  The saline climate also causes the air conditioners fins to corrode which results the air conditioner to use high amount of energy for heat transfer which reduces its performance.Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies Page 24
  30. 30.  Present solutions applied to overcome the problem of corrosion Solutions No. of respondent Percentage Epoxy 7 35 Enamel 3 15 No Solution Applied 10 50 Table 2 Present Solutions Applied Present Solutions Applied Epoxy 35% Enamel 50% No Solution 15% Applied Interpretation:  The question was to analyse the current solution applied to overcome the problem of corrosion. From the above data collection the majority of the respondent did not applied any solution to overcome the problem of corrosion.  The reason behind not to apply any solution was that majority of the respondent did not want to increase their cost of production by applying the solution. They find the existing solution to be complex and time consuming.  Other respondent were applying the epoxy coating because they belief that there will be an increase in the performance of solution by undergoing various process of applying the coating.  The next group of respondent were applying the enamel coating because of its cheap price tag.Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies Page 25
  31. 31.  Application of the existing solution Cleaning Mixing of Primer Mixing of Hardner & Thinner Curing Baking Table 3 Application Process Interpretation:  The data determined above is the existing application procedure of the anti- corrosion coating, which was complex and time consuming.  The application process was complex because there were many processes to be followed and any fault in the process will have an effect on the performance of the coating.  The process was time consuming because before going for the next process the earlier process has to be finished, here in this case if cleaning is not done then primer will not adhesive to the surface and thus coating will be not bonding with the surface.Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies Page 26
  32. 32.  Life expectancy of the current solution Product Life offered (months) Enamel 12 Epoxy 24 Table 4 Life Expectancy LIFE OF THE CURRENT SOLUTION 30 25 M 20 O N 15 Enamel T H Epoxy 10 S 5 0 PRODUCTS Interpretation:  The study over here was to determine the life offered by the anti-corrosion coatings to overcome the problem of corrosion. The data collections determines that the life expectancy of Epoxy coating is more than the life offered by the Enamel coating.  Epoxy coating has better life because of its adhesive quality offered which is better than the Enamel coating.  Enamel coating has the life expectancy of 6 months as its only acts as a very thin protective layer from corrosion compared to the Epoxy coating.Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies Page 27
  33. 33.  Expectation from the Anti-Corrosion Coating Anti-Corrosion Coating Prevent from leakage from copper tubes Increase the life of the aluminium fins Providing prevention from corrosion without effecting on heat transfer Table 5 Anti-corrosion ExpectationInterpretation:  From the data collection it can be analysed that there were three expectation from the anti-corrosion coating, that were; Prevent from leakage from copper tubes, Increase the life of the aluminium fins and Providing prevention from corrosion without effecting on heat transfer  In an air conditioner the most prone area of corrosion in the air conditioners were the copper tubes, an hole due to corrosion get formed on these tubes which results in the leakage of gases.  The second most prone area of corrosion in the air conditioners are its aluminium fins, which gets corrodes due to environmental condition consisting of humid & saline climate along with the exposure to the chemical environment near chemical plant and the direct exposure from the UV radiation from the sun.  The basic property that anti-corrosion should have is to protect form corrosion, but it should perform this quality without having any effect on heat transfer, an effect on heat transfer will tend to consume more energy for cooling effect which in turn reduces its performance.Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies Page 28
  34. 34. 4.2 Recommendations:  There is a continuous problem of corrosion faced by the manufacturer/ maintenance officials of air-conditioners. As corrosion is a natural phenomenon each & every respondent is looking for the solution to overcome the problem.  For the protection against the corrosion the manufacturer/ maintenance officials apply epoxy/enamel. Most of the manufacturer/ maintenance officials of air-conditioners do not apply any anti-corrosion coating for the air-conditioners as it increases their cost of production.  An addition process towards the manufacturing of the air-conditioner will not only increase the cost of production but also will increase the time consumed for the manufacturing process to be completed.  The application process of the existing anti-corrosion coating is complex & time consuming, the application has to be followed step by step any malfunction in the process will have the effect on the quality of anti-corrosion.  Their main requirement from the anti-corrosion coating was that it should provide protection against the leakage from the copper tubes and also increase the life of the aluminium fins without having effect on the heat transfer.  The product offered by the company FINCARE fulfils the problem that are arising by the usage of the anti-corrosion coating that is; simple process, less time consuming fulfilling the expectancy form the anti-corrosion coating and great performance.  So in order to fulfil the criteria of the corrosion on air conditioners, the company need to create an awareness of the product  There is a need for the product in the market however the company has not applied any particular marketing techniques.  The company should create promotion strategies which will help to create awareness for the product through the use of techniques like publishing an article/ advertisement on the air-conditioners journals, take part in air- condition exhibitions, e-marketing with the use of emails, news-letters, linking the company with various b2b websites & social networking sites.  On the basis of the recommendation following promotion strategies the company should apply:Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies Page 29
