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May 2011 Issue of Mastery Journal, the international ezine dedicated to mastery in Qigong, Coaching and Life

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Mastery Journal May 2011 Issue

  1. 1. VOLUME 1 • ISSUE 5 May 2011Mastery JournalThe International Ezine on Mastery in Qigong, Internal Arts, and Life Master of the Month Mantak Chia Alignment of the Arms and Legs Resonance and Co-Creation Lama Tantrapa Julia Griffin Inner Alchemy Down the River Mantak Chia Jon Weston What Are The Powers of the The Greatest Epidemic Universe? Known to Man Part IV Timothy Booth Paul Levy
  2. 2. Volume 1 May 2011 Issue 5 Dear Mastery Journal Reader, Letter from the Editor Articles Please enjoy the fifth issue of Mastery Journal featuring an exciting Master of the Month – someone, who hardly needs Alignment of the Arms introduction – Mantak Chia. With his numerous books published on the subjects of Internal Alchemy, Meditation, Lama Tantrapa and Holistic Health, Mantak Chia often offers the first Inner Alchemy introduction to Qigong that many westerners receive, when perusing through the web pages on or at their Mantak Chia local bookstore. This was the case for me and I think is one of the main reasons I found such benefit and progress in myWhat Are The Powers of the Universe? own dreams of increased wellness by using Qigong. Timothy Booth Resonance and Co-Creation Last month, I was very fortunate to attend the 13th World Congress on Qigong in San Francisco, California. The Julia Griffin Congress offered a tremendous opportunity to come in contact with other Qigong practitioners and teachers, Down the River experience many classes, workshops and demonstrations, as well as to broaden the horizons around the many Jon Weston subjects of Oriental Medicine, healing and spiritual transformation. For me, it was eye-opening to see peopleThe Greatest Epidemic Known to Man attending from all over the globe. Tai Chi, Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine are truly being embraced by Part IV the western world. Many of the masters also traveled from such places as the UK, Canada and even Italy! Paul Levy As you flip through the pages of this issue of Mastery Click Here to Subscribe and Receive a Bonus Journal and our future issues, closer to the back of the publication, you will find some candid shots from many of the various exhibitions, classes and demonstrations from this year’s Congress. I had a wonderful time traveling Brought to You by to San Francisco with Lama Tantrapa, who presented two workshops at that event, and I think you’ll find that the Qigong images from the Congress will inspire you to practice ever more diligently! Best Regards, Thomas Pamelia Publisher: Lama Tantrapa Production Designer: Thomas Pamelia Mastery Journal Production Designer The Cover Composite: Copy Editor: Lucas Meyer Information is correct at press time. Mastery Journal is published monthly by the Academy of Qi Dao in Portland, Oregon. Signed articles do not necessarily reflect the official company policy © 2011. All rights reserved. Reproduction in part or whole without permission is prohibited.
  3. 3. The Mondays 6:00 pmSecrets of PST (9:00 pm EST)QigongMasters Email Us Your QuestionsTalk Show Call-in to Ask the Masters Listen by Phone on the Go, Stream to Your Computer Subscribe to the Podcast Download to Listen Later Share Our Show with Friends Volunteer to Transcribe As the host of this enlightening talk show, Lama Tantrapa interviews prominent experts in the fields of Oriental Medicine, Energy Healing, Meditation, and Internal Arts. He also shares his unique perspectives on the principles and appli- cations of energy awareness. Join us every Monday at 6:00 pm PST (9:00 pm EST) for a friendly and mindful exchange of ideas and “secrets of the trade.” Call in during the show with your most burning questions for our guests at 347-327-9635 or email us at
  4. 4. Alignment of the neck will have to work overtime. The chronic tension of the trapezius and other shoulder muscles is mainly a product of this misalignment.Arms and Legs Supination (turning the hand forward) can be experiencedLama Tantr apa without contracting the shoulder muscles, allowing your shoulders to relax. After performing this experiment, noticeBefore exploring alignment of the arms, ask your partner to which alignment of the arms feels more natural for you andpull your arms down by the wrists as you stand upright. Notice allow your body to follow your insight.the difference in the amount of tension in your shoulders andupper back when the palms are facing forward versus whenthey are facing backwards. Since the palm is the front of thehand (the back of the hand is obviously its back), it makes a If you attempt to force your palms to face forward whiledifference whether it faces forward or backwards. In Qi Dao, maintaining your habitual tension, you will have to counterwe say that when the backs of your hands are facing forward, it by tensing up your teres major (the muscle connecting theyou are wearing your arms backwards, which may be almost scapula and humerus bones of the upper arm). This will onlyas uncomfortable as wearing your legs backwards. give you twice the amount of tension as before. Alignment of your arms requires non-doing – no longer holding tension in your deltoids.Most people experience more tension in the shoulders andupper back when they turn their palms backwards. This tensionis often habitual and not within your conscious awareness. To People often complain about pain in the feet, knees, or hips.test whether it takes tension to wear the arms backwards, Such pain is usually a result of the misalignment of their legs.ask your partner to apply gentle pressure on your deltoids To find out about the natural alignment of your legs, ask your(shoulder muscles) while you turn your palms all the way back partner to gently push into your kneecap from the directionand forth. in which your toes are pointing while you are standing in the Natural Stance. Notice whether it is easier to push you off balance when the knee is pointing in the same direction as the toes or when it is pointing elsewhere.Pronation (turning the hand backwards) requires contractingthe anterior deltoid and shifts the shoulder joint forward fromits naturally aligned position. As a result, you may slouch,rounding the shoulders and projecting the head forward. Generally speaking, an aligned leg has the toes and kneeWith the weight of the head no longer supported by the pointing in the same direction. If you are standing with yourbone structure of the neck, the muscles of the back of the knees locked, however, this alignment will not be so apparent and you will be easy to push over whichever way you turn your toes. To learn about your leg alignment, you can use a simple rule of thumb: glance down and see whether your knees cover your toes from sight when in the Natural Stance. If you are one of the curious folks who really want to find out which of the five toes needs to be in alignment with the knee, I invite you to experiment with some subtle shifting side-to- side in order to figure this our for yourself. Since everyone’s body is unique and different, I see no reason to establish any uniform rules for body alignments. Besides, exploration is what provides you with opportunities for developing your own authentic body awareness, rather than blindly following someone else’s rules. Alignment of the legs will make an immediate difference in the way the weight is distributed on the feet. The balance of the whole body will change if you shift the weight side-to-side or
