P&G Business Challenge 2012


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Market Analysis, consumer understanding and creation of a new product.

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P&G Business Challenge 2012

  1. 1. P&G Business Challenge Gillette Venus
  2. 2. Agenda •  Research methods •  Market •  Focus on… •  Insights •  Brand •  Concepts •  Concept Test •  Launch Strategy
  3. 3. Research Methods 15 laddering interview Average duration 57 minutes Qualitative 1 Focus group with7 partecipants Duration 2 hours 45 minutes analysis 1 interview with a Doctor Duration 30 minutes Techniques ZMET, TAT, Notness, Shopping list, Association tests 5 Hours of observations Observations 3 Store (supermarkets) visited 25 consumer observed Quantitative 2 Online surveys Total 302 respondents analysis Secondary Data MarkUp, Nielsen, Largo Consumo, Unipro 280 pages of transcription ,1 collage, 2 Photograph Databases to supporting the techniques (60 photos + 2 adv) Dataset 17 hours and 14 minutes of audio/video file 2 surveys Brainstorming 1 creative focus group (using idea drawing & idea writing tecniques) First Screenig 1 screening focus group Concept creation Second screaning 1 inside screaning Concept testing 2 concept tests with online survey
  4. 4. Market Cosmetic depilation Cosmetic depilator Stable market ready-to-use wax 70% of the market strips and cream 5,7% of the market guide the market, Vauee 73,11 mil € followed by wax -0,7% in 2010 products and Body toiletry complementary Razors products Value 1.272 mil € 30% of the market +0,3 in 2010 decreasing in2010 Booming of wax segment thanks to the introduction of new formats: gel andLandscape roll on that represent an interesting Perfume shops 6%, potential market. Retailing 90% Large retailers Drugstore +10,2% Apothecary’s shops 4% Superstore –1,1% Epilators Supermarkets –0,3% Minimarket –5,3% 67,7% MS Elettric hair remover Elettric depilators +10,5% in 2010 4,1% MS Without IPL contribution IPL on the market 28,2% MS -7,7% in 2010
  5. 5. “Do-it Yourself ” Hair remover tools Razors Epilators 52% MS Worldwide - razors 7° on the italian Top Brand Bodycare ranking Depilation Epilation Wax Creams Mousse IPL Products 55% MS Worldwide - depilation Hair After Hair Moisturizing Oil Minimising treatment lightening
  6. 6. Market Consumption and Usage Statistics* % of 3.60% 33.1% users 29.1% 1% 6.60% 26.50% How often do you use your hair removal tool? In addition to the frequency of use,100,00%   seasonality holds particular 6,20%   importance for all hair remover tools: 11,80%   14,30%   16,30%   9,40%   especially in summer, it increases 80,00%   Less  than  once  a  month   opportunities for consumption, but requires greater efficiency and 25,60%   At  least  once  a  month   37,50%   66,70%   45,10%   convenience. 42,90%   60,00%   At  least  twice  a  month   100,00%   At  least  once  a  week   23,30%   40,00%   At  least  twice  a  week   Daily   40,60%   35,30%   In winter, for example, you shave less, because both you 25,60%   42,90%   don’t want to waste your time and you don’t want to 20,00%   33,30%   spend so much… in summer it becomes a job! 5,90%   7,00%   Claudia 6,20%   2,30%   0,00%   2,00%   Razors   Cream   Wax   Epilators   IPL   Never  at   products   home   *data  from  quanPtaPve  analysis  
  7. 7. Focus On… Razors users “I’m addicted to my razor…” “Desperate times call for desperate measures!” Melania Diana Daily Emergency Only! Once or twice a week Razor? A commodity good, a product carrying low emotional involvement. When purchasing, female customers dont perceive any difference among the available products, however a razor can be found in ladies “bags” at all times.