  35. 35. Recommendations: 4.2.1 Journals: Air-Conditioners manufacturer/ maintenance officials prefer magazine/journals regarding the latest news & the technology in the field of the Air-condition and refrigeration and HVAC&R Market and Industry. Creating awareness with the help of magazine/journals will allow the company to expand its market nationally & inter-nationally as these magazine/journals are supplied all over the world. An article on anti-corrosion coating or an advertisement in the magazine/journals will be helpful for creating awareness of anti-corrosion product. There are various magazine/journals regarding Air-condition and refrigeration and HVAC&R Market and Industry present. Following are the details of the Indian Journals:  AIR CONDITIONING AND REFRIGRATION JOURNAL- The magazine of the Indian Society of Heating, refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers AIR CONDITIONING AND REFRIGRATION JOURNAL is the magazine published by the ISHRAE (Indian Society of Heating, refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers). ISHRAE is an associate of ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers). ISHRAE started at Delhi in 1981 and a Chapter was started in Bangalore during 1989. Between 1989 & 1993, ISHRAE Chapters were formed in all major cities in India and also in the Middle East. Currently it operates 35 chapters. Published every quarterly since the past 11 years, ISHRAE‟s Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Journal has an circulation of 10,000 copies. ISHRAE publications strive to help readers keep up to date with the happenings, learn new techniques, improve old designs and adopt the use of new devices to improve indoor air quality in our buildings.Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies Page 30
  36. 36.  Cooling India- Chary Publications Cooling India is the only monthly magazine on HVACR industry in India having more than 12,000 circulation and largest reach, dedicated to air conditioning & refrigeration, HVACR and building automation industry, covering in- depth information on this technologically advancing industry. Being read and circulated to all the Manufacturers, Distributors, Dealers, Consultants, Contractors, Service Engineers & Contractors of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry. And also to the members of various associations of HVAC Industry and various Corporate Business Houses, as complimentary. It also covers various core aspects of the HVACR industry, and interviews of eminent persons from the Industry apart from the mind-blowing articles. It has been seven years for the magazine present in the market. Following are the list of the International Journals which are also referred by the air conditioners manufacturers:  International Journal of Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration (IJACR)  JARN Ltd. (Japan Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration News, Ltd.)  The RACA (Refrigeration and Air conditioning Africa) Journal  Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Journal- China Refrigeration and Air- Conditioning Industry Association (CRAA)Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies Page 31
  37. 37. 4.2.2 Exhibitions: Creation of awareness through exhibition will allow the company to reach the mass consumers for the product. The sole exhibition for the Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Industry in India is:  ACREX (Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Exhibition) Undergoing since 12 years it is the only AC&R exhibition in India. ACREX INDIA 2010 ACREX INDIA 2010, which is Asia‟s largest International Exhibition and Conference catering to Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Ventilation & Building Services Industry is organised by ISHRAE, endorsed by ASHRAE and supported by the Indian Green Building Council, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, and the Refrigeration & Air conditioning ManufacturersAssociation amongst others. ACREX INDIA 2010 was held at the Bombay Exhibition Centre from 17th - 20th February and brought together leading companies and technologies that focussed on energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and innovation in and products and services that are green and sustainable. Highlights of the Exhibition:  Exhibitors showcased products that conform to the Energy Conservation Building Code, 2007 of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency  Solar Energy for Air-conditioning was featured by Mamata Energy of Ahmedabad  The Indian Green Building Council (CII organization) and the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (Govt. of India) were both supporting agencies that influence the development of the Industry and its products.  ASHRAE (The American Society, with 55 000 members) endorsed ACREX for the 1st time with an active contribution to Workshops, Seminars and overall Promotion  The event was produced professionally by UBM, a leading International Media and Exhibition Company ACREX INDIA 2011 ACREX India has steadily grown since its inception and convinced everyone with its brilliant performance in 2010 with more than 300 exhibitors and over 20,000 trade visitors. In its 12th edition, ACREX India 2011 returns to New Delhi with a promise to surpass all previous expectations and to offer a perfect stage for industry get- together with a focus on future trends. This Exhibition is organized by Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating & Air Conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE) and supported by large number of professional societies from India and abroad. ACREX INDIA will provide an ideal platform for exchange of ideas among professionals and opportunity to highlight latest products, trends & innovations in the industry.Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies Page 32
