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Reflection about the text teaching vocabulary to advance learners


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Reflection about the text teaching vocabulary to advance learners

  1. 1. Reflection: teaching vocabulary to advanced students First of all, I would like to say that teaching is one of the most demanding activitiesbut at the same time it is one of the most gorgeous activities. This writing is a reflectionabout the text, teaching vocabulary to advance learners. Teaching is not too easy, thusthere are many approaches about how learners learn, about the way learners learn etc. According to text teaching vocabulary should be part of the syllabus. I agree withthis idea which was proposed by Lewis, because it is one of the ways that learnersincrease their vocabulary because the text said that “advance learners are well ingrammar, they don’t dominate a range of vocabulary”, and this is true because in themajority of school the vocabulary is taught under others topic. The teachers do not putemphasis in vocabulary because they think that this does not work and in some way theyare right, because I believe that learning words in isolation does not help us very well. Onthe other hand I think that is very important to teach vocabulary to advance learners,because if you are and advance students is supposed that you are able to communicateeffectible in any situation, so if nobody teach you vocabulary or tell you at least how tolearn it, you will fail. The lexical approach writing by Lewis point out that vocabulary is the mostimportant part of learning a new language, but there are other important aspects,vocabulary is not the only one. It is important to know about these approach because is agood guide to follow. Before this text I have not read an article like this and that is why itcall my attention, now I realized how important is to teach vocabulary but not just toadvance learners it could be a good idea to teach vocabulary from the beginning of theprocess of learning because the student will be more aware about his/her own style oflearning, however, the text said that the teachers have to teach vocabulary in groups ofwords I mean collocation, chunks of words, idioms. This text teaching vocabulary to advanced student points to one of the goals wehave to achieve as language learners. The goal is to develop strategies for learningvocabulary and expressions of the various areas of knowledge Finally, I agree with what Lewis proposed. I think that the only way to achieve orexpand our vocabulary is studying it I believe it’s a good option to take into considerationthat learning vocabulary in the manner proposed by Lewis can be very productive.