  5. 5. back and forth on each foot. Your partner can easily test youroverall balance by pushing you in the stomach. The resultsof such a test will depend significantly upon the alignment ofyour legs. If your knees do not cover your toes from sight, yourfoot, lower and upper leg will not be in the same plane. This Lama Somanandawill weaken your balance making you easy to push over. Tantrapa is the 27th lineage holder of Qi Dao, also known as Tibetan Shamanic Qigong. He has been practicing Qigong, Dream Yoga, Meditation, and Internal Martial Arts for over thirty five years, primarily trained by his Grandfather who was the paragon of the Russian Martial Arts and Qi Dao Grand Master. His background is com- plex enough to include serving in the Soviet Army’s Spe- cial Forces, being kidnapped in the Ukraine and surviving several near-death experiences. Lama Tantrapa was ordained as a Buddhist monk in three different orders and initiated into Subud spiritual brotherhood. In addition to being a Tibetan Bon Lama,To assure your balance, experiment with distribution of yourweight between the inner and outer edges of each foot as well he studied with a number of Qigong and kung-fu mas-as between the toes and heels. When the weight is on the ters, great teachers of Yoga and meditation, as well asouter edge of the foot, the knee is likely to be everted (turned Native American, Hawaiian and Siberian Shamans. Heoutwards); and when the weight is on the inner edge of the is also trained in Cultural Anthropology, Meta-coaching,foot, the knee is likely to be inverted (turned inwards). With Hypnosis and NLP. When living for two years on a smallpractice, you will learn to maintain a natural alignment of thelegs and feel Grounded even without looking at your feet. Just tropical island in the Pacific, 7000 miles away from thefeel the way your feet touch the ground paying attention to majority of his students and clients, he pioneered ayour weight distribution while standing or moving. Awareness novel method of conducting Qi Dao sessions over thegained through this exploration will surely improve your Internet called Qigong Coaching. In the last decade, hebalance and overall wellness. has provided wellness, peak performance and life coach- ing to thousands of people of all ages and from various walks of life. He is also a bestselling author of several Qi Dao books, executive producer of the film Qi Dao – Ti- betan Shamanic Qigong, creator of CD albums Qi Dao Initiation and The Art of Being in the Flow, publisher of the Basic Qi Dao Home Study Course and other multime- dia learning materials available at In addition to being the publisher of Mastery Journal, Lama Tantrapa is also the host of the Internet Radio talk show The Secrets of Qigong Masters that you can enjoy at
  6. 6. Inner Alchemy that the yin side of melatonin is as a hormone. The hormone function of melatonin is related with the whole endocrine system, especially the adrenal glands. The yin aspect ofMantak Chia the adrenal gland is cortisone, while the yang aspect is adrenaline. To have an ideal situation we need to balance the yin hormone melatonin with the yang adrenaline, and the yangPhysical Explanation antioxidant in melatonin with the cortisone that is yin. The pineal gland that produces melatoninEach one of the cells that our body is composed of is directly works more during the yin periodrelated to the first original cell located right behind the navel. of our day, i.e. at night. TheThis cell was born of the meeting of the Ovum and sperm of adrenal works more during theour parents. As long as this cell sends a message of perfection yang part of the day, i.e. the DNA of each cell in the body, we are virtually immortal. If during the daytime we moveWhen we work with inner alchemy, we can recombine the adrenaline through Tai Chi,64 Amino Acids of DNA by following the 64 eternal laws of Qigong, meditation, etc., thenchange (I Ching), and our cells are able to get in better touch at night we will have a strongerwith more subtle forces (Higher energy). We do this until we production of melatonin andreach the divine spark in the original cell. This process can cortisone. From 9 to 11 pm, ourchange our atomic structure. bodies produce more cortisone. From 11 pm to 3 am, the sexualDevelopmental Process of Melatonin energy rises, producing more melatonin, (yin). This process is connected with the pituitaryThe history of melatonin starts around the pre-Cambrian gland and the thyroid growingage, when the anaerobic cells started to evolve into a more process. From 3 to 6 am weefficient form of life, called the aerobic state. Aerobic cells produce more melatonin, ormake use of the 02 (oxygen, yang, fire), and H20 (water, yang antioxidant, and thisyin). In this way the cells assimilate the organic molecules matches perfectly with what(mostly composed of C06, Carbon) much more easily. In Taoists say - that 3 to 6 am is the best time for meditation.the process of assimilation, oxidation occurs, creating free At this time the pineal and sexual glands are connecting,radicals. Some free radicals deform molecules by penetrating straightening and rejuvenating the DNA, bone, and marrow.the cellular membrane and “bombing” the DNA, causing a From 6 to 12 am, the body produces more adrenaline andgreat amount of damage, including mutations. The process it connects with the pancreas in helping the process of theof oxidation weakens DNA. When a cell reproduces the new construction of the tendon and muscle fiber. That is whycell’s DNA is also weaker. Taoists were aware of this process Taoists say that this is the best time for physical practice. Themany thousands of years ago, and said that it was not good Taoists speak about nine gems that distill essence. In fact,to reproduce when one was old, or if one drank, or was in a westerners discovered that the process of generating ovumweak condition, as this would cause the offspring to be weak. and sperm starts in the pineal gland. A hormonal message,To avoid this undesirable process cells started to develop sent to the pituitary and other glands, eventually results inmelatonin. the production of the egg and sperm in the sexual glands. By bringing up this essence, we reconnect the circuit, enhancingYin Yang Harmony in the Body and strengthening a more refined production of hormone that slowly starts a transformation, slowing the aging process and enabling the great masters to achieve their remarkableThe first action of melatonin is anti-oxidant, which is a yang attainments.process. Another basic effect of melatonin is a reactive energywe call hormones, and this is yin. This antioxidant is more Life Style Awarenessefficient and versatile than Vitamin E or Glutathion, and is fivehundred times more powerful than DMSO against radiation.They speak as well about Pi Gu, or the nearly complete Most people do not follow the above-mentioned timetable.cessation of food intake. In fact, when you get to the higher They use the upper gland energy during the day, gettinglevel, and not before, you don’t want to disperse your refined stressed and emotional, and the lower gland energy at night,energy to counter-act the oxidation process, especially when by eating late, staying in artificial light, and especially havingeating carbohydrates which are rich in C06. Everything in sexual intercourse at nighttime. They make the body toothe universe including our glands have yin and yang. We fiery and this increases it’s tendency to burn out over time.spoke about the yang aspect of melatonin, and we assert To reverse this aging process through inner transformation,
