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TNS has over 10 years of dedicated healthcare research and consulting in Vietnam
From developing strong brands, positioning, market demand / supply and developing overall strategy and product maximisation, TNS Vietnam works closely with TNS Consult as well as consulting firms, e.g. BCG, to deliver top level management business issue, lead research-based consulting services

What makes TNS Healthcare Vietnam different?
Global & Regional healthcare sector to provide best practice methodologies
A local healthcare team with extensive pharmaceutical experience and good understanding of culture
Experience across wide range of therapy areas
World leading brand and sales force optimisation tools
Advanced quantitative and qualitative techniques to gain depth of understanding
Focus on delivering actionable and achievable research outputs
ISO accredited – Commitment to best practice quality control

What do we do?
Corporate image
Customer satisfactions (amongst Pharmacies)
Dermatology (e.g. acne, anti-fungus remedies)
Cardio-vascular diseases
Medical diagnostic devices (e.g. blood glucose meteor)
Oral care
Gastro-intestinal (e.g. antacids, laxative)
Women’s health (e.g. menopause, feminine wash)
Cold & Flu
Vitamins and minerals
Vaccines (e.g. anti-diarrhoea, cervical cancer)

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TNS Vietnam Healthcare Credential 2013

  1. 1. ©TNS 2013TNS Vietnam2013 credentials
  2. 2. ©TNS 2013TNS is the world’s leading custom research agency2With offices in over 80 countries, wehave more conversations withconsumers than anyone else.Our focus is growth. And the fourkey areas through which companiescan achieve it: Loyalty and new spend New customers New products and services New marketsOur world-class solutions help usprovide precise plans to uncovergrowth opportunities in each of theseareas.2134Today’sbusinessNewcustomersLoyalty &new spendNew products& servicesNew marketsMore money from each customerMorecustomers
  3. 3. ©TNS 2013Our focus is growth32. Increasing penetration by attractingthe most profitable new customers4. Extending reach through geographicor category expansion1. Driving growth through deeperrelationships with existing customers3. Portfolio extension to driveincremental growth2134Today’sbusinessNewcustomersLoyalty &new spendNew products& servicesNew marketsMore money from each customerMorecustomers
  4. 4. ©TNS 2013 483 Countries300 OfficesOver 25,000 employeesTNS is part of WPP, the world’s largest marketing service group and offersunparalleled access to leading edge marketing knowledge for the development ofmarket entry strategiesSince 2012 we have offices in Cambodia & Myanmar
  5. 5. ©TNS 2013 Established in 1996 Vietnam’s consumer insight market leader 100% foreign owned company 300 + full time staff 1,000 exclusive active field force ISO accredited since 1999 Interviewed over ½ million Vietnamese We since 2008 also provides businessconsultancy services via our global network TNS has affiliates in Laos and since 2012 hasfull service offices in Cambodia & MyanmarVietnam 2012 fast facts
  6. 6. ©TNS 2013 Strategic exploratory research Usage & attitude / tracking Product/taste/fragrance tests Advertising dev’t & evaluation Positioning & segmentation Customer satisfaction studies Trade channel research Mystery shopping Pricing research Shopper research Demand & market size estimationCoverage & servicesHANOIHCMCCANTHODALATNHATRANGDANANGHUEHAI PHONG
  7. 7. ©TNS 2013TNS has over 10 years of dedicated healthcare researchand consulting in VietnamFrom developing strong brands, positioning, market demand / supply and developing overallstrategy and product maximisation, TNS Vietnam works closely with TNS Consult as well asconsulting firms, e.g. BCG, to deliver top level management business issue, lead research-basedconsulting services
  8. 8. ©TNS 20138What makes TNS Healthcare Vietnamdifferent? Global & Regional healthcare sector to provide bestpractice methodologies A local healthcare team with extensive pharmaceuticalexperience and good understanding of culture Experience across wide range of therapy areas World leading brand and sales force optimisation tools Advanced quantitative and qualitative techniques togain depth of understanding Focus on delivering actionable and achievable researchoutputs ISO accredited – Commitment to best practice qualitycontrol
  9. 9. ©TNS 20139Our Unique Research ToolsSales PerformanceOptimisationDecompose competitors’messages, understand wherecompetitors are winning andlosingProvides sales reps with idealpitch, when face-time withphysicians is limitedEmpowers your ad agency tonot only develop creatives thatgets noticed, but creatives thatare engineered to meet specificobjectivesFor developing sales aids,websites, journal ads, andpatient education materialsUnderstand PhysicianCommitment to your brandand competitorsIdentify how many of yourscripts are at riskUnderstand brand driversDiagnose brand strengths tobe leveraged and weaknessesto be addressedTrack key metricsOptimise relationships betweensales force and physiciansIdentify which activities havegreatest impact onrelationshipsMeasure performance andidentify areas that requireactionModel the impact of changes ininvestmentTrack key metricsCompare to global benchmarksMessageEvalBrand performanceOptimisation
