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Kolhapuri people are spread over the world. Though communications are faster, many things just escape from usual communications. This is intended to be a pictrial blog to refresh their minds with the memories from the childhood. Hope these people will certainly like it, Suggestions are welcome.

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Our Kolhapur

  1. 1. Kolhapur ,India
  2. 2. Shakti Peeth KARVIR, the modern Kolhapur, the abode of the great goddess Mahalakshmi, was well known allover India as a holy place from ancient times. Pilgrims from far and near have continued to flock here in their thousands every year during the last thousand years, may be even earlier. So great was indeed its repute that it was known as ’Dakshin Kashi,’ the Kashi of the south. And as the legend goes it weighed in importance more than Kashi itself.
  3. 3. Mahadwar – Shri Mahalxmi Mandir, Kolhapur It so happened that once upon a time Shiva and Mahalakshmi were discussing their respective habitats. In the course of these talks a dispute arose as to which was more important, Kashi the abode of Shiva or Karvir that of Mahalakshmi. Both agreed to go to Vishnu for settling the controversy. The Lord of Vaikunth picked up a pair of scales, placed Kashi in one pan, Karvir in the other, and it need hardly be told that Karvir proved to be heavier of the two.
  4. 4. Suther side of Shri Mahalxmi Mandir, Kolhapur
  5. 6. Kolhapur is located in Kolhapur district and is well connected with Pune, 240 km north. It is on the national highway between Bangalore and Pune. It is situated on the banks of the Panchganga river and is full of ancient temples and shrines. The Karavira Mahatmya states that Vishnu resides in the form of Mahalakshmi at Kolhapur. Legend has it that Kolhasura , a demon that tormented the Gods and other beings, was destroyed by Mahalakshmi here at Karavira, and that the spot of his death became a thirtha and that she took abode here in a shrine which constitutes the temple today. Although several parts of the temple are of the second half of the second millennium CE, epigraphic references place the deity in the 7th century CE, and the temple in the 10th century CE.  For a period in the interim, this temple had fallen out of worship and the image of the Goddess was housed elsewhere. Worship was restored in the year 1715 after the Marathas rose to power. For additional details log on to http://www.indiantemples.com/Maharashtra/kolhapur.html
  6. 7. Shikhar
  7. 8. Deepmala Where oil lit lamps are mounted
  8. 10. Some pictures from Mahaveer Garden ,Kolhapur
  9. 11. Two rare Cannon ball trees in Mahaveer Garden, Kolhapur-
  10. 12. The buds – they are always in abundance
  11. 13. Really a Cannon Ball ! - again the fruits are not eatable.
  12. 16. River Panchganga – on the way to western Ghats
  13. 17. Panchganga has five contributories ( so Panchganga ) and is a perennial river, has helped the district with flourishing agriculture, industry and trade.
  14. 18. Medium and small dams, percolation tanks have ensured proper water distribution for agriculture, industry and the population. Ofcourse growing demands are compromising the arrangements. Sugar cane is a major crop and has helped operating 11 cane sugar mills with, spirit and power co generations. Each factory crushes over 5 lakh ton of sugar cane. Each tone of sugar cane crop discharges 32 tones of oxygen during the life time. Sugar factories are getting into carbon trading to boost profitability
  15. 19. On the way to Panhala & Jotiba hills, the reducing tree population still loves to have dialogues with the wind.
  16. 20. With multiple aggression the solid and rocky hills are disintegrating. However, we worry about landslides.
  17. 21. Very few youngsters take it up as industry offers better remunerations and the craft has all the uncertainties.
  18. 22. Things in the making -
  19. 23. Parts for the door frame for houses in villages where old ways are still respected – but a rarity!
  20. 24. Shadowing teakwood trees – in flowering state
  21. 25. A percolation reservoir - a mini irrigation
  22. 27. Can we guess age of the tree ?
  23. 30. Bajiprabhu Deshpande – a marathi warrior in Chatrapati Shivaji era
  24. 31. Panhala weekly market – an experience to enjoy, what about the women and the kid? Famous Kolhapuri chilies, adding taste and edge to food and people !
  25. 32. Changing logistics – now on the wheels – from places to places Even these goats are customers for the greens – but everything free ! Overload on the system - look at the steel pole & wires
  26. 33. Road on one side and deep valley on the other–dogs also love hill station & adventure
  27. 34. Painting the landscape with finer brushes – reaching high.
  28. 37. Feeders for the perennial rivers
  29. 39. Tanksons will follow up this exercise with more interesting information about Kolhapur and it’s surroundings. We were born here, we grew up here, become strong enough to trot the world. It is for you, who are unable to keep these memories in the preoccupied mind. See you again !