  7. 7. we depend on the ability of our body to produce melatonin after 10:30 pm, it tends to increase melatonin protect and recreate the stem cells located in the spinal At 11 pm energy flows into the liver, which is a basic organ inmarrow. If we can do this the body is able to reproduce regulating hormonal secretion. Other foods rich in melatoninbrain cells and other body cells which are free of any of are: oats, corn, brown rice, ginger, ripe tomatoes, bananas,the signs of aging. As a result of the increased and refined parsley, algae, dates, oysters, soya, cottage cheese, chickenflow of melatonin and other hormones in the glands, the liver, pumpkin and pumpkin seeds, turkey, tofu, watermelonimmune system is activated 200% more than in the normal and apple seeds, almonds, peanuts, yeast, vitamin B-3,state. This especially increases the piastrims, phagocytes and (which is found in dried fruit), parsley, liver, sunflower seeds,lymphocytes. salmon and swordfish, vitamin B-6 (found in carrots, lentils, avocado, and prawns). Tryptophan, seratonin, calcium and magnesium, and marijuana increase melatonin production by more than 2000 times, if taken in the right quantities and at the right time of day. However, after such high production of hormone the result can be a down, or feeling of depression. Meditation When beginning this exploration, we need to be careful. Our bodies become more subtle, precise, refined, and sensitive, so we need to avoid excesses of any kind, especially external High dosages of stimulation. Such stimulation tends to disharmonize the melatonin shut down the subtle body mechanics, and this is true for drugs, medicine, conscious processes of food supplements, herbs, etc. If a food or an herb is medically the mind and create a perfect, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is good for your space for deep, altered body. It could be the opposite. What we are learning is to look states of consciousness for our inner medicine. to arise. This means that we can dream and at the same lime have Delta waves. We can also have Delta waves while awake, which was considered impossible by western medicine before this experiment. Taoistsspeak about the ecstatic or inner journey and this refers tothe same process that western medicine is now discovering.This is nothing but a deep state of meditation.Food, Drugs and MelatoninAnsiolitic medications such as valium, zanax, aspirin andnovalgin decrease the production of melatonin. Some mildanti-depressant drugs induce relaxation by causing a slightrise in the production of melatonin. Stronger antidepressants,such as prozac, tend to decrease the melatonin productionand stimulate the adrenal and other glands. Vitamin B-12,caffeine steroids,tobacco, and ina very specialway, refinedsugar all tend todecrease melatoninproduction. Alcoholconsumed before10:30 at night tendsto reduce melatoninproduction,whereas, whenit is consumed
  8. 8. Master ofthe Month Mantak ChiaMantak Chia is the creator of the Universal Healing TaoSystem and is the director of the Universal Healing Tao Centerand Tao Garden Health Resort and Training Center in thebeautiful northern countryside of Thailand. Since childhoodhe has been studying the Taoist approach to life. His masteryof this ancient knowledge, enhanced by his study of otherdisciplines, has resulted in the development of the UniversalHealing Tao System, which is now being taught throughoutthe world. the exercise known as Strengthening and Renewal ofMantak Chia was born in Thailand to Chinese parents the Tendons. Master Cheng Yao-Lun’s system combinedin 1944. When he was six years old, Buddhist monks Thai boxing and Kung Fu. Master Chia also studied attaught him how to sit and “still the mind.” While still this time with Master Pan Yu, whose system combineda grammar school student, he learned traditional Thai Taoist, Buddhist and Zen teachings. Master Pan Yu alsoboxing. He was then taught Tai Chi Chuan by Master Lu, taught him about the exchange of Yin and Yang powerwho soon introduced him to Aikido, Yoga and broader between men and women, and how to develop thelevels of Tai Chi. Years later, when he was a student in Steel Body.Hong Kong excelling in track and field events, a seniorclassmate named Cheng Sue-Sue introduced him to his To understand the mechanisms behind healing energyfirst esoteric teacher and Taoist Master, Master Yi Eng (I better, Master Chia studied Western anatomy andYun). At this point, Master Chia began his studies of the medical science for two years. While pursuing hisTaoist way of life in earnest. He learned how to circulate studies, he managed the Westetner Company. Usingenergy through the Microcosmic Orbit and, through the his knowledge of Taoism, combined with the otherpractice of Fusion of the Five Elements, how to open the disciplines, Mantak Chia began teaching the Universalother Six Special Channels. As he studied Inner AlchemyHealing Tao System. He eventually trained otherfurther, he learned the Enlightenment of the Kan and Instructors to communicate this knowledge and heLi, Sealing of the Five Senses, Congress of Heaven and established the Natural Healing Center in Thailand. FiveEarth and Reunion of Heaven and Man. It was Master years later, he decided to move to New York, whereYi Eng who authorized Mantak Chia to teach and heal. in 1979, he opened the Universal Healing Tao Center. During his life in America, Mantak Chia continued hisWhen Mantak Chia was in his early twenties, he studies in the Wu system of Tai Chi with Edward Yee instudied with Master Meugi in Singapore, who taught New York.him Kundalini, Taoist Yoga and the Buddha Palm. Hewas soon able to clear blockages to the flow of energy Since then, Mantak Chia has taught tens of thousandswithin his own body. He learned to pass the life force of students throughout the world. He has trainedenergy through his hands also, so that he could heal and certified over 1,500 instructors and practitionersMaster Meugi’s patients. He then learned Chi Nei Tsang from all over the world. Universal Tao Centers, Chi Neifrom Dr. Mui Yimwattana in Thailand. A while later, he Tsang Institutes, Cosmic Healing Forums and Immortalstudied with Master Cheng Yao-Lun who taught him Mountain Sanctuaries have opened in many locationsthe Shao-Lin Method of Internal Power. He learned the in North America, Europe, South America, Asia, Africaclosely guarded secret of the organs, glands and bone and Australia.marrow exercise known as Bone Marrow Nei Kung and