  38. 38. ACREX INDIA 2012 Date: Feb 24-26, 2012 Venue: Bangalore Introduction: ACREX India, the „coolest event‟ of the year, invites you to the Industry highlight of 2012. ACREX India has steadily grown since its inception and convinced everyone with its brilliant performance in 2010 with more than 300 exhibitors and over 20,000 trade visitors. In its 13th edition, ACREX India 2012 returns to Bangalore with a promise to surpass all previous expectations and to offer a perfect stage for industry get-together with a focus on future trends. This Exhibition is organized by Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating & Air Conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE) and supported by large number of professional societies from India and abroad. ACREX INDIA will provide an ideal platform for exchange of ideas among professionals and opportunity to highlight latest products, trends & innovations in the industry. There are also some events in the AC&R industry one of them is the COMFEX  COMFEX Pune 2009 COMFEX 2009, the exhibition of air-conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation systems, products and services was organized by ISHRAE Pune chapter in association with ASHRAE – Western India chapter from 8th to 10th January 2009. Spread over 6 halls covering a total area of 7000 m2, COMFEX 2009 had over 130 companies participating in the exhibition and witnessed over 10,000 visitors from all over India. 30 international exhibitors from Japan, Middle East, Germany, Italy& UK etc. participated in the show. ISHRAE Pune Chapter under the leadership of its President, Mr.Anand Joshi, organized ACR Trendz 2009, a 3-day technical seminar during COMFEX 2009 in Pune. The seminar inaugurated by Mr.Toshiki Hayashi, Managing Director, Daikin India.Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies Page 33
  39. 39. Following is the list of International exhibition: Title: FEBRAVA Date: Sep 20-23, 2011 Venue: Centro de ExposiçõesImigrantes(Brazil) FEBRAVA is the leading industry trade fair, with great international recognition. The 17th Edition offers all the tools you need to elevate your sales. The main market players, HVAC-R from Brazil and abroad will be there to seek partnerships that generates excellent results. Title: AHR EXPO Date: Jan 23-25, 2012 Venue: Chicago As the largest and most comprehensive HVAC/R exclusive event, the AHR Expo attracts tens of thousands of attendees from all facets of the industry, including contractors, engineers, dealers, distributors, wholesalers, OEMs, architects, builders, industrial plant operators, facility owners and managers, agents and reps. Since 1930, the AHR Expo has been the HVAC/R professional leading resource for new products, new ideas and new services. Title: China Refrigeration Date: April 7-9. 2012 Venue: China The 22nd International Exhibition for Refrigeration, Air-conditioning, Heating and Ventilation, Frozen Food Processing, Packaging and Storage (CHINA REFRIGERATION 2011) will be held on April 7-9, in Shanghai New Intl Expo. Centre.Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies Page 34
  40. 40. Title: AIRCON Middle East 2012 Date: May 22-24, 2012 Venue: Bahrain "AIRCON" is the annual trade exhibition for Air conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration industry in the region, and the trade meeting point for HVAC&R professionals, where the suppliers and manufacturers can display and present latest products with trends and network with engineers, contractors, key buyers, leading decision makers and senior governmental officials. Title: CHILLVENTA 2012 Date: Oct 10-12, 2012 Venue: Nuremberg, Germany Chillventa convinced everyone with its brilliant start – the more than 29,000 trade visitors as well as the over 800 international exhibitors. No wonder, for everything about this exhibition is perfectly: • Nuremberg with its more than 20-year tradition as a venue for refrigeration, air conditioning • The cost-effective and innovation-orientated two-year cycle • Even more attractive supporting programme “Chillventa Congressing” • More than 80 % of visitors are decision-makers In short, the experts meet at Chillventa. And as appropriate for a real industry get- together, this is where the issues of the future are tackled, e.g. at the special shows like the “Industrial Heat Pump Village” and “Cleanroom Village” or at the ASERCOM Symposium and Heat Pump Symposium.Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies Page 35
  41. 41. 4.2.3 Registration with Associations: Registration with the association will allow the company to get updates from the AC&R industry and many other benefits. Following are some of the association:  ISHRAE- Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers ISHRAE is an International Associate of ASHRAE. This Association provides several key benefits to ISHRAE and its Members.  ISHRAE Members can purchase ASHRAE Publications at 33% discount as applicable to ASHRAE Members.  ISHRAE has easy access to ASHRAE Technical Papers.  ISHRAE Library will receive all ASHRAE Journals & Transactions.  ISHRAE Members can apply for ASHRAE Membership without Reference requirement. Why Join ISHRAE:  A Premiere Technical Society exclusively for AC & R community.  A well organized and professionally run Technical Society.  Membership for individuals only, No Corporate Membership.  Easy access to all ISHRAE Technical Publications.  Excellent opportunities to interact with other Professionals, Industry Leaders and key Decisions  Makers in the Profession and Industry.  International exposure through ASHRAE association.  An excellent forum for Professional Development and continuous Training & Re- Training Future Plans. About ISHRAE website: ISHRAE‟s web-portal, is the most comprehensive online source of commercial and technical information for HVAC&R engineers in India. Sponsored by several leading companies, the portal is loaded with relevant and useful information; News, Events, Books, Products, Training & Workshops, Trade shows, Students Activities, Links to various software downloads and much more.Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies Page 36
