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Published in: Technology, Spiritual
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  1. 1. “TANK” Helps the City Of St. Louis The little boy who dreams of becoming a dinosaur andfeeds all hungry people and shows them how to get themselvesout of poverty and also show them a wonderful place wherethey learn how to grow food and never be hungry ever again! Author and Activist: Valerie Cheers-Brown Illustrations by: CA
  2. 2. There once was a little boy named “Tank”, whodreamed of becoming a helpful and kindhearteddinosaur (pronunciation: [daɪnəsɔ:r] dinosaurmasculine) who saved the world from hunger.
  3. 3. “Tank” dreamed that he became a dinosaur andhelped people who had no food to eat.
  4. 4. “Tank” saw people wholooked like this man.What is he doing and why?
  5. 5. “Tank” saw people wholooked like this boy!
  6. 6. Have you seen a hand likethis before? Can you tellme why this hand isholding a cup?
  7. 7. Every time “Tank” the dinosaur saw a poorperson looking in trashcans or standing on thecorner holding a sign, he would think of takingthem to this wonderful place.
  8. 8. “Tank” the dinosaur would go around lookingeverywhere until he had all the hungry peopleoff the streets!
  9. 9. “Tank” the dinosaur tookall the poor people to awonderful place wherethey would never bewithout food ever again!
  10. 10. This wonderful place hadall kinds of trees andplants that grew both ontop and on the bottom ofthe ground.
  11. 11. This wonderful place alsohad all kinds of materialgoods.
  12. 12. There would be plenty ofrain and sunshine so thatthe whole earth couldgrow food for all seasons!
  13. 13. Seasons: the time ofyear when something,especially a kind of food,is abundant and at itsbest.
  14. 14. Do you know the name ofthese foods? Which oneis good for your eyes?
  15. 15. This wonderful placegrew so much food.
  16. 16. “Tank” the dinosaur madesure that everyone wouldbe able to feed theirfamily from then on!
  17. 17. Tank showed how to workand prepare for the nextseason.
  18. 18. This wonderful placegrew all kinds of foods,but they had to learn togrow their own food.
  19. 19. People in far places likeIndia have been growingfood, so they can feedtheir families.
  20. 20. Who do you think madeall of this possible forthings to grow and forthere to be rain andsunshine?
  21. 21. Start your own neighborhood garden And do not give up until you DO get one in your neighborhood! Talk with your alderman and he has the power to authorize this tohappen. ONLY YOU can really make it happen! Buy up an old house starting with a group to make it happen! Together we stand, divided we FALL.
  22. 22. Thanks to “Tank” the dinosaur, peoplelearned how to get out of poverty bygrowing food and “Tank” the dinosauralso showed how important it is toshow others how to do what you learnto better the world and everyone canproduce food and work for themselves.
  23. 23. From then on, people helpedeach other everywhere andnobody was ever hungry again!
  24. 24. How is it possible for allthings to grow in theworld?
  25. 25. Poverty has many dimensionsPoverty can be measured narrowly, through income alone, or in broaderterms. A relative definition of poverty is most useful when it is considered ina multi-dimensional way. This means the focus moves to considering relativepoverty as lacking the resources to participate fully in society across anumber of dimensions. For example, it would be possible to take into accountthe extent of health deprivation, education deprivation, and housingdeprivation, employment deprivation, access to services deprivation, as wellas income deprivation. It is possible to develop an absolute core concept ofpoverty in many areas of a child’s life, not only for family or householdincome. Abuse, a lack of access to education or health care, the use ofunsafe water, a bucket toilet system – all of these are impoverishments. What do you think Tank should show the people that will keep this word only in the dictionary and out of our society?
  26. 26. For an End to Poverty We Could come Together and Be One!!!If all the churches in the city would come togetherand help all people who are hungry or have no placeto sleep, there would be less people on the streets.Tank intends on going to every church in the cityof Saint Louis and giving them a copy of this and ifthey would like me to talk to the congregations andget them to feed people at least once every week,I will. If more churches would help the indigent,homeless, anybody that may have lost their job, etc. We would not have all the earth quakes, hurricanes, etc. But if we continue: mistreating women, mistreating men, abusing our seniors and kids and Tank says most of “NOT PROTECTINGOUR CHILDREN” and neglecting to be there for anyone that needs food or shelter WE WILL SHORTEN OUR DAYS ON THIS EARTH.TOGETHER WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL!!
  27. 27. It not only goes that the member should tithe andgive, BUT THE CHURCH MUST FIND IT INTHERE POWER AND HEART TO BE THERE FORTHE COMMUNITIES AND FOR THE PEOPLE inthe communities!HAVE YOU SEEN A DELINE IN MALE CHURCHATTENDANCE? What are other reasons why theyrefuse to attend worship services?Tank can think of a few reasons and we would like to discuss howto help eliminate this problem and it can. IF DIVIDED WESTAND, DIVIDED WE FALL!!!!  Their fathers did not attend church  They have to work  Too many collections  Services are too long and inflexible (what does this mean)?  They have lost faith in God or do not believe in God  The church is hypocritical  Insensitive pulpit says, “Don’t hold him to these reasons, there are moregood men than bad men.” Anyway………………………………….
  28. 28. For an End to PovertyO God, you are the defender of the poorAnd the stronghold of the orphaned and the widowed.When your people were robbed of their homes and put into chains,You did not abandon themBut made of them a special people.From the remnants of their livesYou fashioned them into a garment of joy.In the fullness of time, you sent ChristWho announced the good news of salvation to the poor?The day of liberty for those in need.In these days, the nightmare of povertyHaunts our world and enters our homes.Standing in lines, deprived of human dignity,The poor of our world beg for our loveAnd ask for food and work.Shine your spirit and courage and compassion upon us.Warm the cold of our hearts and wills.Help us to help your beloved poor.Help us to see that in loving and tending their needsWe are tending the presence of Christ among us.We ask this through Christ and the Holy Spirit,With you, One God, forever and ever.Amen. ~Edward F. Gabriele
  29. 29. “Tank” the dinosaur lived for helping. You see, “Tank” the dinosaur madesure that any person he picked up and carried to this wonderful place, wouldbe able to feed others as well as themselves from then on and this also made jobs for everyone!From then on there were no more poor people without food to eat thanks to “Tank” the dinosaur. The End
  30. 30. Be looking for“Tank the Dinosaur Stuffed Animals” so you can build a dinosaur!Tank the Dinosaur needs to have some family around to keep HIM from forgetting where HE came from.After all they say his family is extinct, but little do they know his family still exists. His cousin Dino theAlligator will be visiting with him soon, but since he is so old, he may take awhile. The End