  9. 9. In June 1990, Master Chia was honored by the WorldCongress on Qigong and Chinese Medicine as theQigong Master of the Year. In 1994, Mantak Chia movedback to Thailand, where he had begun construction ofTao Garden, the Universal Tao Training Center in ChiangMai. Master Chia is a warm, friendly and helpful manwho views himself primarily as a teacher. He presentsthe Universal Tao System in a straightforward andpractical manner, while always expanding his knowledgeand approach to teaching. He uses a word processor forwriting and is totally at ease with the latest computertechnology.In December of 2000, the Tao Garden Health Resortand Universal Tao Training Center was completed withtwo Meditation Halls, two open air Simple Chi KungPavilions, indoor Tai Chi, Tao Yin and Chi Nei Tsang Hall,Tai Chi Natural Swimming Pool, Pakua Center, InternalWorld Class Weight Lifting Hall and complete EightCourt Recreational Facilities.In February of 2002, the Immortal Tao practices wereheld at Tao Garden for the first time using the DarkRoom technology creating a complete environment forthe higher level Taoist practices. In September of 2003,Mantak Chia opened the Tao Garden Holistic MedicalSpa using Western and Eastern Technology withTraditional Thai Massage, India Arvada Therapies andChinese Chi Nei Tsang Massage. The Spa is supervised bytrained and certificated Holistic Doctors, with MedicalDegrees providing Colonic Therapy, Stem Cell CancerPrevention and Natural Cancer Cure Treatments. In July2009, Master Chia introduced the Five Star Eight ForcesDetox Spa with Saunas, Therapy Color Heated Pool,Jacuzzi, and Internal Massage Treatments. This was alsointroduced with Raw Food and Fasting Program withOrganic Juice Bar.In September 2010, the Universal Healing Tao Instructorscelebrated thirty years of Mantak Chia’s teachingwith the Tao Congress at Tao Garden having over 200instructors present for the celebration.Mantak Chia has written and published over forty UniversalHealing Tao books. Many of his books are available in foreignlanguages editions
  10. 10. What are the symbolizing our beginning from nothing or the Void and our return to it as the ultimate goal.Powers of theUniverse - How Next we have Centration which is the universe centering upon itself to give birth to a new being, a new animal, a new molecule. This may be what the Daoists meant by thedoes this relate to ten thousand things that were created when Yin and Yang were created, or Primordial Qi, what you inherited from yourQigong? parents. That genetic information compressed into molecular form in each of your cells. This may also be related to our power to act. It is my theory that this is one of the forms of energy that we are working with in the practice of Qigong.Timothy Booth One form could be the Sun’s energy which is created by hydrogen atoms created by the birth of the universe. WhatWhat are the Powers of the Universe according to the latest the Daoists called heaven energy. This is what we are workingresearch and how do they relate to our practice of Qigong? with when we start moving from the stillness of Wuji postureThis is based on an article that I recently read by Brian branching out into the Yin and Yang polarities of movement,Swimme, in which he identifies some of the widely accepted up and down, left and right, in and out etc. With movementscientific knowledge in physics, astronomy, biology, geology, all energy systems in the body respond, we begin to circulatepaleontology and thermodynamics. This article will be in the all of the body’s energy and fluids, blood and lymph, etc.form of musings that are not intended to be definitive butthe basis of discussion, further investigation and inquiry. It ismy firm belief that if the practice of Qigong is to evolve along Allurement is what Brian considers to be what holds all ofwith us it must keep up to the latest scientific research for it the universe together at the level of galaxies we call thisto be relevant. gravitational interaction. At the level of molecules, Allurement is what holds the body together, electromagnetic interaction and points to all forms of attraction. This is what holds all ofFirst and foremost is the idea of the Ground or Source of all the galaxies together as well as our bodies and what I feel isBeing: what Brian Swimme calls Seamlessness, the realm one of the myriad forms of what the Chinese called Qi, whichof pure potentiality. In my view this would be equivalent to I think is more of a process rather than a thing or a noun. Itthe Daoist idea in their cosmology known as Wuji (literally is one of the many forms of Qi that we work with within the“without ridgepole”) originally meant “ultimateless; body to create health, food Qi, water Qi, air Qi, etc. When weboundless; infinite” but came to mean the “primordial move that movement creates an electrical potential throughuniverse” prior to the Taiji “Supreme Ultimate”. We pay gravity, etc., and is balanced by slow meditative movementtribute to this as our origin in the cosmos and is the starting and consciousness.position for almost all internal arts including Qigong, TaiChi Chuan, Xingyi Chuan, Baguazhang and others. To me itis a meditative posture that should always be the starting We’ve discovered that the universe is not really a place but apoint and ending point of any quality Qigong practice story, a story of an irreversible sequence of emergent events what Brian Swimme calls Emergence: an ongoing creative event. Life bursts into existence! How does this relate to Qigong? I think the very act of wanting to create a vibrant and healthy body is in itself a creative emergent event and falls directly in line with this. Creative imaginative consciousness creates good health, what we now know of as the Mind Body Connection. I agree with Brian that this may be the greatest discovery in the history of the human sciences. Homeostasis more generally means how the universe maintains it’s great achievements but within the body is one of the main effects of proper Qigong practice. It is all of the body’s processes in relative working order and balance and how we as mammals maintain our structure. The interactions
  11. 11. of the planet as a whole is dependent for example on tiny organisms in the Oceans enable all of these of this great planet. From the inside this could be viewed as processes to take place. compassion! The oxygen around the planet the sunshine we enjoy all sustain life in this dynamic interaction And finally we come to Radiance. Even the coldest and tiniest just as the movement hydrogen atoms are happily giving birth to and releasing of Qigong stretches the photons of light every instant. The universe cannot contain body to circulate fluids the magnificence it houses. This may be the final goal of all and nutrients to their meditative practice the ability to radiate the light and joy of required places. life through our practice of the Art and Science of Qigong! Cataclysm or the Finally in my opinion Qigong is really all about blending anddestructive process by which new emergence is established using the Powers of the Universe to become more whole asis in nature and is a necessary process. I think related to humans!Qigong this is what is going on when we don’t feel well.The body is letting us know that there is a necessary stateof imbalance that needs to be addressed and allows for thereestablishment of health by way of vibrant creativity. In Timothy Booth is amore advanced Qigong practice we find ways of being highly Freelance Musicianattuned to this process in order to adjust what is necessary to and Composer instay in a state of balance. Toronto Canada. Timothy Booth has been practicing Qigong for over 15What is Synergy? In biology it is all collaborative associations yrs., is a member ofthat arrive together to create more success. A great example the National Qigongof this is how protons and neutrons when brought into Association and is thecollaboration support each other and can survive for billions Director of Integralof years, whereas they would quickly disintegrate without Qigong.this relationship. To me in Qigong this is like our communityin which there is our teacher student relationship in which He currently instructscollaboration and mutual respect is honored as well as private and group Qigong classes in Toronto.student to student relationships, which should operate alongthe same lines. This would represent outward relationship He has studied with some of the greatest westernand synergy but also we are promoting internally synergy Masters of Qigong such as Ken Cohen, and Eric Reynolds,and relationship between the different systems in the body direct student of Dr. John Painter.cooperating and working as a whole. 