  10. 10. ©TNS 2013 Corporate image Customer satisfactions (amongst Pharmacies) Dermatology (e.g. acne, anti-fungus remedies) Cardio-vascular diseases Diabetes Hyperlipidaemia Medical diagnostic devices (e.g. blood glucose meteor) Obesity Oral care Pain Gastro-intestinal (e.g. antacids, laxative) Women’s health (e.g. menopause, feminine wash) Asthma Cold & Flu Sinus Allergy Vitamins and minerals Vaccines (e.g. anti-diarrhoea, cervical cancer)What do we do?10
  11. 11. ©TNS 2013 11Unrivaled competencies to help our clients in AsiaPacificKantarHealth brings together the combined experience of:– As part of WPP, we offer unmatched capabilities and are uniquely placed to help supportyour business in what is an increasingly complex and competitive marketplace– Our “boutique” approach delivers the best of all worlds. Clients benefit from the globalreach, robust resources and rich talent pool of a worldwide leader, while also getting thefocus, expertise and personal service of small, specialty business units. Together, our unitsform a worldwide network of interdependent, dynamic communities we can tap into tobuild the best team for every customer
  12. 12. ©TNS 2013Local knowledge and Global Expertise12Strong healthcare units in eachemerging region – AP, LatAm,CEE and MEADedicated Healthcare experts inmore than 40 countriesGlobal network of more than 600scientific and commercialconsultantsMore than 100 dedicatedhealthcare researchers inemerging markets
  13. 13. ©TNS 2013…And we have been here for years…13WPP’s Kantar merges TNSHealthcare, MattsonJack, Zimentand Consumer Health Sciences toform Kantar Health.The combination of our knowledge heritage allowsKantar Health to offer Multi-country capabilities as wellTNS acquires NFO WorldGroup.2009200820031997199519701964 Frank Small & Assoc. est.TNS HealthcareSofres SA buys FSATaylor Nelson AGB acquires SofresWPP buys TNS1969Man walks on the moon1989Berlin Wall comes down1992End of Cold War
  14. 14. ©TNS 2013Our International Network in APMEAAcross Kantar Health and TNSKantar Health Japan Singapore/Hong Kong China Taiwan South Korea Australia/New Zealand India Egypt Saudi Arabia UAE (Dubai) Morocco MalaysiaTNS Thailand Philippines Vietnam Indonesia Turkey South Africa
  15. 15. ©TNS 2013Comprehensive Business Solutions drive betterbusiness results15
  16. 16. ©TNS 2013Kantar Health has global capabilities with MarketAccess practices accross 19 key emerging markets16
  17. 17. ©TNS 2013Kantar Health has broad experience in EmergingmarketsKey dynamicsCountries in the Asia Pacific have different Market Access challenges Emerging markets, including Asia Pacific are growing faster than developed markets and represent animportant business opportunity but affordability is an issue due to the high out of the pocket component Australia, New Zealand, South Korea & Taiwan have an advanced HTA for new products and higherreimbursement rates China, Philippines, Thailand and the rest of the countries lag behind in terms of Health Technologyassessment but there is a trend for the acceptance of simple cost-effectiveness models for evaluationand reimbursement Patient is involved in the process as the decision-maker and co-funder and affordability of new productsis critical in some marketKantar Health strengths in the region Global reach / local expertise in Market Access Access to stakeholders/patients Managing / analysing complexity17
  18. 18. ©TNS 2013Areas of research Diabetes(pharmaceuticals &devices) Hepatitis C Heart failure HIV Innovative accessschemes Osteoarthritis Oncology Ophthalmology Orphan diseases Pricing andreimbursementlandscape Parkinson Rheumatology Transplant Vaccines18Our experts have undertaken different type of payerresearch projects in Emerging MarketsType of projects Environmental mapping of payer landscape with detailed insight into pricing,formulary inclusions, restrictions Payer research to understand payers’ expectations for new products regardingproduct profile assessment & identification of key value drivers, influence of keyvalue drivers in pricing decisions; perceptions towards price targets andidentification of optimal price; additional information needed to support price –clinical, health economics and budget impact data. Investigation of reimbursement and formulary inclusion process for a newproduct; exploring opportunities and hurdles for reimbursement Adaptation of Global Value Dossiers – written in local language – to supportpricing, reimbursement or formulary listing of new products and to meet localpayers needs Payer communication aids and tools to reflect the best economic argumentationbased on local country data and developed with simplified messages to addressEmerging Markets Testing of value story to ensure it resonates with local payers and builds acompelling case for the new product & refinement of value story by market tomaximize chances of achieving optimal price or formulary inclusion with minimalrestrictions Innovative access schemes including patient access schemes for markets with ahigh degree of out-of-the pocket payment
