We The People


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while focusing on positive side of the huma beings, i felt that tere is a certain need to rediscover the intrinsic human strengths to face the new realities. indian culture has provided the timeless values and they have proven to be emmensely successful. we must learn and practice them.

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We The People

  1. 1. drishti~cone Views about timeless values Explore it. Absorb it. Sky is the limit for us to grow.
  2. 2. We focus on positive side of the humanity to recall collective capabilities and intellect of highest order. Starting with the individual and reaching to all. Our culture has given us proven approaches to relate us to the creator to enrich ourselves.
  3. 3. We are part of the infinite. We existed before our birth, We will continue to exist even after our death.
  4. 4. Our earliest ancestors sought protection in natural shelters, grown with the nature. Our present is blessed by their struggles. Evolution took millions of years
  5. 5. We learn to be happy and grow We have innocent childhood
  6. 6. We are philosophers We think
  7. 7. We create monuments We immortalize the love
  8. 8. We miniaturize the towering trees We care to learn why roses bloom
  9. 9. We live and let live We are against cruelty to animals
  10. 10. We track evolution of nature We are sensitive as lens
  11. 11. We inherited legacy of inward learning and practice – Nalanda – a first global university. Buddhism spread allover the world from India which still remains relevant. Sanchi Stupa – another learning place
  12. 12. Leading by example about humility, care and concern for Humanity - Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa
  13. 13. We built big dams to arrest mighty rivers
  14. 14. We built bridges to reach homes and people ..
  15. 15. We have dreamt and built comfortable habitats …
  16. 16. We studied enough about dinosaurs - we will never be an extinct specie ….
  17. 17. We learn about history and learn from history…
  18. 18. Mountains have always tested man’s courage and endurance
  19. 19. We have dared the oceans Oceans were breeders of first of species and have been provider of life to us. We learn and enjoy living with the oceans – despite the Tsunamis.
  20. 20. We designed telescopes to photograph cosmic objects -million miles away from the earth.
  21. 21. We built cameras to reach the minutest cells in human body
  22. 22. Humanity is adding to the wealth of knowledge inherited from hundreds of generations. Human creativity has surprised itself in making possible the unimaginable. Is sky the limit ? Human abilities , intelligence and persistency have no known equals. Knowledge percolating from thousands of years and determination to go beyond the known, has brought us here so far. What makes it possible? Mastering building blocks of life – going near to the creator.
  23. 23. We study sun’s impact on us. We owe our being here to the Sun. There is a belief in Egypt that a continuous dialogue exists between the sun and River Nile. It is supported by a record for 4000 years.
  24. 24. We have mastered atomic power and are capable to create explosions, just like Solar explosions. We realize ,the human race cannot coexist with atomic weapons, so we are determined to use it for human prosperity.
  25. 25. We are blessed by our mother earth with the teachings of Work and Worship – a Karmyoga. Evolutionary unfolding of realities and knowledge by mother earth, makes her greatest teacher, in our life. Tolerant mother Earth, only expects us to maintain the inherent equilibrium she possesses.
  26. 26. Beyond the horizon , Moon , the nearest and dearest one, has inspired mankind for millenniums. We still have curiosity and affinity about this kin. We have studied and mapped it since years unknown.
  27. 27. We dreamt, worked and reached the moon. The first human step on the moon was as big as the dream of the mankind.
  28. 28. Life on Earth came into being - plants to man. and all are organic parts of the Earth; the Earth is an organic part of the sun …There is a continuous communication between the Man, the Earth and the Sun and so on…. The Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, and the rest of the planets, and our Earth, are all organic parts of the Sun.
  29. 29. We have always been curious about the neighborhood up in the sky. We spend lots of intellect to learn about new entities – speculating that someday, we will meet somebody. We may not reach that far but our inquisitions do. Man has always found strong inspirations from inequalities.
  30. 30. The question often comes to the mind – Do we really know ourselves ? How far and frequently we take up the inner travails to understand who we really are ? Our outward journeys beyond the unknown are rewarding – they testify what the human being can achieve…
  31. 31. That which man dos not comprehend with the mind and by which mind is encompassed is Brahman. Cosmic communication is very mysterious; it is inner and subtle. There are infinite number of energy objects around the cosmic entities, which go on influencing each other continuously Man is not an island; he is part of this whole and he learns from it.
  32. 32. We are concerned with the cosmic expanse. The cosmic energy can be converted from one form to another, but it cannot be created or destroyed
  33. 33. In every element of our blood and bones live the traces of the sun. We are part of the sun and no wonder that our lives are influenced by the sun. There is empathy between the sun and ourselves. If we understand this empathy rightly, we can enter into one dimension of our search inward. Whatsoever happens on the sun creates a vibration in every cell of our bodies because our cells are all born out of the sun.
