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General questionnaire tania serbanoiu

  1. 1. General Questionnaire:1.What is your inner motivation to apply in the MC of AIESEC Romania 2013 – 2014?I am the oldest person in AIESEC Pitesti’s generation that grew along with the organization, meaning Icontinuously had contact with AIESEC since 10th grade (from the Summer School and Grow projects) andseeing lots of generations making an impact around them. Doing OGX (International Internships) seemed tome, from the beginning, the most inspiring and challenging experience a person could have. As I grew in myAIESEC experience, I wanted to dare for more and reach the highest level of doing OGX.So, applying now as MC VP GIP Outgoing is probably the biggest objective I stand for .Another thing is that I want to see Romania recognised for its performance (just like in 2006, when AIESECRomania was on 6th place on AIESEC International) and providing life changing experiences and what betterway to demonstrate it than through International Internships Program.Furthermore, AIESEC gave me a lot, made me the person I am right now, I want to do something to givesomething back. As an MC VP you motivate people, inspire them , sharing the knowledge with them, doeverything that is in your power to give them everything they need to learn more and develop.This year, I dream to prove that AIESECers achieve more and more, together with my MC team and LC VPsteam, and yes, I want to show that this thing can be proved by someone from a small LC, because we are notsmall AIESECers or big AIESECers, we are the AIESECers, the ones who follow their dreams and stand out forthem.2. What is the leadership that the World & Romania is expecting from AIESEC?Personally, I can talk about this subject from 2 points of view.Firstly, I believe that the world needs to recognise a leader not from the position or title he owns, but from thepassion, the way he inspires and impacts. Because the universe rewards actions, not thoughts.Secondly, due to the economical, political and social situation, new or speciffical needs are borned. Each regionof the world has its own issues and awaits for a change, a change to improve the situation.Throught its mision, AIESEC is committed to be the promise of change, by taking the initiative to start thechange in us as individuals, continuing it to where we are capable to reach it around us.We are the leaders of today who are acting on the promise of tomorrow. Our organization for more than 60years has successfully faced the challenges of an everchanging world with an overwhelminglyoptimistic view of the future. Our experiences have the power to shape the ambitions, competencies andwillingness of the young people to be and become agents of positive change.In a world which was shaken by the financial crisis, the food crisis, swine flu, civil unrests, military conflicts andextremist movements, AIESEC was called by our history and our future to be a source of inspiration to ourmembers, alumni, partners and societies.I believe that corporations, gouvernments, each citizen eaither from Romania or any another region, is lookingfor a bright future, through a sustainable development. How? By the convergence of theright talent, technology, financial resources and information. All this matched with a leadership style that isambitious, entrepreneurial, responsible, inclusive and self-sustaining.MC VP GIP Outgoing Application MCC 10-13th January 2013Tania Șerbănoiu Raising a hope. Matching a challenge. Realizing a dream!
  2. 2. 3. Having in mind a SWOT analysis for AIESEC in Romania, what is the role of AIESEC in Romania?Based on that, how can AIESEC in Romania be more relevant?I believe while, reading this application form, people expect to find and agree or disagree with the affirmationsI am standing up for. This is because the role, the relevance and the impact this organization has is given byeach one of the people that are part of it.In Romania AIESEC has a different role for each individual as we promote it and as he chooses to have it. Forinstance, having my own analysis, I can say that AIESEC has the role of bringing a role in our lives. Sound prettyconfusing right? But if you think twice, it’s relevance is given by our beliefs and actions. For me, it showedrelevance ever since I was a high school participant. Why? Because in the back of those apparently small wordsI found the my potential to discover and take what was suitable and relevant for me. In nowdays, the firstquestion that comes when you tell somebody about something is „What’s in it for me?” and at the answer„experience”, most of the time you get a „phhhhhbt” . Because people don’t actually understand the realmeaning or power of „experience”. But they do feel bad when each time they’re trying to reach a highstandard the main „hop de trecut” is reffering to their experience.I consider experience a mosaic of knowledge, practise, attitude, skills, contacts and behaviour. And the biggestthing that I am grateful for in AIESEC is the fact that here, I was allowed to make mistakes, to learn from them,to be and bring the change I want to see in the world. And yes, AIESEC is a life changing experience.Based on the things I mentioned above, we can be more relevant by working on 3 elements External Positioning (working product based, re-thinking our packages so that we can respond to a need of the market, increase our delivery and satisfaction percentage for our stakeholders, being well known for our brands) Educate our members (education packages for TMP&TLP, invest in our members willing to do things and invest time but give up AIESEC because they can’t afford some facilities that can provide them the knowledge or experience) Financial Sustainability (focus on our core products and obtain financial result from it eg GIP, continue pushing the implementation of self-sustainable projects, health check of our products and adjust them properly, find new financial partners)MC VP GIP Outgoing Application MCC 10-13th January 2013Tania Șerbănoiu Raising a hope. Matching a challenge. Realizing a dream!