  19. 19. TNS Vietnam: Operations
  20. 20. ©TNS 2013Fieldwork network in TNS VietnamTotal 1,151 interviewers in 30 locations HCMC: Coordination Centre and 471 interviewers Hanoi: 301 interviewers Da Nang: 81 interviewers Can Tho: 89 interviewers Dong Nai: 47 interviewers Binh Dinh: 20 interviewers Hai Phong: 17 interviewers 125 interviewers in 23 more locations60 permanent interviewers in 4 locations (HCMC, Hanoi,Da Nang, Can Tho)
  21. 21. ©TNS 2013Data Collection Methodology # InterviewsCATI - Telephonic 1,258CAPI – hand held devices 6,927CAWI (Online) 3,185F2F PAPI 108,979F2F CAPI 240Mystery shopping 1,152Focus Groups 432In-depth interviews 339In-home visits (Ethnography) 95Custom sub-total 130,300Consumer Diaries 246,800Media 125,000Total 502,1002012 interviewing capacityNote: TNS is migrating face-to-face interviews to tablets in 2013
  22. 22. ©TNS 2013Our CAPI platformSamsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Survey to Go60 Android based tablets*120 trained Interviewers in 16 provinces2 programmers for survey scriptingProfessional help desk*200 at the end of 2013100% Replacement to Pen & Paper SurveysIntegrated Quota managementTrack interviewers GPS location on a mapCapture Pictures, Videos & Sounds
  23. 23. ©TNS 2013Data CollectionInsightfulCharting & ReportingSet-upProcessing &Primary analysisData Collection ReportSet-upData Processing / Primary Analysis / Charting ClientClientClient ClientPreparing reportingTraditional PAPIModern CAPIQuestionnaireWhy we recommend CAPI?CAPI gives gains in data quality and timeliness of data availability Increases accuracy of data collection (built-in logic and filters checks, consistency andvalidity check, completeness, automatic clean data, automatic interviewer control) New way of stimulus presentation (video, sound, interactive images) Increased ease of handling complex questionnaires Reduced time for data delivery and data processing (Toplines, Reports)
  24. 24. ©TNS 20134 levels of control to ensure the highest qualityQualityMonitoringProject Briefingand SupervisionInterviewer Selection,Qualifying, TrainingTNS Global Data CollectionQuality Standards
  25. 25. ©TNS 2013We assure highest quality by going through5 steps of quality controlTNS GlobalData CollectionQuality StandardsLogical check100% of sampleDirect qualitycontrol(min. 20% of sample)Telephone qualitycontrol(min. 20% of sample)Trening process baseddirect interviewobservation(5% of sample)Project based directinterview observation(5% of sample)Quality Monitoring
  26. 26. ©TNS 2013 26Tan Tran | Research Expertise spans across quantitative and qualitative. Tan previously worked in the UK as ahealthcare research analyst and consultant, where he supported international clients inmarket understanding / exploration and communications research, i.e. branding, positioning,messaging and campaign development Specialised in reporting and analysis of the Asia Pacific market, including Vietnam. Tan hasworked with major pharmaceutical companies, i.e. Bayer, Boehringer Ingelheim and Pfizer, indeveloping competitive intelligence reports on Emerging markets Holds a Master’s degree in Journalism from the University of Westminster in the UK and aBachelor’s degree in International Relations from the Diplomatic Academy of VietnamMeet our teamAshish Kanchan | Executive Has over 15 years in market research Solid experience of various methodologies Tracking (Quality, Service Satisfaction, Brand) Strategic and Customised research
  27. 27. ©TNS 2013  27My Dang | Research Experienced in qualitative research for over 6 years across categories Responsible for client account management, project management, moderation, reporting Well-experienced across different research techniques including Usage and Attitude studies,advertising/communications development and evaluation, market exploratory research,product concept evaluation and developmentDavid Watts | Research Specialised in qualitative research for over eleven years and has extensive experience across arange of FMCG and housing categories in areas such as NPD, advertising and concept valuationand brand strategy and development Has been involved in projects across Vietnam, Cambodia and recently Myanmar coveringcategories such as pharmaceutical, personal care, technology, banking and finance,telecommunications, internet, alcohol, laundry, food and beverage for over 5 yearsPhuong Huynh | Senior Research 7 years experience in Qualitative research Has experienced in various methodologies and categories such as healthcare, technology,FMCG, tobacco, Project execution, daily monitoring, management, moderation, analysis &reporting
  28. 28. ©TNS 20134th floor, 58 Vo Van Tan Street, District 3Ho Chi Minh City, VietnamTel: (848) 3930 6631Fax: (848) 3930 6632TNS HCMC Office
  29. 29. ©TNS 2013194 Lac Trung, Vinh Tuy WardHai Ba Trung District, Ha Noi, VietNamTel: (844) 3987 7030TNS Hanoi Office