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  1. 1. is a collective of young artists that is initiatinga change in the way creative art is perceivedand building a new order of treatment of artby making it relevant in day-to-day life.
  2. 2. objectivewe aim at developing creative abilities and aliberated thought process, while establishingand exposing synergies between art and everydaylife.
  3. 3. what do we do?we design and facilitate customizedworkshops, relevant to our audience.
  4. 4. who do we serve? with an appreciation for art module we try to build minds that arechildren sensitive towards art and instill an ability to develop individual outlook. serving a cocktail of creative juices and some tonic for newyouth thought, so that the young may reinvent and rediscover, innovate and initiate.corporate using fresh creative tools instead of mundane presentations and bland lectures to enhance performance and efficiency at work.
  5. 5. the tools we use …photographytheatrefilm-makingpotterydancecreative writingpaintingmusicsculpturingpublic elocution
  6. 6. so?we go one step ahead of a pure-creative workshop,connecting multiple art forms to everyday life.our workshops use multiple methodologiesensuring that we have something for everyone.
  7. 7. mentors
  8. 8. what does this mean?we are able to bring a veryeclectic, multi-disciplinary and creativeapproach to design workshops that aid innovation& develop an innate appreciation for art.
  9. 9. we feel passionately about new ideas and arelaunching our services to share the passion.
  10. 10. log on to©no copyright reserved. copy/steal/reproduce/reinvent/recreate. spread the movement.