  3. 3. 4. AIESEC Romania is halfway towards our 2015 midterm ambition. Evaluate our key achievementsfrom 2010 and key things that should happen in the next 3 years. Global Youth First Choice Positive Voice Partner Impact Achieved: Achieved: Achieved: • Accreditation of at least 1 • We are recognized for our from GIP/GCDP program in qualitative EPs (eg. We are • Our alumni present at universities in the majority priority nr 1 for AI regarding Global AIESEC Alumni of the LCs GIP outgoing on IT sector) Award (eg. Teia • One of the first countries • GIP Incoming growth on Catana winner for that implemented the new raised Young Alumni structure • Starting to pilot the NPS Contribution in 2011 • A significant number of system at IC In Kenya) AIESEC Romania’s • Alumni GIP Campaign We • Trainees on GCDPi members part of MCs or have over 2000 Alumni-at return to LCs or keep NSTs abroad least one contact they can in touch (eg. Chris • On going recruitments reffer to us as a potential from @Pi is for the 8th • Constant growth on "client" for GIP and a high time in our LC) TMP/TLP from 2010-now percentage of them also have • Participants from high • Growth regarding youth in their own company or is school projects apply engagement (eg. Grow working in one for AIESEC (even for participants that apply for willing/needing to take GIP MC ☺ ) consecutive editions) • One of our national projects (in collaboration with SoV) was awarded “best educational project” at the Results: Education Awards Gala Results: • Accreditation for • Awards received GIP/GCDP in all LCs nationally or locally • 100% growth on members from external Results: developing through more organisations/entities • 100% Growth on GIPi and than one of the • Absolute growth in GIPo Realizations programmmes our members who took at • National Implemented organisation offers least one developing NPS system • Student’s First choice for program • Companies and students experimenting a global • High NPS Score are contacting us for GIP environment • Career Plans and (KPI counted as number • Implemented programs for Follow ups after @XP of signed contracts from all @ XP stages (eg. • Members leaving the entities that contacted Engagement, Life Long organization providing us) Connection) potential clients • (giving back)MC VP GIP Outgoing Application MCC 10-13th January 2013Tania Șerbănoiu Raising a hope. Matching a challenge. Realizing a dream!
  4. 4. 5. What will be the changes that will increase the volume of AIESEC in Romania ELD realizations for2013 – 2014 term (have in mind the connection between our products and external environment).External programs: A. Focus on GIP, both Incoming and Outgoing, under national campaigns (like the sub programs on International Internships). We could consider an advantage the fact that each LC has a „best pool of EPs” on their market. We should focus our attention to them and position our programs in such a way that they become appealing and useful for them. On the GIP Incoming part,we already have gained some know how after this term, and we should focus on building capacity and market expansion. Also, as a growth was noticed in terms of Raising, the delivery and follow up should come into our attention. B. Due to the fact that AIESEC Romania didn’t have a focus on the ET market, neither Incoming nor Outgoing on the last terms as far as I noticed, a focus on Implementing the Global Education campaign and position it in the international network could be a strong national aligned recruitment that can be relevant for all LC Markets. (eg. focusing on the big number of pedagogical pools which we have in all the LCs and with the particular Universities from each LC) . C. Connecting the GCDP Incoming program with the Outgoing program and also with the impact that the projects have. When I am spaeaking about Incoming and Outgoing I am thinking about the events that could have these 2 areas provide clients one for eachother (eg. At the Internships Fair the trainees could be the ambassadors of their countru and could increase the credibility in front of our targets) Also, regarding the connection with the projects, emphasizing the impact that we have and the reason for which we are doing the GCDP program, so that people understand that we as an organization are aware of the problems that the society has and we act upon them.Internal programs: A. LC VPs often come from 1 or 2 leadership positions and don’t have a clear strategy or qualitative transition to plan and reach the realizations desired. Each MC VP should have a plan in order to make his VPs understand the need of certain plans or actions (to give them the WHY and it will be much easier for them to find the HOW); TLs on national initiatives should show more responsability in their role so I suggest that they have a national coordinator on each area in order to make them more aware of the national importance and of the entire AIESEC network. At a local level, it should be delivered a leadership preparation or a transition plan from EB, alumni or partners with experience in situational leadership. We tend to lose our members because we cannot adapt our style to each individual we are trying to coordinate and make him share and fight for our vision and objective. With situational leadership, it is up to the leader to change his style, not the follower to adapt to the leader’s style. B. Expand organizational opportunities: TLP & TMP should be delivered through more external projectsMC VP GIP Outgoing Application MCC 10-13th January 2013Tania Șerbănoiu Raising a hope. Matching a challenge. Realizing a dream!