  42. 42.  RAMA - Refrigeration and Air conditioning Manufacturers Association The Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Trades Association Ltd popularly known as “RATA” was established in the year 1949. The Association is a dynamic service organization playing vital role at various level for the development and growth of Air- conditioning & Refrigeration Industry and trades. Vision & Mission To promote the overall growth of Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Industry in India, keeping in mind the larger economic goals of: Maximizing investments in India. Maximizing job creation in India To collect and disseminate industry statistics relating to production, sales and other vital economic indicators to members, CII and the Government. To conduct research and facilitate research in matters relating to the AC&R industry. To organize/facilitate seminars, conferences, lectures for the benefit of people in the AC&R industry. To work with other Industry Associations and Scientific bodies such as ISHRAE/ ASHRAE/ ARI to achieve the following: Keeping RAMA members abreast of latest standards & developments. To facilitate adoption of standards relating to manufacturing, energy efficiency, environment management, etc.  AIACRA All India Airconditioning& Refrigeration Association popularly known as "AIACRA" was established in the year 1961. The Association is a dynamic service organization playing a pivotal role at various levels for the development and growth of Air- Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry and Trade in India. Prior to the formation of this Central Association, there were four Zonal Associations constituted at Mumbai, Delh, Kolkota and Chennai in order to help the growth and consolidation of Air conditioning and Refrigeration Industry and removal of restrictions or simplification of procedures adopted by various Government Departments. As soon as the Industry found its native roots, it began sprouting quickly and a large number of entrepreneurs entered the field of Air conditioning and Refrigeration. With the increased tempo in the factory premises mounted its problems too. Expedient measures become necessary to streamline its multifarious activities. It was then decided to form this Association with its Head Quarters at Delhi.Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies Page 37
  43. 43. 4.2.4 Registration with B2B websites: Online business directories like B2B Yellow Pages are also coming up with many unique facilities and features for global online traders like shopping cart, payment gateways, membership discounts and so on. Also known as Business Directories, these have a huge list of online Manufacturers, Buyers, Sellers, Exporters and other online Traders. In such B2B directories, a huge range of products and services from agricultural products, electrical equipments, toys to fashion accessories, cars, electronics, printing products, power plants products and services from property consultancy to company registration services are available.  All such products are advertised by different manufacturers and buyers for the exporters/traders and sellers.  They have the option of creating an account for marketing their products and services through this medium to invite relevant sale/buy leads.  They act as a common platform both for buyers, sellers, manufacturers and exporters from all over the world.  For developing countries, these serve as a link for marketing their products and services to the developed countries.  With the help of these portals, importers and buyers can showcase their products at very reasonable rates. Trade directories play a vital role for Trade and Commerce. All these B2B portals not only save time but also a substantial amount of money for businesses all over the world as they are one of the simplest ways of increasing business efficiency and revenue. By using such modern techniques and methods, B2B portals are helping in successful promotion of all types of small scale to large scale businesses. What Must Buyers and Suppliers Do On a B2B Website: B2B websites basically serve as an intermediary where both importers and exporters come and post their buying requirements or selling leads. Buyers and suppliers must post their buying and selling leads on B2B websites because if they don‟t post their leads, their businesses won‟t be found in search results. Therefore, it is highly important to fully utilize the facility of posting products and selling leads on a B2B website. Types of Memberships on a B2B Website: There are two types of memberships available on most B2B websites. 1. Free Membership: Any trader can create an account free of cost. However, this type of membership provides limited access to buyers and their buying requirements. 2. Premium Membership: This is paid membership. This membership gives complete access to all the buyers along with priority ranking in buyers‟ search results.Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies Page 38
