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  • Opportunities in our curriculum?Teach to students to trial different ways of keeping current with the literatureCLICK – Have students navigate websites and repositories in search of evidence-based clinical guidelines
  • Apps for health professionals (final)

    1. 1. Powering Your Clinical Practice By Going Mobile Your group and date of presentation Your name Position Email Tania Gottschalk, Education Services Librarian Neil John Maclean Health Sciences Library
    2. 2. Which mobile device? The case for iPhone/iPad:  Most high quality applications (apps) created for these devices  Choice of Manitoba service providers offering data plans has increased  Multimedia tools of great value enable: • Finding information on the Net • Taking a photo or video • Sending/receiving email • Listening to a podcast • And more!
    3. 3. Which Mac mobile device? iPhone iPad  Phone, camera, MP  Ditto iPad but not a phone 3 player, email, web browser & mini computer  Fits easily in your pocket  $$$ for plans  Mobile but not handheld  Larger screen = improved image      viewing, reading & data entry Use Keynote (like Powerpoint) & Pages (like Word) Purchase stylus for writing Purchase separate wireless keyboard Purchase dongle for projection $$ for plans or tether to your iPhone & use its plan
    4. 4. Problems & limitations?  No USB port, mouse support, or true multi-tasking  Not resistant to dust or liquids  Apple refuses to support Flash - many instructional videos are rendered in Flash and cannot be viewed on iPhone/iPad  No Winnipeg (Manitoba?) hospitals providing a facility-wide wireless network  Access to patient records (EHR) not widely available in Winnipeg (Manitoba?) hospitals
    5. 5. Useful apps Healthcare app categories:  Point of care tools  Drug reference  Medical calculators  Other reference tools  Patient & personal health
    6. 6. Point of Care Free Medscape Paid UptoDate $$$ First Consult $$$ What are they? • Current evidence syntheses of diagnoses, tests & treatments • Designed for rapid consultation at the point of patient care • Evidence-based, link to relevant literature & practice guidelines
    7. 7. Try it on the iPad!  Open First|Consult  Tap Topics - Enter Gout  Choose Acute Gout  Choose Diagnosis  Scroll down to see: • Signs & symptoms • Differential diagnosis • Bibliography of guidelines • Questions to ask • Summary & order of tests
    8. 8. Drug Reference Free Micromedex Epocrates Paid Davis’s Drug Guide $$ Lexi-Comp $$$ What are they? • Concise drug overviews • Include drug interactions, pill identification, contraindic ations & dosages
    9. 9. Try it on the iPad!  Open Micromedex  Select Class then go to Antibiotics • Choose Amoxil • Review Drug Interactions (Major)  Select Drug – Enter Oxycontin in Search Box • Select Toxicology • Choose Treatment
    10. 10. Medical Calculators Free QxMD Calculate Paid MedCalc $ MediMath $$ MEDCalc 3000 $$$ What are they? • Enter medical information then apply defined formulae • Include dose/unit converters, decision tree tools, clinical criteria sets
    11. 11. Try it on the iPad!  Select All Formulas – pick Child-Pugh Classification • Serum Albumin = 18 g/L • Serum Bilirubin = 11 μmol/L • INR = 1.5 • Ascites = Mild • Encephalopathy = None MedCalc  Have a look at: • Teeth Numbering • Spirometric Values o o o Age = 62 yr Height = 170 cm Gender = Male
    12. 12. Other Reference Tools Free  Eponyms  UMMC Medical Encyclopedia Paid Medical Abbreviations $  Taber’s Medical Dictionary $$
    13. 13. Try it on the iPad!  Select all Eponyms • Tap S • Scroll to Sturge-Weber Syndrome Eponyms
    14. 14. Other Reference Tools Free PubMed On Tap (Lite) Unbound Medline Paid PubMed on Tap $ • The U.S. National Library of Medicine search interface to the MEDLINE database • Search references to articles in key medical, nursing, dental,& public health journals (1950-present)
    15. 15. Try it on the iPad!  Open PubMed On Tap  Select PubMed (Upper left corner)  Tap on Search box and then choose Advance Search  Enter Lyme Disease into Any Field  Change Full Text to Free Full Text  Choose Review for Publication Type  Choose Human for Species  Tap Search button
    16. 16. Patients/Personal Health Free MediBabble WebMD Medline Plus Lose It Run Keeper My Medical
    17. 17. Try it on the iPad!  Tap Introductions & Explanations  Use button on top right side to adjust volume MediBabble  Play around with tapping various introductory sentences
    18. 18. Try it on the iPad!  Open WebMD  Tap Symptom Checker  Enter age, postal code, gender  Tap on the right chest of the body  Review symptoms, select pain or discomfort  Answer the sequence of questions as you prefer  Review possible conditions
    19. 19. Getting apps Refer to handout “Apps for healthcare professionals”: These resources require a subscription from the publisher of the product • • • For those affiliated with the UM access through the Library is free. Some of the resources to which the Library subscribes are also available to WRHA staff For those who do not have access through the University of Manitoba, individual subscriptions are available Once an account has been created for a subscription resource, accessing the mobile version will involve one of the two options below App available from Apple iTunes App Store Internet website
    20. 20. How to add a website to a home screen  Example to add: Medline Plus  Tap Safari  Into the Google search box enter Medline Plus Mobile  Select Medline Plus Mobile from list of websites retrieved  To add to the home screen of iPad: • Tap Arrow key at bottom of the screen • Tap Add to Home Screen • Modify name to suit your needs (e.g. MedlinePlus) • Tap Add • Icon displays on your desktop like an app
    21. 21. How to keep up?  Reviews healthcare apps for all mobile platforms  Reports latest trends & innovations in mobile device use in healthcare settings
    22. 22. Questions?