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Reflection about native words and borrowed words


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Reflection about native words and borrowed words

  1. 1. Words: native and borrowed The words tell the story of humanity. It is amazing the value of each language totalk about its past. This reflection is about the history of English language through itslanguage (words). The English language as we know it today had to pass through several periods orstages to become consolidated as we know it today. There are several periods withspecific characteristics that make the difference between the periods. The first period ofthe English language is called Old English. One of its main characteristics it is littlevocabulary, but this period is very significant because at that time the first contactbetween tribes occurred. Followed by the first period was the second English stage whichis called Middle English characterized by the advances in writing. Finally we have themodern English which emerged from advances in technology and industrial revolution. The text that I read is focused its attention on what I mentioned before. Wordsgive us very important information for understanding the English language since itsinception. Furthermore, we know the English language arose from the interaction ofdifferent tribes. All this information is given by the study of words. Here is clearlyestablished that the words are develop within any society. This text helps us to become more familiar with the processes of formation ofwords inside the English language and also help us to learn strategies for learningvocabulary. Having read this document allows us to cover one of the objectives of thecourse that says “characterized the process of words formation”. To conclude, nowadays we can realized from our own reality that our language hasbeen inserted in our culture due to globalization and the commercial trade, what‘s moreit’s people; moreover, the society makes the borrowing words as their own. This processof loanwords will continue up to the future.