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How to grow your business in the age of digital marketing 4.0


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how to increase Marketing ROI with LeoCloudCMS technology, Big Data and A.I

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How to grow your business in the age of digital marketing 4.0

  1. 1. How to grow your business in the age of Digital Marketing 4.0 Or how to increase Marketing ROI with LeoCloudCMS technology, Big Data and A.I Ideas by Trieu Nguyen (Thomas) at
  2. 2. I get inspired ideas from this book and write this slide
  3. 3. The problem for next 5 years Your Company 1. Develop new customers 2. Scale business 3. Predictable revenue Context from 2019 to 2024 1. Infrastructure with cloud services is very cheap 2. Big Data is a must for every business 3. AI, Chatbot is everywhere 4. Customer Reach on multiple devices (mobile, VR, web, Smart TV) is very popular Materials for your business 1. Domain knowledge 2. Digital Media Structure 3. User needs 4. Media Brand Identity 5. Headless CMS software
  4. 4. Materials ⇢ Machines ⇢ Business Models ⇢ Capital Markets Wealth of society
  5. 5. Key idea in 3 steps 1. Think all your business as the Box 2. Attract Internet user into the Box 3. Offering your valuable service in the Box And the Box is built on LeoCloudCMS
  6. 6. Challenges Challenge 1 Infrastructure Cloud Computing Vendors can help E.g: Amazon Cloud. Google Cloud, Vinadata, .. Challenge 2 Big Data System Self-develop from internal tech team or using cloud services E.g: Kinesis, Google Bigquery , Hadoop, Clickhouse , .. Challenge 3 Intelligence System there are lots of open source technologies ● Apache Spark ● TensorFlow ● Apache Kafka ● RFX Challenge 4 Experience System Data Visualization Accessible report Accessible API Chatbot Mobile app AR app
  7. 7. Implementation & Case Studies
  8. 8. What is LeoCloudCMS ? It's just Headless API CMS, is built for digital marketing 4.0, and could run very scalable on cloud computing Wordpress or traditional CMS is here This is the purpose of LeoCloudCMS
  9. 9. The LeoCloudCMS is built on Java for scalability
  10. 10. LeoCloudCMS as full-stack platform for Digital Marketing
  11. 11. LeoCloudCMS as Customer Data Hub for Digital Marketing
  12. 12. Media Advertising Business Model LeoCloudCMS as Audience Hub in Ad Network
  13. 13. A marketing agency is the company, connect key accounts with Advertising Media Network E.g: MindShare can connect Nike creatives with TuoiTre News Ad Media Network is the company, connect media publishers and marketing agencies) E.g: Google Ads connects media publishers and Mindshare Media Publisher, is the company, connect Internet user with with Advertising Media Network E.g: TuoiTre News connects Google Ads and Nike
  14. 14. Subscription-based Business Model
  15. 15. Subscription-based Business Model of Medium
  16. 16. Are you interested in LeoCloudCMS ? Contact me at