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Kim                                                                     Kim is a tourist from Japan who begins his Europea...
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Supplemental Persona - Kim


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Published in: Design
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Supplemental Persona - Kim

  1. 1. Kim Kim is a tourist from Japan who begins his European tour in Tallinn. Tallinn He chose Tallinn because it is a Cultural Capital of Europe 2011. He’s interested in discovering European countries, their traditions and culture. He is an amateur photographer who plans to realize a . documentary after coming back home. Although Kim behaves as a common tourist, he is looking forward to seeing some unusual non- se tourist places as well. Goals: Condensate information: “Information is usually scattered in so Information many websites, so it’s hard to get an entire picture of what is ’s happening”. Saving time: “I am planning to stay here for 2 days only. That is whyAge: 35 I want to get some quick information about what to see or what to do. a I don’t have time to search on the internet and I need a quick accessOccupation: Design Manager at Sony to necessary information.”Origin: Japan Brevity: “My motto is: “Brevity is the soul of wit”, so I prefer brief and Brevity wit clear information to long and fancy descriptions”. descriptionsPhoto by mooney47,taken from