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How technology can transform the way you lead


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How technology can transform the way you lead

  1. Can Transform How Technology The Way You Lead
  2. Tantia Dian Head of Partnerships & Operations of A Teacher, Trainer, Marketing Enthusiast and Sport, Yoga, Dance & Travel Lover
  3. Agenda How Technology Shape Us What Technology Can Do Open Leadership Integrating Technology into Organizational Leadership
  4. Technology us ? Shape How
  5. Seriously ? I’m Not High Tech
  6. Hang Out Place is our Social Media
  7. is used more than…..
  8. I want to be ‘SEEN’ by the World I make changes and I POST it!
  9. Hence, there is Culture Shock in adapting Technology
  10. If I can send it, why do I need to meet you in person ? I am 24/7 available Now everyone now how bad I am as a Boss as they complained through Soc Med Now I have less control towards my subordinate
  11. There is no choice other than Integrating Technology Organizational Leadership
  12. Technology can Do? What
  13. 1.Communication 2.Collaboration 3.Control
  14. Technology Change How we Communicate
  15. Less Meet Up Time, hence More Work Time
  16. We don’t Hide We Share it Worldwide
  17. We Know What they Want
  18. No Privacy, No Physical Interaction and No Me-Time Hence on the dark side,
  19. Technology Speed Up The Way We Collaborate
  20. Foster innovation and Idea Sharing without regard to physical & temporal dimension
  21. People can put forward their opinions and allow others to comment and discuss the merits of someone’s positions
  22. As platforms to disclose what people are working on and thinking about, thus can help minimize the “surprise” disagreements
  23. Technology Change The Way We Control
  24. Supervisor able to monitor the activities of a larger number of subordinates without have to report directly to him/her
  25. Extend span of control & Span of Communication, hence not omitting empowerment
  26. Simplify organizational structures : •Eliminate layers of unnecessary middle management •Increase their efficiency •Improve customer service radically
  27. Ingenuity, Technology and Innovation Team Org. Stake. Market Tech. Cust. Comp. Tech. Innovation Culture
  28. The Facts! Technology can cause changed but changed can not be sustained without an investment in culture and process
  29. What kind of Leadership that we need?
  30. Open Leadership
  31. Having the confidence and humility to give up the need to be in control, while inspiring commitment from people to accomplish and be in command
  32. Focus on Relationships, not Technologies •Transactional •Occasional •Impersonal •Short-term •Passionate •Constant •Intimate •Loyal
  33. LEARN Dialog Support Innovate
  34. From Selective Hearing Active Listening To
  35. Technology Integrating into Organizational Leadership
  36. Implementation of technological systems can either act as a catalyst for change or be the means of achieving a desired change
  37. Most organizations over spent in technology without getting the most benefit out of it
  38. 1.Share point 2.Project management 3.Performance Dashboard 4.Communication 5.Share Documents
  39. Must be Accessible through Mobile
  40. Technology Ease Borderless Sharing
  41. Collaborate across departments, locations and business apps
  42. Technology Ease Project Management
  43. •Getting more done with less effort •Enable teamwork without email •Everyone can control everyone’s project
  44. Accessible in both Desktop and Mobile
  45. Defining business requirements, particularly user needs & wants, are critical success factors for collaboration projects
  46. Technology Change The Way We Manage Performance
  47. Harmonizing performance without need to be physically available
  48. Technology Structure Communication
  49. Supercharge real-time collaboration with persistent chat rooms, file sharing, and screen sharing
  50. Technology Structure Document Sharing
  51. •Create and share work online and access documents from anywhere •Edit and share files without office
  52. Lesson Learned
  53. When internalizing technology, consider following aspects People •Skills & mindset Structure •Reporting Process •Workflow Rewards Strategy
  54. Technology is a tool that can help us do many great things. It is up to us as leaders to understand that it is not the solution, and to use it wisely.
  55. Tantia Dian Tantia Dian @tantia90 @tantia90