Narrow Minds


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We sometimes get in to these.

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Narrow Minds

  1. 1. Narrow Minds
  2. 2. Narrow minds do not allow nothing more than what the present moment demands.
  3. 3. What creates a narrow mind and what the narrow mind makes?
  4. 4. Conscious mind has ability to handle short term memory - just 7,( +) or( -) 2 characters in computer jargon.
  5. 5. This is why the telephone numbers are always 7 digit in length. We like mobiles as they provide recall.
  6. 6. One’s attention, concentration, presence of mind further complicate the situation.
  7. 7. Shallow breath and bad food chemistry generate low energies in the human body.
  8. 8. This low energy is shared by body and brain – and brain demands substantial blood circulation to make up the de oxygenation of cell necessitating glucose and oxygen intake.
  9. 9. When a person is doing brain work, it requires more supply of glucose and oxygen. Just think about it, at night times, when our body is at rest brain consumes as much as 50% of energy and oxygen.
  10. 10. The human system first diverts glucose and oxygen for physical activities and naturally brain gets a bare minimum of all.
  11. 11. The habituated to shallow breathing - lower lung expansion while breathing in - and habitual bad food chemistry complicate the situation.
  12. 12. Human anatomy provides fewer cavities within the skull to accommodate any energy storage facility as a standby source.
  13. 13. Brain encounters fatigue and thinking slows down to short spells – mostly related to the ongoing activity and belittles others realities around disregarding their importance - that is why catching a breath has become to be an habit.
  14. 14. When this persists, the conscious focus is shifted; person gets tired of doing that and gives a casual treatment.
  15. 15. First few things you do once you get up – yawn to drive way stale breath, stretch to accelerate blood circulation, look out of window for fresh air and drink juice or tea with full measure of sugar in it.
  16. 16. Shifts focus after he or she gets refreshed with more oxygen and sugar added through some means like enriched water or tea etc.
  17. 17. Shifts mental gears, does not remain alive to the totality of situation – get indifferent, flirts with the things expecting coming back to it at better times. Basic physiological cause for drain on efficiency and effectiveness is now obvious.
  18. 18. Short span thinking leads to indifference towards realities and habituates a person, leaves no chance for invoking the subconscious for its good contributions.
  19. 19. Such people always complain about lack of time or energy to do anything more than the minimum that just cannot avoided.
  20. 20. They are just busy — even a mosquito is busy. What matters, is what you are busy for?
  21. 21. During some preliminary studies it is estimated that – such people go through about 4000 to 9000 thoughts per day as against the peak of about 60000 thoughts – this is observed in first decade of this century.
  22. 22. Person’s body is simply unable to make full use of superlative human design. There is no data on net about car owners who attend to their car air filters, carburetors for better fuel efficiency, having or not having such narrow minds.
  23. 23. By choice, no one ever intends to live with such scattered focus, but it just happens as a by product of our basic habits and being casual (careless at times) gets transformed into an attitude.
  24. 24. Narrow thought ways always keep us isolated and we become a ‘narrow minded person’, sans the others around and overall realities.
  25. 25. We incur unknown costs this way – miss opportunities, reluctant about routine, hook to a small pleasure, get over sensitive, inflict bruises on others and so on. It gives us a narrow identity.
  26. 26. We should thank the Mother Nature for not giving larger brains, otherwise we would just go back being better animal.
  27. 27. Narrow mind inner bondage, which one alone can free!
  28. 28. Images –thanks to drishti~cone