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Best New Low Cost Android Tablet POS System; The Clover Station


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If you are looking for a new inexpensive yet robust tablet-based POS system for under $1000, you might like the Clover Station the best. Decide for yourself: all the details on the hardware, software, apps, sales positioning, and costs/pricing are included in this overview training presentation. Video demos and additional information available at To ask a question or request a formal proposal, email Clover[at]Prineta[dot]com.

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Best New Low Cost Android Tablet POS System; The Clover Station

  1. 1. Only $999
  2. 2. Station Hardware • Designers from Tesla, Dr. Dre Beats and worldwide robot competitions • Sleek white glass and brushed aluminum • Patent-pending swivel arm for Portrait Customer view (‘Handshake’) • Set up in under 15 minutes with color coded cords • High resolution 11.6” touchscreen attached to a base plate • Quick Speed Thermal Receipt Printer • Embedded barcode or QR code scanner/camera • Four USB ports for multiple peripherals • Single power cord for clutter-free display
  3. 3. Clover in the “Cloud” What does “cloud-based software” mean to you? A simple definition: Cloud = Internet • You use the cloud when you check your Gmail • When you check online banking balance • When you’re able to listen to the same playlist on multiple devices • The brains are virtual, not in the hardware itself So what? • Ethernet and Wi-Fi are both options for processing connection • The merchant can start an order on one Station, finish on another • They can check reports, activity, make menu changes, and more – from any web browser • No sensitive/secure data stored in the hardware
  4. 4. Benefits of Clover’s Software • Designed to be extremely simple and intuitive – quick employee training • Every swipe or key is secured with TransArmor® • Ability for sign-on-screen, email/text/reprint the receipt • Ethernet/Wi-Fi for processing connectivity, but with offline processing capabilities for ultimate reliability • Helpful reports, employee tracking, manager permissions and overrides, and more.
  5. 5. App Based Software
  6. 6. Security – Always Top Priority PCI-DSS compliant and out of scope; every transactions is TransArmor® encrypted at swipe. Clover Station is PA-DSS reviewed for android through a trusted QSA. Vetting end-to-end of all applications in the App Market; all apps must be Clover certified. Independent code assessments and penetration testing done quarterly.
  7. 7. Clover App Market • Allows for ultimate customization. Some apps are pre- loaded and others are optional for download • Can be accessed on station or dashboard • Clover is an open Android platform – access to a large development community worldwide • Actively engaged in developer and partner outreach: 2,000+ developers already reached at various hack-a-thons and conferences • Limitless opportunities
  8. 8. Clover App Market
  9. 9. Target Merchants How does Clover fit into the First Data Merchant product suite?
  10. 10. Clover Restaurant and QSR Available – All this and more! • Pay by seat • Split checks by line item • Print timecards on device • Transfer guests to other tables • Enable auto gratuity for large parties • Print table numbers on kitchen printer • Print guest numbers on kitchen printer • Swipe card to open bar tab (no pre-authorization) • Offer happy hour pricing (Happy Hour app) • Track items that have already been sent to the kitchen printer • Server banking (track server cash and credit tips, sales, declare cash tips, etc.) • Require manager approval for voids after an item has been sent to kitchen printer
  11. 11. Basic Retail Functionality Ideal for basic needs • Initial on hand inventory / stock counts (daily stock totals) • Reorder points or quantities (order 10 more if just 25 on hand) • Expiration dates (food, dairy, etc.) • Vendors and/or preferred vendor(s) • Lot controls • Serial numbers • Flag for ID check (Tobacco, alcohol, etc.) • Flag for WIC/EBT qualification
  12. 12. A Good Clover Candidate Cash Register + Terminal • Clover’s functionality will enhance their dated operations. • Sell the benefits of reporting, ‘manage from anywhere’ and employee controls. Terminal + Un-integrated SW System • Software likely serving a niche need (inventory or scheduling, for example) that they are tracking apart from payments. • Sell on the integration of payments to SW via Clover Advanced POS System (Micros, Aloha) • Established business processes based on the functionality of the current system. • Employees are already trained on this system. • Barriers to switching are high. Most likely a great candidate for Clover! Be sure to understand their needs. Depends based on their needs. Assess the functionality of SW system and whether Clover can match. Likely not a good candidate for Clover.
  13. 13. Functionality Feedback Add Features Remove Features Suggestions Education Clover Dashboard Tablet Settings Hardware Compliance Applications Troubleshooting Processing Error Clover Dashboard Software Wi-Fi Connectivity Printer Station Set Up Installation Welcome Call Missing Menu Menu Clarification Menu Updates Menu Corrections Activation Code Swaps Replacement Functions Supported by the Clover Call Center include: 24/7 Live Support for Merchants
  14. 14. Clover Pricing Information Cost Components of Clover include: • Monthly Fee (includes TransArmor protection and 24/7 support): $39.00/month per unit • Clover Station (with tablet, stand, cash drawer and printer): $999.00 • Kitchen Printer: $389.00 • Barcode Scanner: $109.00 • FD 40 PIN Pad: $219.00
  15. 15. Merchant Account Pricing Information Competitive Pricing • True interchange plus pricing • Low per transaction fees • No monthly minimums • No annual fees • No application fees • No batch fees • No set-up fees • No termination fees
  16. 16. How can we be of service? stay connected Clover[at]Prineta[dot]com Watch video demos and learn more at Where and How to Buy the Clover Station POS System