  8. 8. Insights The perfect tool …razors have to be very, "...These tweezers spinning very, vey cheap, ... less than at a disproportionate rate 5 € per pack. Wax may and tear hair up, but at cost a bit more ... least they rip them up … Eleonora Sofia "No. .. its like taking a ... No, I dont find them doctors appointment in comfortable, I think a certain way: so today I disposable one’s are have to go to the more comfortable . beautician, I just have to Laura go!” Matilde "... There are women who ".. In the museum of torture, can not wax: the reason in my opinion, there should ".. Waxing leaves the skin smooth, could be irritation of the be a picture of the Silk Epil.” and over time it weakens the skin and broken Melania hair ...." capillaries ...” Manuela Camilla
  9. 9. Brands Specific map The woman who uses Venus I Man, Gillette is man, razor for think is a little more attentive to man, or shaving cream, etc... on the body care and is willing to pay TV, "the best a man can get" is something more… Gillette! Alice Eleonora Male Female I think swords are more linked to men than women. Even if she shaves her legs with it, I sense it as Its a brand that I masculine. associate less to body care Aurora because it also makes pens, lighters, etc. Eleonora General
  10. 10. Brand Elements What a confusion! (in the hair removal brands’ world) ? ? If I need a razor, and there isnt a Veet or Venus one, its not a problem for me buying a Gillette razor, which I know are of good quality. Eleonora Even if confusion reigns, Venus can count on strong brand elements! ”… advertising affects you because it says smooth legs… Federica Ri. “..you buy it, even though they cost a lot, like 6 €, (its a madness!) .. but they last longer! it has two ribbons ... Well, Venus its also so it irritates you less ... well, recognized for the Venus is the best!” jingle that makes me Camilla associate the ad with the brand ... ” Alice
  11. 11. BrandelementsCreat n uitio ivity Int Insights
  12. 12. ConceptProduction Venus Natural Touch Design  by   “Prince charming exists! The new "Venus Natural Touch”, the first natural epilation system that reduces pain.   Kind and protective: thanks to an innovative and BUTTON natural resin, it grabs hair without hurting the skin. The TO RELEASE RESIN cartridge system makes it very pratical. RESIN REFILL It doesn’t make you wait: once you turn it on, it immediately releases the resin at the right temperature. You won’t need any stripes, your hand will be enough and it will remain clean.   Respectful:  it fits with all kinds of skin and it’s especially ERGONOMIC recommended for the ones who suffer from post- HANDLE epilation complains. ADJUSTABLE NOZZLE Venus Natural Touch: “tough with hair, delicate with skin!” Device price: 22,90€ + 2 refill Refill price: 9,90€ x 2; Refill Size: 100 ml
  13. 13. Concept Production WiiSHAVE by Venus Shaving becomes fun! Wii Shave by Venus is the interactive and original way to beat the boredom of “do-it-yourself depilation”. Thanks to the Wiimote technology and the innovative Venus razor head, provided with special motion sensors and built-in moisturizing soap bars, shaving will be a game! Sensors, once connected with the controller, will let you keep your shaving statistics always up-to date, while soap bars, with their moisturizing effect, will allow an immediate shave, leaving the skin smooth. Turn shaving into a challenge, play mini games, earn points and rise in online rankings. WiiShave by Venus: Shave for fun! Price: 24,90 € game & razor Venus Retardant Spray Stop the clocks? Now it’s possible with the brand new Retardant Spray by Gillette Venus. A cream spray based on eflornithine that slows down the regrowth and keeps your skin hydrated. Eflornithine is a clinically tested enzyme that helps you delay the regrowth. It has never been so easy! As all the retardant products, it requires a daily application. The atomizer makes the use to be quick, pratical and pleasent. Moreover you wont need to spread Price: 4,99 € the product neither it will make you greasy. Format: 300 ml
