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Corporate presentation of Taniemedia®

Published in: Business, Technology
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  1. 1. Have you ever thought about the power of your brand?
  2. 2. Changing how your b®and communicates? We have a new way of working that results in innovation, a new way to think brands, a new way to create unique brand experiences. This is brandmixedmedia©
  3. 3. FIBRE OPTIC BROADBAND If you live outside a cable area, we can offer you the right broadband solution. From our zippy Unlimited service, to our Pay As You Go package. CIRKLE BY CADOGAN Tall is beautiful ww w. l on g t a l l s a l l y. c o m L O N G TA L L S A L LY W O M E N S W E A R We bring your brand’s big idea to life, and communicates it effectively it across media.   Our first love is design. But today’s market demands more. Our strategic approach has evolved into mixed media. Images, music, text, and graphics create unified messages across all your touch points. The result is work that’s fresh, gorgeous and unique to your brand.
  4. 4. Brands transcend borders and so do we by mixing the talents, experiences and ideas of our international team. MIRKO OLI JOE CHRIS STEPHEN ROMAIN ANGUS NATASHA GILLES THIBAULT DAVID STEF DANIEL YUKO SARAH ALICE MANJEET DAVID FEDERICO MATEO INES FLORE MATT DANIELA
  5. 5. Why us? We’re bursting with ideas. Combining talent and experience, we hold ourselves to the highest professional standards.
  6. 6. From strong concepts grow brands that colour our world. We create and develop gorgeous brands, with beautiful thinking, strategy and design, by challenging the established rules of the market.
  7. 7. Experience Strategy Identity Retail Qualitative research Naming Product brands Quantitive research Visual identity Literature systems Brand audits Written identity Websites & intranets Brand strategy Sonic Identity Customer statements Brand architecture Motion Identity Advertising Brand valuation Guidelines On b®and
  8. 8. The project at a glance This is a comprehensive process plan as reflected by the deliverables and timelines. We will work with you to select the best programme to fit your needs and make a lasting impact on the market. 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 1 BRIEF 2 BRAND STRATEGY 3 CONCEPT VISUAL 4 CREATE THE VISUAL 5 CREATE THE BRAND DESIGN ELEMENTS 6 CREATE THE BRAND GUIDELINES 7 CREATE THE SONIC BRANDING 8 CREATE THE RETAIL ENVIRONMENT
  9. 9. Strategy More than anything else, brand strategy drives your business and keeps it focused. Through discussion and research, we’ll work with you to identify the values and narratives your brand represents. Ultimately, these values direct your promotions, the behaviours of staff, and the whole customer experience. The strategy we develop will govern the long term future of the brand, while providing a set of behaviours and objectives that can deliver benefits in the near term.
  10. 10. Identity Good, strong strategy lays the foundation for a successful brand, but it achieves its power through compelling words and striking design. Of course, logo design just scratches the surface. Some of the most impactful retail programmes, websites and communications materials around have been executed by our experienced creative people.
  11. 11. Experience Once you have a compelling and well defined brand, you need to get it to your customers. Traditionally, the primary tool for promoting the brand was advertising. Today, we draw the brand into as many areas of customer experience as we can, using it to differentiate channels like retail, the web, customer literature and customer service.
  12. 12. Exceeding expectations. We always develop our projects with passion and love, and are proud of what we create. We are brand experts and leverage your brand values to guide our creative work and realise the power of your brand. We are driven to break boundaries and exceed your expectations at every turn.
  13. 13. “As a designer Stephanie is capable of discovering solutions that other designers won't uncover in a million years. She compliments her creativity and passion with a easy personality and is a pleasure to quot;Taniemedia has provided our company work with.” with outstanding results in the field of artistic Marketing Director, Green Target (UK) June 2008 design (logos, graphical charts, advertising campaign, websites...) Always inventive and a great team playerquot; quot;Tanie gave us their full and undivided attention, they really wanted to know my business. The quality of their work is Marketing Director, Eutelsat (France) May 2008 excellent. They manage to always incorporate their expertise with our needs no matter how detailed or intricate. “Stefanie is a valued partner to Exradia Inc. They take a professional approach asking the who has completed a number of projects for right questions to improve decision makingquot; us to an exceptional standard. Why Stefanie is our preferred media partner is because Owner , Qooljets, (Malaysia) December 2007 she has a unique mix of creativity and capability. Always great ideas, concepts and designs – the twist being that she always delivers on-time and to budget.” Marketing Director, Exradia (UK) May 2008