Art Of Thinking


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Another one in the subject of knowin the self

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Art Of Thinking

  1. 1. Art of Thinking
  2. 2. Look deep into the core of your mind. Your mind is full of so many things and so many memories and moments – past, past- past, present, future – present future, future-future- everything in Universe of yours- hopes, ideas, plans, priorities, confusions, fears, frustrations, wounds, hurts, commitments, imaginations and dreams.
  3. 3. The conscious mind, because of its short attention span, is always unstable to live with the array of thoughts, keeps galloping in all directions without semblance of control and rationality.
  4. 4. When the thought process is disjointed, the control weak, the results lead us just nowhere.
  5. 5. The solution is - let go the superfluous and unconnected, one can always revert back to them if one wants to.
  6. 6. On one side you will find there are realities, confusions, confrontations and frustrations and on the other side there is clarity, mindful awareness and steps towards destiny.
  7. 7. Funny? looks simple and unbelievable? Yes, it does so when your self is not available to yourself and you refuse to confide with the subconscious.
  8. 8. When one is in harmony with the higher self, it is simply a beautiful experience that one will love from the heart.
  9. 9. Living this way one can always discipline one’s thoughts and future ways to create harmonious experiences.
  10. 10. Yes, experience it some times; one will need only the self to live his or her life – fulfilled.
  11. 11. As the wheel of thought slows down one will be able to refresh the shared empathy with the higher self and listen about subjects that concerns one.
  12. 12. The aware mind will not allow to drift from focus, rather it will allow your subconscious to join in.
  13. 13. Narrow down thoughts to focus on the most important subject in the mind, and it will evolve like a dream flower enticing the senses, feelings and insight.
  14. 14. One will, then, seek the Powers within the self and start feeling, effortlessly, that one is able to handle the issue the best possible way that is possible and confidence to prepare oneself for the struggle.
  15. 15. One will realize that one alone is the doer, and not anybody else – even if something goes wrong, one accepts the things without a grudge, learn from it and keep on going ahead.
  16. 16. Images –thanks to drishti~cone