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Quebec Raft Trip


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Published in: Sports, Self Improvement
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Quebec Raft Trip

  1. 1. Table Of ContentsOverviewJournalMenuFood GroupsEquipment ListHistorical Information of RiversFactsDistances TravelledMap Of Entire TripInteractions Within The GroupFacility AnalysisInstructorsVideosReferences
  2. 2. Overall, 67 first year outdooradventure students took partin a six day rafting expedition.Rafting on theGatineau, Rouge and JacqueCartier Rivers. We had sixhighly qualified instructors toaccompany us helping us getthe feel of the rivers whenthey were running atcommercially un unable levelsWe camped at Le BonnetRouge, Nouveau Monde, andTewkesbury rafting resorts.Overall it was a eye openingexpedition to the realadventure world!
  3. 3. September 26th•6:45 Arrive At College•7:00 Packed up, On route to LeBonnet Rouge•10:30 Arrive at Le BonnetRouge, Set Up Tents & EatLunch•11:30 Ready in RiverGear, Depart to Put in•11:45 Arrive at the putin, Inflate boats, ReceiveBriefing for the day•12:00 Put boats in, Proceed toLucifer’s.•4:30 Take out at Le BonnetRouge•5:30 Dinner•10:00 Lights Out
  4. 4. September 27th• 6:00 Wakeup, Pack Gear and Tents up• 7:00 Cook breakfast and get dressed and river gear• 8:00 Board the bus to the put in, dressed in river gear• 8:30 arrive at the put in, inflate rafts• 9:00 put boats in water, begin the river• 9:15 only guides scout Lucifer’s• 10:30 only guides scout Lucifers• 12:00 arrive back at le bonnet rouge, deflate boats and load up gear, eat lunch• 12:45 depart le bonnet rouge, head to new world rafting• 4:30 Arrive at New World Rafting• 5:00 Setup camp and start cooking• 7:00 Elect your Class Rep• 10:00 Lights Out
  5. 5. September 28th• 7:00 Wakeup, Breakfast• 8:30 Put in, Run the upper rouge, scouting trip• 1:00 arrive at new world, have lunch• 2:00 SRT-Knots• 5:00 Make dinner• 7:00 Guide exam• 10:00 lights out
  6. 6. September 29th• 6:30 Wakeup, teardown camp, make breakfast• 8:00 Board the bus in river gear, head to put in• 8:30 Inflate boats, brief the group• 9:00 Run the rouge• 12:00 Arrive at the takeout, deflate boats• 1:00 Depart to Tewkesbury• 7:45 Arrive at Tewkesbury• 8:30 Other Bus arrives, setup camp, cook dinner• 10:00 Lights Out
  7. 7. September 30th• 7:00 Wakeup, cook breakfast• 9:00 board the bus ready in river gear, depart to put in in the Jacques Cartier park• 9:30 Inflate rafts, Brief the group• 10:00 Run the river• 2:00 Takeout at Tewkesbury, Lunch• 3:00 Rafting Group Work• 5:00 SRT Exam• 7:00 Dinner• 10:00 Lights out
  8. 8. October 1st• 5:00 wakeup, pack everything down, get dressed in river gear• 7:00 go to start cooking and am informed that the river went up 8 feet and it is not run able• 8:30 Depart from Tewkesbury to Pembroke• 2:00 Stop for food in Quebec• 4:00 Arrive back in Pembroke
  9. 9. Weekly meal planner Breakfast Lunch Supper Snack Pack Breakfast From Home Pack Lunch From Home` Spaghetti noodles Ground Beef Spaghetti Sauce Sunday Loaf of Bread Lettuce Cesar Salad Dressing Breakfast Lunch Supper Snack Eggs Bread Chicken Rice Crispy Squares Oatmeal Lunch Meats Rice English Muffins Condiments Chick Stock Monday Peanut Butter & Jam Celery, Carrotts, Onion Coffee & Tea Breakfast Lunch Supper Snack Bagels Pitas Beef Kabobs Pudding Cream Cheese Chicken Pita Bread Oatmeal Celery Hummus Tuesday Granola Carrotts Onion Cheese Mayo Breakfast Lunch Supper Snack Oatmeal Wraps Pasta Cookies Bagels Eggs Alfredo Sauce Cream Cheese Tomato Canned TomatoesWednesday Hot Chocolate Lettuce Italian Sausages Breakfast Lunch Supper Snack Oatmeal Tuna Chili Cookies Coffee & Tea Wraps Nacho Chips Bagels Lettuce CheeseThursday Cheese Salsa Breakfast Lunch Supper Snack Bacon Left Overs Bagels Harveys Coffee & Tea Friday Hot Chocolate Oatmeal
  10. 10. Cooking GroupsGroup 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4Lisa Whitwell Courtney Terriah Mike Gurnham Nick loweNevin Webster Sarah Lambert Jon Fairley Julia LoweRobby Scott Zeus Arminius Brodie De Rutier Nelson RosienHolly Hagerman Tom Cooker Michaela GT Lesley RavenAlex Sites Elizabeth Squires Joe Dandy Neal ScottRyan Hamilton Jennie Cole Jason Day Ben SimonieBrandon Sewell Mel Farwell Mike Reid Boone Pickard Chris SirenGroup 5 Group 6 Group 7 Group 7Luke Laurin Mike Thaler Derek Bergstrand Lucas StathamMac Henry Corryne McCathie Matt Bianco Ty C-ZopTom Kot AJ Mesiolic Wayne Bates Nick ConteCameron Lethange Duncan McDonnell Connor Blanchfield Liam CoonSteve Hood Austin Sillis Grant Buchan Miles CurtisBill Katsoras Kelly Button Colin AustinCeadar Jasiuk Gill Thompson Tanner Babcock Jordy Thompson Nate Anderson Brett Carr
