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On Monday, August 26th, Tanque Verde Student Council hosted the Arizona Association of Student Councils (AASC) Southern Regional Conference. Twelve schools and over 400 students from Southern Arizona participated at this event. This year our Spirit Conference featured nationally recognized motivational speaker "Mr. Phil" Gugliuzza! Students have the ability to network with other students and gain leadership training while they attend the conference. The conference strives to promote character, integrity and community service.

These slides were presented by Tanque Verde High School's Amanda Grimshaw during a presentation to the Tanque Verde Unified School District's Governing Board. Amanda is the Board's Student Member for 2013-14.

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AASC presentation

  1. 1. AASC Regional Conference Hosted by Tanque Verde Student Council Created by Amanda Grimshaw
  2. 2. Breakdown of the Conference ● 13 student councils from across the southern region of Arizona attended TVHS to partake in the annual Student Council Regional Conference. ● Throughout the day we listened to an amazing guest speaker, shared fundraising ideas, dance themes, and suggestions on how to improve our individual student councils.
  3. 3. What Happened Through the Day This years theme was “Leadership is Sweet.” Each school took their own interpretation of that name and dressed accordingly. Our stuco dressed up as skittles while other schools dressed up as Pinatas, Chefs and Gingerbread girls, Hershey's Kisses, Nerds, Life Savers, and Cotton
  4. 4. What Happened Continued.. The schools started arriving at 8:00am and were welcomed by TVHS’s fabulous band, wonderful cheerleaders, and energized student council. Student council created a walk way similar to the board game Candy Land to compliment the theme. Each student council arrived decked out and spirited. The schools made their way to our lobby where we had muffins and juice waiting. After that, everyone entered our completely transformed multipurpose room.
  5. 5. What Happened Continued The TVHS student council worked very diligently to create an inviting atmosphere. We were fortunate enough to have Satyr Audio Company provide the lighting, music, and energy. They completely transformed our gym and kept the spirit up with their lights and special effects.
  6. 6. What Happened Continued After the dancing and greeting was over, everyone sat down by schools and was welcomed by our our Student Body President, Kayla Rutledge. We also had a few words from TVHS Principal Mr. Anderson , Dan Dodge the AASC President, and our Student Council Advisor Mrs. Brock.
  7. 7. In the MPR After that, Tanque Verde’s very own Trash Can band put on an outstanding and original performance for everyone. Next the cheerleaders wowed the student councils with their loud cheers and impressive stunts. After all of that was over, the TVHS student council shared a video that we made about Evil Larry trying to steal the sacred “Sweet tooth”.We then had Hank the Hawk “battle” against Evil Larry and ultimately win. This short video was a crowd pleaser!
  8. 8. About the Guest Speaker Next we had the pleasure of listening to the nationally recognized motivational speaker “Dr. Phil” Gugliuzza. He is a creative, inspiring, and dynamic speaker who is a highly recognizable national and international youth speaker. He was able to captivate our young audience and generate various emotions from us; ranging from laughter to sorrow to understanding to inspiring. His heartfelt stories and wise words touched not only our minds, but our hearts too.
  9. 9. About the Guest Speaker Dr. Phil inspired everyone to become even better people. For example, if you see someone eating alone, invite them to sit with you and your friends, or go and join them. He ultimately reminded us why we are all proud members of student council, and why we are the leaders and role models of our schools.
  10. 10. What we did Continued Once Dr. Phil was finished we moved outside to enjoy another snack. Next, we moved into our brand new gymnasium to have the breakout session. This is where everyone splits up into groups by their birth months to share various ideas all relating to everything student council. Once everyone was in their groups, we started to discuss our schools
  11. 11. Breakout Groups Next, we talked about different fundraising techniques to increase revenue for our charities. Finally, we discussed the biggest problems our student councils face. Many of them were a lack of school spirit from the student body. After we shared our ideas on each topic, a representative from each group would stand up and share a new idea they learned from a student council member from another school. They could also share something unique their school does with everyone else in the gymnasium. By doing this, all the wonderful ideas were shared with every member at the conference. These sessions are always extremely helpful to our student council for planning future events.
  12. 12. Winding Down By now our day is almost over. To end the day of fun we had an awards ceremony. Since the theme was “Leadership is Sweet”, we only thought it would be appropriate to give out golden tickets like in Willy Wonka. We gave awards for best costumes, sweetest council, longest travel, early birds, and the all together best council. This council was friendly, had creative costumes, and was spirited. They were awarded the special “sweet tooth.” After this, everyone departed; each person taking away something different from our exciting learning day.
  13. 13. The Reaction of Everyone I have heard nothing but positive feedback from other schools student councils and the student council advisors. The TVHS Student Council worked very hard to put on this conference, and it showed. This was an all around unforgettable experience.
  14. 14. What I Took Away from the Conference Overall it was an immense honor to have the privilege of hosting the conference at TVHS. The guest speaker, Dr. Phil, was absolutely amazing and inspiring. It was refreshing to be reminded why we care so much about our school, and why we should strive to improve not only our campus, but the lives of the student body. I also learned new suggestions to improve our school dances and unique fundraising ideas to earn even more money for our various causes. Finally, I realized just how lucky we are to have all 88 members in student council. Each person played a crucial role in making this day happen, and proved that when we stick our heads together amazing things can happen.