  34. 34. Stress begins with a perception of threat. Then emotions join in – anger, fear or both. A chain reaction of neuro chemical responses is triggered and released through our thoughts and body – for flight or fight. The bad stress -pushes you over the edge of comfort. Anger and fear are survival emotions and meant to last only long enough to get out of harm’s way. This is valid for all animals. Unlike other animals human allow anger and fear to linger for days, months and even years. Stress distorts decision making, emotional thought processing and compromises the human spirit.
  35. 35. Influenced by innumerable stresses and stretches , individual and society needs peace of mind, strengths, courage and positive ways to respond to the demanding realities. They are opportunities for spiritual enlightenment and growth. When we rise from our own insanity and see what is obvious, we will be able to change what we have done We need to collect recollect and recompose intensity of all resources which are not available out side of us. We need to recapture and redefine the vibrations… The circumstances of the world, natural disasters, poverty, cruelty, inequity and war are not punishments from God or anyone else. They were created by us individually and collectively. But they do not deter best of our brains from forward looking efforts. Best of intelligence is committed for creations and solutions. Nothing comes by accident.
  36. 36. Conditioned mind’s manipulated truth is a seed that eventually delivers its results to the initiator. We, then, wonder why two plus two is four and compound the stress. One needs to rediscover the subtle and core truth. Meditation has always helped the human beings in the process. One may not know - nothing happens in human life unless one directly or indirectly gives a consent – active or passive - one’s mind always controls the even smallest things. The core of the mind is subconscious or Brahma, Core mind’s interpretation is nearest to the truth. Same mind is conditioned by the circumstances - Prakriti, conditioned mind’s interpretation is manipulated truth. Strengths, weaknesses, intelligence, ignorance, creations, destructions are all reactions of the conditioned mind – leading to individual or collective actions or inactions.
  37. 37. Meditation allows you to identify common causes of stress in your life and develop skills to manage them. Most useful approach is to aim at integration, balance and harmony of mind, body, spirit and emotions. One must look at the mind, body, and spirit as equal parts of the whole person to deal with stress effectively. All stresses are not bad. Good stress is something which motivates you to accomplish a goal. All battles of life are either lost or won in the mind. If you think you will loose, you are lost. If think you can win , you have won. Remember your mind, body and spirits are your tools. Human being is the only specie which develops array of tools for itself and become timeless heritage for the generations to use and prosper. Remember the childhood tail of relentless spider?
  38. 38. Our learned ancestors gave us the insight of the world, universe and the cosmos, gave us the methods to seek ourselves from us, to redeem ourselves from us, and to find ourselves from us. The Cosmic power is known as Para Brahma or Parmatma, and that associated with an individual is Atma. Parmatma is omnipresent with us as a subconscious. There is a strange music in the winds…. Timeless values have established that one’s life-span is measured by how many times one shall breathe in a given life. Naturally, one must reduce the number of breaths so as to live longer— this idea is the origin of pranayama. It relates us to the cosmic power.
  39. 39. Human being is gifted with the supreme intelligence and creativity - look inwards and discover the resources. Aham Brahmasmi - I am One with the Essence of the universe Return to the timeless values
  40. 40. Human body and mind are like unfathomed ocean, which possesses immeasurable strength and intellect. Best of human minds radiate just around 30% of these. Imagine leverage of improvements through well directed creativity on quality of human life. We will continue to remain part of infinite… Time and space are infinite. Grains of sand are countless. Atoms in the universe are innumerable. So also are the stars, the galaxies. The same is with life on this planet. There is neither beginning nor an end, because all is spherical. A sphere has no beginning and no end, no goal or direction. Truth has no direction, no goal. Truth itself is the goal and Truth is infinite. Feeling and experiencing the infinity within this finite body, living timelessness within the time span of life, uncovering bliss within the misery - this is what you are here for.
  41. 41. Yoga is meditative discipline that uses the mind and senses to create a communication between mind and body. It takes us to potential form of life force,lying dormant in our bodies. It causes awakening and spiritual maturation that can induce an altered state of consciousness. It adds to the original reservoir of subtle bio-energy and helps controlling and managing the energy flow and subsequent manifestation. Experts have contributed interpretations to the concept of Yoga; such as Physiological Psychological clinical Religious Mythological & Spiritual
  42. 42. Some Yogas create current loop which polarizes the brain part through which it flows in a homogenous way. The body then becomes an effective antenna for the resonant frequencies of the ionosphere. In layman's terms, you then pick up information from the air.
  43. 43. The Para Brahman is infinite, so is the Brahman. The infinite proceeds from infinite to the infinite realizing the infinitude of the infinite. All lights in the universe are only a reflection of the infinite Light.
  44. 44. Theme Compiled by drishti~cone, kolhapur. Thanks to known and unknown sources which contributed to this composition. Thank to the inspiring personalities nd thoughts, which caused me to turn inward and take deep journeys within. Om Shanti ! Shanti ! Shanti ! Prakash Tanksale 9371512648