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Power and politics


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Inspired by the look of Times Magazine, this presentation is prepared to give real examples of how power and politics internalized in our daily lives.

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Power and politics

  1. 1. POWER AND POLITICSAbi NoviadiAmir HamzahAnggariti TirtosudarmoTantia DianTheresia Agustina
  2. 2. Content Political Style and Sources Political Tactics Politics in the Organization
  3. 3. Who Are They?What do They Have in Common?
  4. 4. They Have The PowerThey Create Dependency through Importance, Scarcity and Non Substitutability
  5. 5. Bases of PowerFormal Power Personal PowerCoercive Power Expert PowerReward Power Referent PowerLegitimate Power
  6. 6. Their Bases of PowerExpert Power Legitimate Power, Referent Power Referent Power
  7. 7. Their Power TacticsLegitimacy Rational Persuasion, Pressure, Inspirational Appeals CoalitionsThey differ in their ability to influence in such a way to hence their objectives (Political Skill)
  8. 8. PoliticsThe Ability to Influence the Others to Enhance Their Own ObjectivesInfluence the advantages and disadvantages in the organization due to the limited resources
  9. 9. Politics in The Organization Garuda Indonesia Individual Factors •High Self – Monitors •Internal Locus of Control •High Mach Personality •Organizational High Political Investment Behavior •Expectations of success Right Power Tactics Organizational Factors Increased •Reallocation of resources Revenue and •Low trust Visionary Achievements •Role ambiguity Strategy •Unclear performance evaluation system •Zero sum reward practices Impression •Democratic decision making Management •High performance pressures •Self serving senior managers
  10. 10. Politics in The Organization Nielsen Individual Factors •Coercive •High Self – Monitors •Internal Locus of Control •High Mach Personality High Political •High expectations of Behavior success but with low appreciation Wrong Power Organizational Factors Tactics Not Achieving •Reallocation of resources •Low trust Revenue and •Role ambiguity Defensive Targets •Unclear performance Behaviors evaluation system •Zero sum reward practices •Not democratic decision Unethical making Impression •High performance pressures Management •Self serving senior managers
  11. 11. Impression ManagementThe Use of IM The ControversyControl the perception andimpression aboutthemselves (personal Interview vs. real workbranding) resultMay involve differenttechniques Usually relates with hypocrisyShould be combined withskills and ability It is not always bad to make good impression
  12. 12. Sexual HarassmentNegativity The RegulationAbuse of Power Company Code of ConductEffects the employmentand creates hostile National Regulationworking environment for Workforce Unequal Power in the Workplace, thus should be critically avoided
  13. 13. Ethics in Organizational Politics Tidak Etis Tidak Etis Tidak Etis Tidak Apakah tindakan politik termaksud Ya menghormati hak-hak Ya Tidak pihak-pihak yang terkena ? Pertanyaan KeduaPertanyaan Pertama Pertanyaan Ketiga Apakah tindakan politik termaksud Apakah tindakan politik termaksud adil dan sesuai hati nurani ? dimotivasi oleh Tidak kepentingan sendiri dengan meniadakan kepentingan organisasi ? Ya Etis
  14. 14. THANK YOUImplications for Managers