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Know the Self within 003


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I am cautious, anxious - this is something which we the people feel that we know - yet we are always one when we were guided by fear and anxiety....

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  • Ties in well with my new research. I have declared myself 'post human' and challenge people to come forth with criticisms, positive aspects, their definitions of humanity and post humanity. Nothing will be rejected for a while until a big enough collection of ideas have been passed to me.

    I particularly like the paragraph starting 'later process of '. Do you mind if I pass this link on to some friends who I am working with, seeking to define the same things?

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Know the Self within 003

  1. 1. The Learning Mind - Know the Self within We,the people.. Individual and society are inseparable and we need to look at them together – always. Evolution took over 70 million years. So far as human specie is concerned – out of 7 million years of rigorous natural selection process of evolution,but for last 10-12000 years, human specie remained increasingly focused towards survival – driven by instincts and reptilian brain fighting with fears,food, shelter and uncertainty. The control over instincts started separating the human from all other animals. Natural selection and adaptation struggles prompted human specie to opt for brain power in exchange of physical strengths and ascended from lower forms to be what we are today. Magnitude of intellect developed slowly to provide self motivated adaptable behavior requiring growing brain and over the entire four million years or more of the human development. Later process of natural selection was responded by self-discipline powered by larger brain, and it increased difference between the human and the lower order instinct driven animals. Self-discipline is the yardstick of the human evolution. The more of behaviour determined by intellect, more human he becomes. The less disciplined or uncontrolled behaviour by an individual pushes him towards the lower order animals. Thus human in being acquired the skills that were needed to survive, over the instincts. Need for protection, which the human collectives offered, learned behaviour through limitation, division of labour for mobilization of strength and expertise and most of all need for reproduction for enlarging the collective lead humans from herd to family and then to civilization - enlarging forms of society. Society formation was not end of challenges – human consistently raised itself to the occasions to avert extinction - used something more than the animal power – thinking – Prakash Tanksale – / tanksons 1
  2. 2. The Learning Mind - Know the Self within for survival struggles and then for comforts of life, sustain and grow ! .. and many felt saturated in this. Human brain evolved in the process to be a powerful organ, with tremendous ability to learn and think. The human evolution went in parallel in development of cultural behavior and changes in physical appearance. Culture was represented by all human creations and activities governed by social customs and rules, including elements like language, art and alphabets, numbers etc. Ability to transfer of information from one person to another and from one generation to the next evolved through communication ways including spoken ,written language language and demonstration effects. However, as it seems obvious very few who realized the power of thinking and learning were able to raise themselves considerably to use the brain and evolving associated powers gainfully, and for the reminders pains, struggles and dilemmas habitually became a way of life. Prakash Tanksale – / tanksons 2