1998 Certificate of Attainment- Senior Level in Baguazhang-from Emerge Internal Arts Tai Chi and Meditation CentreTransmutation is the next power and to me represents one ofthe ultimate goals of Qigong, It is closely related to the next Student of Jiulong Baguazhang (Martial Art related to Taipower Transformation, an interconnected and self amplifying Chi) 1999-2011 with Eric Reynolds and Jan Carstoniu MD,dynamic of self transcendence. This is what the Daoists FRCPC – Instructors of Jiulong Baguazhangwould call becoming an immortal and union with the Dao orultimate Ground of Pure Awareness. He can be reached through his blog at http://integral96.wordpress.comThe power of Integrity an connectivity Is the power ofInterrelatedness or could be called Wholeness. In my ownpractice this is one of the realizations that has struck methe most and is one of the results of diligence of practice.Realizing that each being in the universe is connected insome mysterious or not so mysterious way. Our existence
  12. 12. Resonance and The recognition of resonance is one of the challenges in co-creation, as we often fall into a state of self-Co-Creation forgetfulness. Life appears as it does because of our resonance on subconscious, consciousness and collective levels -- it doesn’t just happen.Julia Griffin We resonate or vibrate with the image of our bedroom,We are all co-creators. The difficulty lies in gaining create images of the room, interact with the bedconsciousness of our abilities. Our fields open when we or closet, then wake up day after day in the sameview a flower, child or star, and our energy contributes room. It happens because we are good at co-creation,to the configuration of that field of beauty. Part of its particularly when it involves repetition and agreementbeauty is imbued by our vision, through the sensory from a large group of people. (For example, the bedreflection of the object at hand. Unknowingly, we is usually in the same place in the morning, unless youcreate in each moment through our resonance, through are dreaming.) Another agreement concerns smallthe meshing of the fields of material objects meeting materializations, such as keys or checkbooks, which arein ethereal form. A brief impression is formed as an acceptable, if not mentionable. We may have noticedelectromagnetic memory, forgotten until once again that materializations, healings and quantum changerevisited in later time. often appear around people with high frequency fields or at indigenous power points.Every material object on the earth is composed oflight that vibrates at a lower frequency so that it has The main point about resonance is that it matters. Thea recognizable shape, appearance and dimension. Its objects, scenes, people and beliefs involved in resonancevibration is known as resonance. Resonance is the affect our energy and ability to access the quantum field.vibration rate of a crystal, a plant, a television broadcast Energy is needed to shift our attention or the way thator a person. We interact with resonance by amplifying we assemble our “reality.” Resonance can lower ouror diminishing a frequency. energy by creating karma or heighten our awareness into greater consciousness. Resonance can be altered by detaching from inner dialogue, becoming present inWhen we vibrate emotionally with a disharmonious the body or meditation. Meditation can also shift it. Ourbroadcast or argue with an angry person, then we energy level is usually a good gauge of the result of ouramplify the disharmonic resonance. By intentionally activities and thoughts.sending love or detachment to the broadcast or person,a disharmonic resonance can be altered or weakened.The same is true with a harmonic resonance. Resonance Energy is needed to move on the time/space continuumis strengthened through identification and interaction. line. The particles in our field move into new frequencies and patterns during the act of conscious co-creation. For example, imagine moving to a differentIt’s helpful to remember our role as a co-creator when location but also taking a perennial garden (plantslife is flowing easily by noticing our sensory data (the that live for years) with you. You are ready to changehappy, pleasurable response that we have in life), locations but want to keep a portion of the garden. Itexpressing gratitude, and sharing our harmony with takes time and energy to dig the plants and move themsimple kindnesses with other people. Service through into the new space. Usually, you would take the mostour soul’s work is also important. It is a way of sharing valuable and loved plants and leave the rest. Part oflight. These simple acts amplify the “flow.” Through the old garden travels with you, but you find additionalself-observation, we can become more aware of positive plants for the new garden – in time, it becomes anco-creation. entity, a composite without a line of distinction between
  13. 13. the old and new plants. The same motion occurs with abundance, but it is through use of our free will thatconscious co-creation; time and energy are necessary to we choose resonance with any of these states. Karmamove a scene of life so that it more closely represents or memories of the past usually offer a set of lowerthe garden of the soul. vibrations that serve to conceal any other possibility, at least initially.One path to the soul’s garden is co-creation, which isactively creating the blueprint as the mainstay of our Any state or action is preceded by a hologram, which ispractice in material reality. Whatever we choose or a living visual image accompanied by feelings. (Imaginewherever we go, it eventually becomes clear that the taking a glass from the cabinet, then filling it with water.path of heart and dedication to balance bring more Imagine the phone ringing and answering a call. In bothsatisfaction. Manifestation or co-creation begins with cases, you must visualize and integrate sensory data.)a single desire – it can be a physical desire but the act The present is altered by the data of new holograms.of co-creation, if practiced correctly, leads to a higher Often, we have to repeat the image of a desire manyfrequency and connection with Divine. times before the alteration of “reality” happens because it takes time to create resonance with it, as well as releasing images, thoughts and beliefs that created theNothing changes in physical reality – I mean really present life.changes – without that alteration in frequency. The“attractor factor” and the movie, The Secret, weremarvelous attention-getters for the mind, but the part There are also patterns of the ego that comprise partabout the heart was omitted. My theory is that the folks of the new visualization. In every manifestation, therein the movies and book found their higher frequency is always a small part of us that is concerned withstate—whether they share it for money or love. (This is appearance, social position or power and also lackseasily seen in all of the new manifestation and money alignment with the heart. In alchemy, this part ofprograms. I think that this e-zine is about heart so I manifestation is known as nigredo or “black night.” Self-write for it.) observation allows the understanding that the lack of manifestation comes from within the self. It is time to change old patterns, beliefs and actions.This is the point that is most