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Coaching Research Paper


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Published in: Sports, Education
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Coaching Research Paper

  1. 1. Tankersley 1Taylor TankersleyMrs. LesterAdv. Comp.28 September 2011 Will Coaching High School Football Provide in the Current Economy? The lowest–paid coach in the United States annually earns less than $15,000 for his hardwork, according to the United States Department of Labor. Coaching a high school team hasmany consequences in the current economy. One has to have the passion to coach and must notexpect to get wealthy, because salaries for coaches are so low. Men are struggling in thecoaching business, but women are feeling the effects of discrimination because of gender. Aslow as male coaches get paid, female coaches earn even lower salaries. However, demands forhigh school coaching positions are climbing and salaries are increasing. Does this mean higherpay scales for coaches? Coaches are now working all year because of the competition. The jobalso demands more than just coaching a team, but actually calls for the coaches to teach theplayers out of practice. Coaches also have to deal with personal issues from players for numerousreasons. Do coaches get paid enough for all of their work and duties they put in? If coaches areto earn a fair wage, the school should borrow from all the money teams bring in. For example,the high school football team at Ennis High School has brought in over $200,000 each year forthe past five years. With that much money rolling in, the school should borrow from that moneyto pay the coaches. For example, coaches are working longer and getting paid less. High school footballcoaches say their job has become a year round job ( Coaching is getting tougher.Coaches have more responsibilities and everyday jobs. While salaries are decreasing the work
  2. 2. Tankersley 2coaches are putting in is increasing. Some assistant coaches are working for less than minimumwage per hour ( The question is posed: why do coaches continue to coachhigh school teams if they are being paid less than minimum wage? Coaches have to enjoy theirjob or else it would be meaningless to work year-round and only get paid the same wage as a busboy. The good news is that from 2006-2016 employment of athletic related positions are toenhance by 15 percent ( As demands for high school coaches increase, the jobdescription frequently involves responsibilities the average person never sees ( Coachinghas changed over the years. It is taken more seriously now and comes with more responsibilities.Most high school football coaches also teach class, serve as athletic director and prepare forthose ten Friday nights that define a program ( Coaches now have to prepare for theupcoming season all year, instead of during the season itself. The pressure is riding on thecoaches. The competition has heightened at the high school level and coaches are getting paid fortheir success, especially in football ( The deeper a team advances in theplayoffs, the more money the district receives, the more exposure the school receives and themore support the team draws from its community ( After winning a statechampionship at Ennis High School, head coach Sam Harrell’s salary increased by 65 percentfrom what he was making in 1995. The school also saw a dramatic growth in the number ofstudents. The success of a football team draws people to the school and it benefits the school byraising money to pay for other funds. Because of the coaches’ salaries riding on the success ofthe team, coaches’ jobs are at risk ( With more accountabilities and extra duties,where are the raises? Coaches’ jobs are at risk, they are under pressure to yield success, and theyhave more to do. The discrepancy between the issue of salary and job responsibilities remainslarge.
