What happens in startup, Stays NOT in Startup


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The presentation which I gave at NL Dalmia College, Mumbai, 7th september in Annual Marketing Summit.

The crux of this presentation is- Go, be an Entrepreneur.

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  • About ad agency client who said thief.About incident when co-founder was nervousWe only live for 80 years
  • Whats worse can happen, they will say No.. But what if they will say YES??? It can change your life and your life…Ex- family IFO
  • Used to visit SK clients for two main reasons
  • lady example who was not well ….
  • Nothing., You ll be breathing at the end…..
  • Otherwise next door guys will start ruling the market…..
  • How I am creating more entr by giving franchisees….And that’s what An entr do….
  • Entrepreneurship is kind of a life style. You manage, you pass, you fail, you make blunders, you live on edge, you try very hard and still don’t get anything.   But as drew houstan said- you just have to be right once, so keep doing ..
  • What happens in startup, Stays NOT in Startup

    1. 1. What HAPPENS In Startup, Stays NOT only in Startup By:- Tanutejas Saraswat CLO @ ShopKirana | Paintlyfe
    2. 2. Starting up is VERY EASY, Seriously BUT Building a business is CRAZY HARD
    3. 3. Why Speaking With Heart is More Important Than some facts and figures??
    4. 4. Why This Thing Happened? When we were busy in meeting friends outside home…. He launched FB When we were busy in sending Text Msgs.. He launched Twitter When we were busy in finding jobs… He launched Naukari.com When we were busy in playing games… He launched Games2win.com When you & I were busy in deciding what to do or what not to ….
    5. 5. 19 Year Old Boyan Slat started cleaning up an Ocean
    6. 6. And when People were NOT complaining about buying grocery experience… We Started www.ShopKirana.com
    7. 7. Ask For Help. Shamelessly
    8. 8. Don’t be Shy
    9. 9. And Sometimes We Don’t Work For Money
    10. 10. What will Happen if you FAIL miserably ??
    11. 11. If you manage to disrupt a big market, business will follow. Just Blow things up and you’ll make money.
    12. 12. Delegate? Toughest job in my LIFE
    13. 13. Take OFF on Sundays.. Why?
    14. 14. Create More Entrepreneurs…….
    15. 15. Personal Touch • In Paintlyfe.com via Personal Letters • In ShopKirana.com via Personal Meetings
    16. 16. What is So Sexy in Being an Entrepreneur • Failing is SEXY • Creating is SEXY • Doing Blunders is SEXY • Making un-achievable targets is SEXY • Doing Business is SEXY • Closing Deal is SEXY • Connecting, talking, making new connections is SEXY • Building something from scratch and take it to the top is undoubtedly SEXY
    17. 17. Some Gyaan… Never quit. No matter how many times you fall, how many times you messed up, no natter how many times you see yourself in pain .. Just don’t quit. Because when You’ll pass this phase, You’ll tell yourself.... Damn, I did the most amazing thing in my life. And at this right moment, Somewhere in some corner of this world must be saying now. Damn, I should have started before. Don’t be that someone. Start up today
    18. 18. this world belongs to those who are doing something • unrelated, • unexpected and • unheard. SO Stop Talking, Stop Asking, Stop Doubting. Stop Telling. Just create and commercialize it. That's what great people do.
    19. 19. I Think… • On birthdays, we should gift kids iPad, Pc, smart phones but with a deadline to create a business out of it. Playing, enjoying, using default games, apps is out of fashion. Creating your own thing is sexy. • Project Reports Or Actual Business?
    20. 20. Conclusion If you are in love, Create a company for her If you are alone, build a Startup for yourself If you are broken, gift a beautiful venture to your heart, If you still thinking... Just create it and decide later.
    21. 21. By The Way,
    22. 22. I started TWO internet Companies With
    24. 24. So, What’s Your Excuse?
    25. 25. Go, be an entrepreneur....
    26. 26. Thanks ….
    27. 27. I’m Always Available On • Email- tanutejas@shopkirana.com • Facebook- facebook.com/tanutejas.saraswat • LinkedIn- linkedin.com/tanutejas.saraswat • Twitter- @tanutejas