misunderstood. Theconnection, the resonance and the infinite love are thereal gifts, and the changes in the appearance of matter The fascinating part is the shift from nigredo to albedoare street signs or indicators that we are traveling in the or “whitening” -- the purification stage, which involvesright direction. alignment with universal principles. The nigredo and albedo blend in the marriage of opposites, of the soul and the ego. Vulnerabilities, beliefs and fears areBy resonating with a material object while in a higher exposed and comprehended. A new purity of purposefrequency, it generally materializes. Yes, manifestation and self is distilled from the darkness of old reality.can be used to create a car or house or relationship,but the big shift is the heightened frequency thataccompanies divine connection. Resonance, energy Awareness and vibration increase with movementand frequency are important parts of manifestation. A toward the alchemical rubredo or “red,” which is theheartfelt desire can change our resonance and increase new maturity and rebirth of the new self within theour energy level. A true desire often gifts greater creation of the “new reality.” It encompasses thealignment with our divine blueprint. opposites and is a resolution of conflicting behavior and beliefs. The word “eureka” would apply to this state of gestalt realization.It is our birthright to experience health, love or
  14. 14. Rubredo is like Dorothy’s red slippers and The Wizard ofOz. The journey is cool, and there are lessons about fear,power, and finally love and unity. We understand that Down the RiverOz is wonderful and magical and anything can happen. Jon WestonBut it doesn’t have the ring of the love like home does– and with a click of the red slippers, we quickly see the The best way to explain natural flow is to consider how a riverreal importance of the journey was the recognition of flows. A river flows in one direction. What we are doing isthe value of the heart and love. In a single phrase, co- learning how its current flows. We are learning how to feelcreation is about finding evolution through love. that inner current, that inner message. Now, you can either learn to flow with the river like a Taoist or you can swim against the river, which causes pain, hardship, disease or death. But no matter what you do, you are always going to go down that river. So the ancient Taoist says that if you are really smart you Julia Griffin is an will put your feet up and enjoy the ride. What you are doing is intuitive healer who letting go of your will and turning everything over to God’s will, has successfully the natural flow of the universe. So the key to life is to really transformed the just enjoy the ride. Now, how are you going to enjoy the ride lives of thousands going down that river? The Taoists say the key is the middle of people through path. So, if you are always hitting the right and the left banks, it is a pretty rough ride. You always try to balance yourself, not her manifestation too far right and not too far left. and meditative techniques. She teaches these techniques in her group classes, one-on-one sessions, and now That is the path, the effortless path e-courses. down the river, and that is how you start to connect with the flow of the Julia has a deep understanding of energetics based universe, centering yourself and then on extensive studies and her own successful practice. watching the right and the left, never She is an alchemist, astrologer, herbalist and Reiki too far right and never too far left. It master, and is able to communicate with plants and is the middle path, never hitting one animals. She lived with wolves for nine years, while side of the riverbank and never hitting the other side of the riverbank. You developing her intuitive abilities. Julia has been a always keep your eyes open for the contributing writer for Spirit of Ma’at and Aquarius, big rocks in the river too. Now, the and she publishes a bi-weekly newsletter called One Taoists have commented that there is True Self. only an individual path, and this is the individual path. It is a path and you are alone on it. If you look at the word “alone” and separate the “l” and the “o,” it says “all one.” It is just you and your nature or you and the universe. You are all one. You are flowing down the middle path as being one with the universe. Now, you also have some aids, or what you might call “river guides.” This is where you have other Taoists with whom you can connect as in a Taoist System in which there are thousands of instructors and practitioners who can help you on your way. As instructors or practitioners, they present to you these magnifying glasses or formulas to help you focus and transform your energy in the internal alchemy process. These are guidelines to work with, the formulas to help you follow that middle path, and this is what the instructors and practitioners give you. Most importantly, they give you their personal feedback based on their experiences.
  15. 15. In other words, they have worked with the formulas for yearsand have experienced certain aspects in their own lives, and Jon Weston is thethey share this with you. They show you how to pick up certain true “internationalenergies that they have experienced and how to find your owninternal guide as they have found theirs while going down that man of mystery,”river. who contributed to the massive success of masterSo in one respect you are alone, all one with the universe, but Mantak Chia and hisin another respect with your river guides, you are not alone. In organization. In addi-other words, you can connect in workshops, seminars or just a tion to W. U.simple email and ask for some feedback as you start to work Wei, Jon Westonwith the formulas from the books or take individual instruction wrote under theor group instruction and get this important feedback on yourjourney. It will help you when you make your own assessments pen name Wei Tzu and co-authored Living in theand when you center yourself on that middle path. And this is Tao, the twelve Taoist poetry books of over 1,200how you enjoy your ride down through the universe. poems Emerald River expressing the feeling, es- sence and stillness of the Tao. He also co-created with Mantak Chia the Universal Tao formula cards, With this personal feedback “Chi Cards” (6 sets of over 240 formulas) under you get from the instructor the pen name The Professor – Master of Nothingness. or practitioner, you can get some enlightenment or understanding from his or her personal experiences, but you can also get some encouragement. They are saying to you, “Hey, I did this and I had this happen and I did that and that happened, so do not worry about it, it is just part of the whole process.”So this is really a process and that is the key.There is not really only one place to go through this SpontaneousContinuum. You start working with your energy, working withthe continuum, going from one place to the next; it is all aprocess of becoming. And in true reality there is nothing tobecome because you are always becoming, so there is notone “becoming.” As you start to connect with this energyyou start to realize that other people have gone through thesame process and they will share with you their experiencesas they progressed with it, which will give you the incentiveand encouragement to proceed with smiling down five to tenminutes everyday. This will help you on your way and willhelp you find your middle path. You will connect with the truemeaning of the Tao and begin to enjoy the ride.
