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Tanning perks 6


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Play Tanning Perks today! Just invite your Facebook Friends to join Tanning Perk's Fanpage and you can win free stuff that you already love...Like Free Mystic Spray Tans, Free Bottles of Tanning Lotion, Free Gift Cards to your favorite stores like Target, Starbucks, and more!

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Tanning perks 6

  1. 1. Brought to you by: D arque Immersion Spa Designed and Developed by: Avenue Social Inc
  2. 2. Darque Immersion are a sunless tanning salon.
  3. 3. They offer a huge range of healthy tanning products and services.
  4. 4. Darque Immersion Tanning Spa has recently introduced a Facebook Fan Page where users can win Free tanning Gifts.
  5. 5. Tanning Perks is a invite-and-win Application where user can win Free Tanning Products and Gifts Coupons .
  6. 6. You can also win Free Gift Certificates, Tanning Spray Sessions, Lotions & Creams, and Discount Coupons on Tanning Perks .
  7. 7. Join the Tanning Perks Fan Page now and avail their exciting offers and win amazing prizes:
  8. 8. Contact the team : <ul><li>Plug and PlayTech Center </li></ul><ul><li>440 North Wolfe Road Sunnyvale, CA 94085-3869 </li></ul>Phone : (510)-275-4485 Fax : (510)-943-5941 Website: http://www. Email : [email_address] Join us: Follow us:!/Avenuesocial Application Developers