  5. 5. 6. What will AIESEC in Romania remember about 2013 – 2014 term? Describe which will be the keymilestones you commit to strive for during next term.To follow the road towards 2015, the organisation’s direction from 2010 until then, needs to be focused in twocomplementary forces1.Constantly reviewing our programmes in order to improve them2. Absorbing innovative trends in order to invent new programmesAs I see it, each year we try to bring new changes and new things to perform. I am not saying that is bad, butright now, we already have the proper framework to support a relevant growth (the new structure) we justneed the well prepared people to work with. Almost my whole application is reffering to continuity, I consider more healthy to be focused on what wealready have (eg. Sub programs, business models etc.) and just make sure they are implemented at a fullpotential. And for this I want the country to remember MC 2013-2014 a team of people that not only like, butlove what they are doing in AIESEC and leave the same kind of generation behind them.The MCP and MC VPs go on a national direction that feeds all the LCs and manages to fill the gaps from theprevious term, doubling the number that we were supposed to reach, with a growth on off peak.They analyze what is happening and the way it is happening , to know exactly how to help if help is needed, togive the LCs the resources they need from national level to have the necessary things to work with (nationalinitiatives, national projects, tools, contacts, etc.) and are aware of all realities of the LC by having a realitycheck call in each LC every month ore every 2 weeks because in my opinion just tracking some numbers is notthe whole reality that is in the LCs . On 2013-2014 we have an absolute growth on our core products because of our focus for product basedgeneration and on TMP&TLP experieces delivered through the external programs.Last but not least will be the strong area culture manifested despite the separated positions in the MC or insome LCs.7. In 2014, AIESEC in Romania is the winner of the Global Excellence UBS award. Explain why.The UBS Global Excellence Awards recognise the highest level of achievement within AIESEC. They are given tothe countries and territories that have worked harder and smarter than all others and are blazing the way asrole models for the rest of the network.Romania has prooved to be a valued driven country, this year more than ever sticking to one of AIESEC’sperformance reflecting value: Striving for excellenceStriving for excellence is an important part of professionalism in any job. It involves trying to put quality intoeverything you do.Excellence is about stepping outside the comfort zone, training with a spirit of endeavour, and accepting theinevitability of trials and tribulations. Progress is built, in effect, upon the foundations of necessary failure.AIESEC Romania was one of the first countries that implemented and sticked to the new structure, managing,not only to replan and fill the gaps it had at the beginning of the 2013 term, but also having an absolutegrowthon off peak regarding the number of GIP&GCDP experiences realized in the last term. Also, an absolutea growth was registered on TMP&TLP experiences due to the members that worked for these externalprogrammes. Also, With a focus on their core products they obtained financial result from them .Having a successful external orientation, they managed to create, promote and deliver packages so thatresponded targeted to their market’s need.AIESEC Romania managed to fulfill its mission statement as ONE Romania, a Romania, in which the LCs actedas a unity in order to achieve their potential thanks to the a national direction that fed all the LCs and stillmanaged to align at a national level.MC VP GIP Outgoing Application MCC 10-13th January 2013Tania Șerbănoiu Raising a hope. Matching a challenge. Realizing a dream!
  6. 6. MC VP GIP Outgoing Application MCC 10-13th January 2013Tania Șerbănoiu Raising a hope. Matching a challenge. Realizing a dream!