  16. 16. CALENDAR OF EVENTS will empower you to achieve more tangible results faster. To further encourage your development of self-discipline, we will assist you in identifying your fitness and wellness goals at the beginning of the course, and help you consistently THE SECRETS OF MEDITATION WITH LAMA track and assess your progress throughout the three-month program. TANTRAPA Basic Qi Dao Home Study CourseWhen: Tuesday, May 31, 4:00 PM PST, 7:00 pm EST Including the Basic Qi Dao Book, Workbook, InstructionalWebcast: http://instantteleseminar. DVD, Audiobook, and Meditation (617) 4497724 X 740558# Complementary Coaching Session (30min)Backup number: (614) 384-5247 or click here for the list oflocal dial-in numbers Offered at the beginning of the course so you can assess where you are currently and what areas of your life you’d like to see improvements inDuring this teleseminar, Lama Tantrapa will share the threemain reasons so many people feel like they cannot meditate,or fail in their meditation practices. Learn how to overcome Six Bi-weekly Group Coaching Sessions (via phone)these challenges. Do not miss this unique opportunity… Bystaying through the end of the call, you will receive a special - Go deeper into the nuances of Holistic Fitness and Wellnessoffer on a coaching session with Lama Tantrapa! - Ask questions regarding the material and how to apply the principles in life - Track and assess your progress with your level of fitness HOLISTIC FITNESS AND WELLNESS PROGRAM and wellness - Have the support of a Master, and the Qi Dao community in achieving your goalsAcademy of Qi Dao is pleased to announce a new programstarting on June 1, 2011. The Holistic Fitness and WellnessProgram is an extension and expansion of the Qi Dao BasicHome Study Course with the inclusion of a very important Six Bi-weekly Pre-recoded Teleseminarsand useful aspect of the Qi Dao previously reserved for the - Review the finer points of each chapter of the Basic Qi DaoIntermediate Program – Strengthening Exercises. Similar Home Study Courseto what is known as Dao Yin in China, this Holistic Fitnessand Wellness Program is designed to take you step by step - Learn how to apply the principles of Harmonious Culture ofthrough a basic fitness program integrates the best aspects Movement in your daily lifeof Chinese Qi Gong and Indian Yoga without having tomemorize any forms or hold any poses. If practiced on adaily basis, it will naturally expand your range of motion, 12 Weekly Holistic Fitness Videosflexibility, strength, and agility. This program will also includea series of 12 short exercise videos for you to follow that In just 15 minutes a day you’ll be able to:progressively add new movements and strengtheningexercises week by week. - Increase your range of motion - Decrease painWe recently surveyed over a thousand Qigong enthusiasts - Improve flexibilityregarding their greatest challenges in learning Qigong or TaiChi. Our new program serves to address those challenges by - Gain more strength (without any soreness)providing a more clear structure to your exploration of the - Lose weightHarmonious Culture of Movement found in Qi Dao. It alsooffers clear, simple and easy-to-do series of exercises that - Have more energy
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  18. 18. The Greatest Paradoxically, although wetiko disease doesn’t exist in isolated individuals separate from the field, someone taken over by the wetiko bug, though merely its instrument andEpidemic Known not, in the ultimate sense “who they are,” literally can be said to be “the incarnation” of the disease in human form. The person so possessed (think of, like I did in my book, George W. Bush, as one example) is the “revelation” of theto Man Part IV pathology in living flesh and blood. The person so stricken is showing us, in fully embodied, personified form, the underlying infrastructure and dynamics of this trans-human disease. When someone is so possessed, they are thePaul Levy local crystallization “in form” of a nonlocal, and ultimately “formless” phenomenon. The person taken over has beenStepping Out of Separation dreamed up into materialization to be a living, breathing “symbol” of the nonlocal disease, an embodied reflectionThe “in-spirit-ed” organism of wetiko is a field phenomenon, of an archetypal, and yet pathological, part of ourselves.and can only be seen when we snap out of the illusion of Recognizing this is to realize that this person doesn’t existimagining we exist as a separate self and recognize and as an isolated, discrete entity, a skin-encapsulated ego,become conversant with the deeper, underlying and more separate from the surrounding field. Seeing the person sofundamental nonlocal field in which we are all indissolubly possessed in their true context – as literally inseparable frominter-connected. “The field,” as Einstein once succinctly all of us – becomes a portal through which we can refine ourput it, “is the only reality.” In modern physics, the field inner vision and see through the transparent illusion of the– the invisible organizing principle of the universe – has separate self. Seeing that the person so taken over is notbecome more fundamental than matter. Instead of relating separate from the field is a reflection of our own any part of the field as an isolated entity, it’s important Seeing the other’s transpersonal nature enables us to notto contemplate the entire interdependent field as the person-alize ourselves.“medium” through which wetiko manifests itself. The NativeAmerican concept of wetiko disease is a social phenomenon,a relational dynamic of the field itself that can not beunderstood, and does not exist in isolated individuals apartfrom the social milieu in which they move, interact andhave their being. Seeing the nonlocal field drives a stakeinto the very heart of the prevailing scientific, materialisticperspective, which ironically enough, still attempts to seethe world as “machine.”Seeing the field and stepping out of the perspective that weare separate from each other converges into being the sameexperience. Seeing “through” the illusion of the separate Holographically enfolded within the psyche of every humanself, rather than seeing “through the separate self” as a being, the wetiko virus pervades and underlies the entirelens through which we view the world, entails recognizing field of consciousness, and can therefore potentiallythat even the fullblown wetikos, the master predators manifest through any one of us at any moment if we arethemselves, are not separate from us. The Big Wetikos not mindful. The wetiko bug is something that we all haveare fully embodying, in personified form, a pathological unconsciously acted out in our lives at one time or another.tendency that exists in potential within us. It is as if they We’ve all had our wetiko “moments”; that’s just the way itare the externalized materialization of this potential works. Recognizing this cultivates humility, which helps towithin ourselves that we’ve projected outside of ourselves psychically immunize us from the pernicious effects of theand literally collectively dreamed up into manifestation. disease. This realization ultimately collapses the boundaryRecognizing this generates compassion for this part of us. between those who have the disease and those who don’t.It is only through compassion that we immunize ourselves Wetiko’s nonlocal nature ultimately makes the question offrom the virus. who has the disease irrelevant, as we all have it to varying degrees, or rather, it has us. We are all in the soup together. This realization engenders both compassion and forgiveness. This does not mean, however, that the Big Wetikos are not ethically, spiritually, and legally responsible for the unimaginable carnage they have caused.
