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Jute rc


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A RC extension to Jute compiler

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Jute rc

  1. 1. Hadoop Record RC Compiler Tanping Wang
  2. 2. Motivation Automatically generate serialization/de- serialization code for any give primitive or composite data type. Directly plug serialization/de-serialization code to generate MapReduce output file that supports RC storage format. An extension to the existing Hadoop Record Compiler (Jute) package – So is named JuteRc.
  3. 3. Haoop Record Compiler Two important packages:  Hadoop.record.compiler.generated – rcc.jj  Hadoop.record.compiler  CodeGenerator  JType : Jboolean, Jstring, JCompType (JMap, Jvector..) Execution path: bin/rcc -> rcc#JFile.genCode -> CodeGenerator#genCode
  4. 4. Haoop Record Compiler cont. Inside CondeGenerator JRecord .codeGen :  set up members,  set up member functions:  setter/getter,  serialization/de-serialization (JType.getRead/WriteMethod)  abastract JType (JavaType, CppType)  JBoolean, JString, JMap, Jvector  JType.getRead/WriteMethod ( important)
  5. 5. Haoop Record Compiler cont. JType.getReadMethod _rio_a.startRecord(this,_rio_tag); _rio_a.writeBuffer(bcookie,"bcookie"); _rio_a.writeLong(timestamp,"timestamp"); _rio_a.endRecord(this,_rio_tag);
  6. 6. Hadoop Record RC Compiler• Execution Path bin/rcc => bin/rc-rcc rcc#JFile.genCode => JRcFile.genCode CodeGenerator#genCode => JRcCodeGenerator
  7. 7. Hadoop Record RC Compiler cont. Inside CondeGenerator JRcRecord .codeGen :  set up members,  set up memberfunctions:  setter/getter,  serialization/de-serialization (JRcType.getRcRead/WriteRcMethod  abastract JRcType (JavaType only)  JRcBoolean, JRcString, JRcMap, JRcVector .. etc.  JType.getRcReadMethod
  8. 8. Hadoop Record RC Compiler cont. JType.getRcReadMethod, bcookie, writeIndx++);, timestamp, writeIndx++);
  9. 9. How to use the JuteRC Maven packaged README 1) generate JuteRC.jar % mvn install 2) run rcc against DDL file % ./rcc --language javarc something.jr