  14. 14. Concept Test We tested 2 concept and the winner is... ...Venus Natural Touch! quick application always at the right BUTTON temperature RESIN REFILL RELEASE RESIN TO ERGONOMIC HANDLE pain reduction ADJUSTABLE NOZZLE it leaves no residue
  15. 15. Concept Why, Why not? Test Quantitative reasons Venus Natural Touch Venus Retardant Spray Probability  to  purchase   %   Probability  to  purchase   %   Definetly  would  buy   12,7   Definetly  would  buy   10,2   Probably  would  buy   59,4   Probably  would  buy   34,3   Global likeability of the product Global likeability of the product (1 don’t like - 7 like) (1 don’t like - 7 like) Mean   5,44   Mean   4,64   Grade of innovation (1 low - 7 high) Grade of innovation (1 low - 7 high) Mean   4,86   Mean   4,32   Market reasons •  Follow up the positive grow •  Perception problems on the of the roll-on wax tool “Retardant” effect that need market. stronger comunication •  Play on a better investements multichannel strategy for •  Stability of hair minimising Venus natural touch. products market
  16. 16. Forecast Demand and Sales % Potential Consumers (%PC) = %Awareness(brand) x %Awareness(product) x %Perceived Innovation x %Trial x %Availability N= 19 mln Italian women (aged 15 – 60) Market Share = (N x %PC x No. of Uses of Product) / Total Demand 12 months after lauch, the goal targets for this product are to reach: •  5-6 % of the potential consumers in the “innovators” and “early adopters” groups. •  8-10 % of market share (vol.) in terms of sales in the national market.
  17. 17. Launch Strategy Go to Market Positioning: Functional positioning based on expected benefits of the product. Target Market: The launch, exclusively for the Italian market, is scheduled for Spring 2013 in order to leverage on the seasonality element. Time Frame: The product will be recalled only in case of failure in reaching the target market share within the first 18 months (2 Summer seasons). Portfolio Management: Cannibalisazion risk < 10%
  18. 18. Launch Strategy Marketing Mix A) Packaging: •  Eco-friendly •  Information on specific benefits of the product B) Promotion & Advertising: •  Objectives: 1.  Create thrill 2.  Involve Opinion Leaders to gain knowledge and credibility 3.  Stimulate Trial ü  Key Communication Elements: ü  Claim: “La dea ha scelto la resina: decisa con i peli, delicata sulla pelle”
  19. 19. Launch Strategy Communication Timing Community test on relevant websites Improve Post-Launch rankings in 3 store in Italy Google Launch (MI, RO, NA) search Pre-launch Mass media advertising Preannouncement Viral marketing Opinion leader reviews Show and tell Specialised Social media on a totally new magazines website
  20. 20. Launch Strategy Focus on Viral Marketing •  Online “teaser” video: Sequence of ladies’ bust showing a scared expression. Follows a second shot of the same ladies, this time chilling and smiling after a lucky escape. VIDEO SAMPLE* *Viral  video  aVached  
  21. 21. Launch Strategy Focus on Temporary Store duration of 10 days in: MILAN - ROME - NAPLES   •  Product trial in separate studio •  Product demonstration •  Special offer on Summer Edition Pack (beach bag + beach towel) •  Discount voucher to buy refills (only purchasing the product and taking part to the trial as well as the casting) •  Gadgets & Brochures •  Meet the Experts •  Lounge & Music •  Overall experience based on communicating the brand elements •  Casting for the next TV Adv. campaign
  22. 22. Launch Strategy Marketing Mix C) Place: •  Mass Merchandisers: Slotting position next to Wax Roll on tool (near Veet) •  Speciality Retailers of consumer electronics: Slotting position next to IPL and electric epilators •  Sales Promotion: §  Promoters for in-store demostration §  Displays, PoP materials §  Bundle offer at the beginning (device + 2 refill) D) Pricing: •  Rapid Skimming strategy •  Skim Price: §  Device: 22,90 with 2 refill included §  Refill: 9,90 € x 1 pack with 2 refill (to reduce price clarity)
  23. 23. Thanks by Giulia Cozzi Gloria Mattioli Gaetano D’Imprima Andrea Misticoni Marco Girometti Marco Moracci Michele Popolo   ...See you in stores!