  19. 19. The primary line of distorted code through which the wetiko EMPTINESSvirus deludes our mind is the presumption of the separateself. The unreflected-upon acceptance of the axiom ofseparation is what makes all of the other delusions thatmake up wetiko possible. Seeing the diabolical nature of Supposedly the greatest ruse of the devil is to convincethe disease entails realizing that it is the bifurcating “us” us that he doesn’t exist. Or on the other hand, is thevs. “them” mind of duality which splits the world into suggestion that the devil does exist that is implicit in theopposites; that is itself the generative root of the wetiko previous statement a deception of the devil (who is, aftergerm. all, considered a liar), and as such, is a disguised form in which the devil has insinuated himself into not only our conversation, but into the world at large? It is important to shed light on this murky area: an evil, archetypal figure likeThis series of articles began by invoking the spirit of wetiko the devil doesn’t exist in the way we have been imagining hethrough our shared act of inquiry. As we shed light on does if we have been imagining that he exists objectively, aswetiko, we become sensitive to its movements within something apart from ourselves.ourselves. At this point the cat is out of the bag, so to speak,for there is no place for the spirit to hide. We are thenin a position of having access in our lucid, self-reflectiveawareness to a sacred vessel which can nourish the veryspirit which is to be venerated. To come full circle andsuccessfully accomplish the original, healing intent of ourmagic ritual, the hidden, powerful spirit of wetiko needsto be “contained”; this is the archetypal point behind thesacred alchemical idea of a mystical vessel which transformsthe entire universe. The devilish wetiko virus, like a vampire, if left to its own devices, would die, as it is only able to exist if there is someone outside of itself on whom it can feast. A vampire has no intrinsic, independent, substantial existence in itsAs people who are becoming wise to the wiles of wetiko own right; it only exists relative to us. The pathogenic,help each other to step out of the illusion of separation vampiric, mind-parasite called wetiko is nothing in itself,together, a psychic alchemical container that is greater than yet it has a “reality” such that it can destroy our species.the sum of its parts gets created. This Holy Grail-like vessel The fact that something that only exists as a function ofof collectively shared lucidity is reciprocally conjured up ourselves can destroy us is pointing at the incredibly vastthrough our shared realization. This higher-dimensional invisible power that is inherent within our being. Ultimatelymystic container is forever stimulating, stabilizing and speaking, in wetiko disease we are not being infected by astrengthening itself in a positive feedback loop which literally physical, objectively existing virus outside of ourselves, butgives birth to and inspires the creative spirit. This jewel- rather, the origin of the wetiko psychosis is within us. Thelike higher-dimensional entity composed of consciousness fact that a vampire is not reflected by a mirror can also meanitself is a lucidity generator that is tapping into the zero that what we need to see is that there’s nothing, no-thingpoint energy of the mind, a form of higher-mind technology to see, other than ourselves. The fact that wetiko is thethat attracts the rest of the universe into itself. When we expression of something inside of us means that the cure forrecognize that we exist not apart from, but relative to each wetiko is within us as well.other, our connection with each other is “hermeticallysealed” with the stamp of Hermes. We then relate witheach other in such a way so that none of our projectionsunconsciously leak out into the world, for the simple reason In the Gnostic Dialogue of the Savior, it says, “Whoeverthat the world is recognized to be our projection. This is the does not know the root of evil is no stranger to it.” Wetikovery realization which bonds us together and through which forces upon us the evolutionary responsibility to come towe are united with the world, each other and ourselves. terms with the evil within our own hearts. To the extentBecoming “tight” in this way, we are “blessed” by the master we have not rooted out the wetiko bug within ourselves wemagician “Hermes/Mercury,” the God of the sacred art of are complicit in the co-creation of the evil playing out in thealchemy (please see my article The Sacred Art of Alchemy). world. The part of us that is colluding in the creation of a“The Force” is then with us. Empowered, we are able to collective psychosis like wetiko is the part of us that is mad,trans-fix, trans-mute, trans-form and liberate the vampiric for why else would we be doing this? To the extent we’re notspirit of wetiko, while simultaneously snapping out of our fully awake, we each have a part of us that’s mad, which getsen-trance-ment of ourselves. acted out in our life. How can we not have a part of us that’s mad, living in a world gone mad, a world that is not separate
  20. 20. from, but rather, a reflection of ourselves? It is only byconfronting what is insane and inhuman in ourselves that webecome truly human. It is important to face how we have THE SOLUTIONbeen deviated by wetiko, for if we cannot see how we havebeen set off course, we can’t orient ourselves to find ourtrue path in life. Seeing how we’ve been led astray is a form Just as a vampire can’t stand the light of day, a bug likeof illumination. To see how wetiko operates with our co- wetiko can’t stand to be seen. Flooding light on wetiko’soperation is to gain critical insight into the elusive workings machinations takes away its seeming autonomy and allegedof our own mind. power over us such that it can no longer compel us to act it out unconsciously. Paradoxically, “seeing” this vampiric parasite is to relate to it as other than ourselves, while atWe capture within ourselves and truly “see” the nature the same time recognizing it within ourselves. Though theof wetiko disease “Vampire/Cannibal Psychosis” when we vampire is a figure within us, it is not us. In differentiatingrealize that, just like a dream, its full-bodied manifestation ourselves from the vampire, we recognize the differencein the world theater is a reflection of a process going on between ourselves and it. Seeing the vampire, we don’tdeep within our very soul. We are all dreaming up the identify with our subjective experience of the vampirewetiko epidemic together. Seeing through our experience within. This is to say that in seeing the vampire, we freein this way gives world events a certain transparency, as ourselves from our unconscious identification with andwell as rendering us transparent to ourselves. Seeing possession by it, and step back into ourselves.through ourselves makes it unlikely that we would fall preyto and be seduced by any wetiko inspired impulses thatpulsate through us. This intimacy with ourselves enables Forbes laments, “One of the tragic characteristics of theus to step into and embody a role in the field of being like wetiko psychosis is that it spreads partly by resistance toa “psychic T-cell” that helps to heal the malignant cancer it. That is, those who try to fight wetikos sometimes, inin the collective body politic of the world soul. Seeing order to survive, adopt wetiko values. Thus, when theythe dreamlike nature of the world and ourselves helps ‘win,’ they lose, or at least, the people lose.” When we seeto generate a culture of compassion, which is a “wetiko people who are taken over by wetiko and we feel superiordissolver” par excellence. Compassion can, however, when to them, our feeling of superiority is itself a symptom of thenecessary, set a fierce boundary, displaying itself in the most disease. If we unconsciously react against wetiko, havingfearsome of ways. judgment, anger, or hatred, we are then acting out, however well-intentioned, the same process of shadow projection that underlies the wetiko disease in the first place – which is to dissociate from, project outside of ourselves, and react to our own evil. We are then unconsciously reacting to the unconscious part of ourselves which the wetikos embody. This re-action is an unconscious ritualistic invocation and re-enactment of the initial impulse within us of turning away from and contracting against a part of ourselves. This is the timeless, primal act which called forth and spawned the spirit of wetiko in the first place. To the extent we are unaware of what we are doing, we, as “representatives” for wetiko, are compulsively re-enacting our trauma, participating in re-creating the wetiko virus in this very moment. We are then playing out our unresolved internal affairs in the outside world by, in and through our reaction, unwittingly becoming a vector that is carrying the wetiko bug out into the world (please see my article, Triggered by Evil). Instead of unconsciously reacting and projecting the shadow outside of ourselves, when we consciously relate to and take responsibility for the evil within ourselves, we are energetically withdrawing and dis-investing from our complicity in the continual re-animation of evil in the world.