  44. 44. 4.2.5 Registration with LinkedIn: Fashion, Technology, Education, Research and many other sectors have experienced tremendous growth in the last decade due to the increased use of internet. Many websites are promoting their identity and business on the online search engines to get exposure in the international business sphere. Orkut, Facebook, Hi5, LinkedIn are some of the networking sites that have not just brought people closer for their personal networking but also help in the propagation of business ideas. LinkedIn, the world‟s biggest business network, can and should be an important part of your company‟s social media strategy. It‟s not just for job hunters anymore; having a company page and personal profile on LinkedIn is an opportunity to put your business in front of the eyes of LinkedIn‟s 100 million members. By creating a LinkedIn group, your business can have an extension of your corporate website that can be used as a marketing tool. If you have a smaller company you might even be surprised to find that your new networking group attracts more web hits than your corporate website, and that it enables you to reach your local market better than many of the other marketing vehicles available such as phone books or online yellow pages. These networking groups can succinctly promote your business‟s product or services, contain links to your main website, and perhaps most importantly provide a platform for providing collaboration that allows others inside and outside of your company to post content such as videos, photos, notes, and links. LinkedIn Increases Local Business Credibility Showcasing the local companys products, services, accomplishments, affiliations, and credentials on LinkedIn is great for promoting local business online credibility, building contacts, and boosting brand reputation. Local businesses tap the power of LinkedIn to successfully build relationships by being open, honest, and communicating constructively. How LinkedIn Can Help Your Business There are several social networking sites floating around the internet right now, but which one will help your business grow? In 2003, a social networking site was created specifically for professionals. It is called LinkedIn. Entrepreneurs, business owners and their employees should create an account on LinkedIn. The creation of LinkedIn was for the purpose of making connections with other businesses around the country and the world, to network and share ideas. It is geared toward those in business. The connections you make on LinkedIn can help further your career and bring in new clients.Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies Page 39
  45. 45. LinkedIn can benefit the business with: 1. Lead Generation Turning your leads into customers or clients will increase significantly with networking. LinkedIn lets you network with others who are in complimentary industries and who share your interests with groups. You can also connect with people you already know and they can introduce you to people they are connected with. 2. Watch Your Competition It‟s important to see what your competition is doing. LinkedIn lets you view your competition‟s clients, references and recommendations, which may not be otherwise available. 3. Greater Visibility Google indexes your LinkedIn profile. This means your business will have a large web presence. By having a large web presence, your business can be found by doing a Google search for companies in your industry. You need to use this option to make your company more visible to your potential clients. 4. Conduct Market Research With LinkedIn, you can conduct market research with your target audience. You can search LinkedIn to find out how much of a demand there is for your type of business. LinkedIn also offers a Q & A feature. Take advantage of this feature because this is where you can ask questions and receive feedback from your potential customers or clients. 5. Introductions You can connect to people you already know, and you can ask them to introduce you to the people know who will be beneficial to your business. Having your connections introduce you to their other connections will greatly improve your credibility in the business world. 6. Recommendations With LinkedIn, your connections have the option of recommending you and/or your business to the rest of the network. Word of mouth is the best kind of marketing so use it to your advantage. Your recommendations will have the potential to increase your chances of getting new clients or customers. LinkedIn is the social networking site to assist in promoting your business. It will also help to build long-term business relationships that could become profitable for you and your connections. If all of the companies on the Fortune 500 list use LinkedIn, there must be a good reason.Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies Page 40
  46. 46. 4.3 Conclusion:  The manufacturer and the maintenance officials of the air conditioners are looking for the anti-corrosion coating which has an easy application procedure, less time consuming, less energy consumption and great performance which are fulfilled by the product FINCARE.  As the company has not devised any promotion strategy for the product, the recommended promotion strategy will create market awareness for the product.  The market awareness will not only solve the problem of corrosion faced by the manufacture of air conditioners but also increase its presence in the market.  The first step of the market awareness is through advertising or publishing article in air conditioners journals this will allow the company to reach the target consumers of the anti-corrosion coating.  The next recommendation devised is through the exhibition which will allow the company to reach the consumer spread world-wide along with creating market presence in mass.  The next recommendation is through registration with association which will help the company to know the corrosion problem faced by the air conditioners companies and act together to solve the particular problem.  Through registration through B2B website will allow the company to create market awareness among the B2B customers in large. Along with the registration through LinkedIn it will help the company to convert the lead generation.  With the prescribed recommendation the company should be able to create the awareness for the product FINCARE which will increase its market presence.  Along with the prescribed recommendation for the promotion of the product there should be continuous innovation on the product which will help the company the tackle the problems faced by the air conditioners industry.Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies Page 41
  47. 47. PART 5 BIBLIOGRAPHYGuru Nanak Institute of Management Studies Page 42
  48. 48. BibliographyWebiography Volume NumberCooling India 7 1Air Conditioner and Refrigeration Journal 22 4Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies Page 43