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Arsenic Poisoning in Human Body


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Arsenic is the king of poison. Know more about Arsenic Toxicity and Health Effects in Humans.

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Arsenic Poisoning in Human Body

  1. 1. Arsenic Toxicity and Health Effects in Humans
  2. 2. Element Name Arsenic Symbol As Presence in Human Body 0.000026%
  3. 3. Where is Arsenic Found? 1.Arsenic is the king of poison 2.It naturally occurs in Earth's crust, soil and minerals. 3.It may get in to the air, land and water by means of air pollution.
  4. 4. Form of Intake 1.Arsenic found in seafood, drinking water and air. 2.The exposure occurs through skin contact with soil.
  5. 5. Symptoms in Human Body 1.Primary Symptoms: Headaches, drowsiness, severe diarrhea, swelling, rashes, decrease in red and white blood cells. 2. Affects: Stomach, lung, skin and intestine irritation. Decrease in red and white blood cells.
  6. 6. Disorders / Health Effects 1.Skin Cancer 2.Lung Cancer 3.Liver Cancer 4.Stroke 5.Vitamin A Deficiency 6.Lymphatic Cancer
  7. 7. Prevention Measure arsenic levels in your 1.blood 2.urine 4.fingernails
  8. 8. For various toxic and harmful elements in humans