  11. 11. Equiptment ListsPersonal Equipment River GearDay Bag Solid Footwear(Must Stay ON)Personal Identification PFD(Personal Floatation Device)Health Card River Knife(Tethered to PFD)Nalgene WhistleSnacks HelmetBook, Magazine to read ThrowBagNotebook / Write in rain Dry TopRain Gear Dry PantsExtra Layers Neoprene BootiesHead Lamp Camera(Tethered TO PFD) OptionalGarbage Bag/ Dry Sack Neoprene GlovesSmall First Aid Kit Fleece TouqueOvernight Bag Group Gear ListBase Layers(no cotton) 13 RaftsMid Layer(no cotton,fleece preferably) 85 PaddlesShell(Doubles as rain Gear) 4 Coleman StovesSocks(preferably wool) 6 Whisper LitesTouques, Gloves or Mitts(fleece preferred) 5 2L Jugs of FuelSleeping Bag(good to -5) FoodThermarest 6 KayaksToiletries 6 PaddlesSmall Camp Towel for ShowersCup/Bowl/Spoon/ForkDuct Tape, Personal Repair KitPersonal First Aid KitHiking BootsKnive, Multi ToolTentRope, CordaletteTarp & Ground Sheet
  12. 12. • The Gatineau River was named after Nicolas Gatineau whom was a fur trader who drowned canoeing down the Gatineau in 1683 • The river flows through the communities of Gatineau, Maniwaki, Low, Wakefield and Chelsea • The River is 386 kilometres long and drains an area of 23700 kilometres squaredInformation retrieved from
  13. 13. • The Rouge river gets its name from the reddish tint from its shores and sandbanks• It flows north of Mont Tremblant and empties in the Ottawa River• Home of the Seven Sisters waterfalls, a serene series of waterfalls. Information retrieved from
  14. 14. • It is estimated that the Jacques Cartier has been used by first nations people for fishing and trapping for over 7000 years• The river has been used for the economic practice of logging since the second half of the 1800’s, the logging practice was stopped in 1976• The river is 160km in length flowing through the Laurentian Mountains and empties 2515 square kilometers of water into the St Laurence River Information retrieved from
  15. 15. • The rouge river went up from 120 cubic metres per second to 190 cubic metres per second overnight. The river is commercially un-run able at 150 cubic metres per second.• The Jacque Cartier river was flowing higher than normal the first day we were on it so we could not do the normal run so we did the upper section, but the next morning the river went up about eight feet therefore causing us to call the trip to an end.
  16. 16. Sunday September 26th• Travelled from Algonquin College, Pembroke to Le Bonnet Rouge, Ste- Thérèse de la Gatineau.• We travelled 169km and it took 3.5 hours• Directions to the Le Bonnet Rouge, and to the Put in
  17. 17. Monday, September 27th• Travel from Le Bonnet Rouge, Ste-Thérèse de la Gatineau to New World Rafting, Grenville-sur-la- Rouge• We travelled 147km and it took 3 hours and 45 minutes• Directions to New World Rafting
  18. 18. Wednesday September29th• Travel from New World Rafting, Grenville-sur-la- Rouge to Tewkesbury, Stoneham- et-Tewkesbury• We Travelled 384km in 6.5 hours• Directions to Tewkesbury
  19. 19. Friday October 1st• Travel from Tewkesbury, Stoneham et Tewkesbury to Algonquin College, Pembroke• We travelled 625kms in 7 hours 30 minutes• Directions to Algonquin College
  20. 20. A/E- Algonquin College D- TewkesburyB- Le Bonnet Rouge DirectionsC- New World Rafting
  21. 21. • This trip really helped with clarifying whom everyone was in the program- who you would get along with and whom you do not.• It built many friendships among the participants as well as gave us a chance to get to know our instructors• Some arguments occurred, but overall everyone co existed peacefully• Robby dislocated his shoulder
  22. 22. Le Bonnet Rouge• Natural spring water• Vast amount of land for camping• Take out right at camp• Has a lunch pavilion with picnic tables• Outhouses• Website
  23. 23. New World Rafting• Water• Bathrooms with change rooms and showers• Pool and Hot tub• Main building, spacious with bar• Plenty of camping sites• Has trails leading to the seven sister waterfalls• Website
  24. 24. Tewkesbury• Water• Bathrooms, Showers• Dinning Hall• Camp Sites• Take out at camp• Picnic Tables• Website
  25. 25. Matt Cuccaro
  26. 26. Jeff Jackson