  3. 3. Tankersley 3 Furthermore, the risk of a coach losing his job is great. Coaches have lost their jobs in thepast years due to budget cuts and low financial aid. High school coaches are questioning if theirjobs are at risk. For instance after just two years of Allatoona High School being established, theschool board voted to cut 579 full-time teachers and all part-time teachers to make up for a$126.7 million shortage ( This could mean the loss of all head coaches at thenewest high school in Cobb County ( These coaches were young men looking toget a start on life and were let go because of the uncertain career they chose to follow. Thecoaches were hand-picked to help the school gain some acknowledgement as a school thatprovides extracurricular activities ( At other schools both teachers and coachesare receiving budget cuts, but teachers are complaining that coaches are being paid more fordoing less. What the teachers fail to see is that coaches work longer and, arguably, harder thanteachers. Coaches’ contracts are usually based on a 226-day work year while teachers’ contractsare based on a 187-day year ( Teachers also receive a longer summer break thanmost coaches ( Over the past ten years the gap between teachers’ and coaches’salaries had widened by 7.3 percent, regulating for inflation ( Because ofinflation the gap between coaches’ and teachers’ salaries have become increasingly wider, butwith good reason. Coaches do not have a summer break off of work and they are paid by success,not by a permanent, yearly wage. The gap will slowly close because of the growing necessity forteachers at high schools. Thirdly, the coaching business is also, not just affecting men, but just as much affectingthe women, if not more. At Marquette University coaches of male teams make almost four timeswhat coaches of female teams make ( It is more difficult for a woman tomake the same salary as a man because of their gender. The battle of equality in male and female
  4. 4. Tankersley 4athletics has been a problem for years; male sports have been accused of receiving better salaries( It seems to be the status quo for many universities and high schools for men to doeverything in the athletic department. While the men are the ones that coach high school teams, itis the idea that women should stay on the bleachers that is ruining opportunities for womencoaches. Fortunately the wall separating male and female equality is slowly being torn down.Natalie Randolph, 29, a science teacher at Calvin Coolidge Senior High School, was introducedas the schools head football coach in 2010 ( This is a huge step forward for womencoaches. Since Randolph’s pioneering steps, there have been other cases of female head footballcoaches. Who knows what the future holds now? If gender does not matter, than both male andfemale coaches should receive the same salaries in the near future. Interestingly enough, though coaches are earning low incomes today, coaching positionsare in such demand that salaries are climbing quickly. Coaching includes more than justcoaching a bunch of kids, but teaching at the school usually is required as well. There are alsoindividual duties that the coaches ensure; Coach Kerry Stevenson makes sure his players areregistered for the ACT and provides transportation to the test ( He and others routinelytake players to summer camps and combines, paying for it out of their pockets ( CoachJamie Riggs, head football coach at T.R. Miller high school, says he tells his players to call himif they have any problems in their life. He often gets calls from distressed kids and helps hisplayers at school ( With kids, a coach can never be impatient or have a bad attitude.Coaches are always under the radar, whether the players are watching or the community aroundthem. Coaches must take care of their family and provide for them on a low salary, but they alsohave to be constantly aware that the players may have personal needs that need to be tended to.Coaches have to be like a second father, or in many cases a first father. Some coaches get paid
  5. 5. Tankersley 5minimum wage and can hardly support their family but it is the love of the game and the playersthat pushes them. Coaches do not coach for the money, because they do not make a good living,but they do it for other reasons. They work all day and all year and still do not receive a goodincome. But that will soon change. The coaching business is recovering and coaches will be paidbetter in the future. But for right now, it is fair to say that without doubt, coaches do not get paidenough for their work. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that teaching and assistant teaching jobs willgrow about as fast as the economy as a whole between 2008 and 2018 ( The BLScredits this growth rate to a need for education that is rising in proportion to a steadily growingpopulation. With teaching jobs increasing, coaching jobs will open up as well. Coaches will havea better opportunity in receiving a job if they have a minor in a core subject. Schools are nowlooking for more coaches that can teach in a classroom setting. As teaching jobs increase so willcoaching jobs. People are finally starting to see all the hard work coaches put in, to earn adiminutive salary. Schools around the country are catching on and paying their coaches more.With high school football bringing a large part of the schools’ revenue, coaches have started tobe more respected and esteemed. The future looks brighter for coaches, but it will be a slowprocess. In a few years coaches should be earning the money they deserve. If a student desires to become a coach in the future, then he must know what he is gettinginto. To be a coach one has to have the passion for teaching students. The job has morerequirements now. Coaches must teach students outside of sports and sometimes act as a parent.The risks are high and high schools are cutting budgets and salaries. For a young man trying tostart a new family it most likely will be difficult to provide for his family. Head coaches usuallystart off as assistant coaches or middle school coaches. The income is extremely low for high
  6. 6. Tankersley 6school assistant coaches and middle school coaches. The student must also know that coachingsalaries are low even though the coach is expected to do more. However, salaries are increasingas coaching positions are needed. This will be a slow process, but in the end it is up to thestudent if he is willing to take job risks and low income, in order to pursue coaching.
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  8. 8. Tankersley 8