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Improving Your Prospects With Lawbore


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Improving Your Prospects With Lawbore

  1. 1. Improving your prospects with LAWBORE
  2. 2. Fellow Law students, you may be thinking…the title itself says LawBORE, surely that’d bethe last place you would look...THINK NOTWith its very many aspects, some good andsome bad, Lawbore provides a range facilitiesthat will assist you in your Legal studies.
  3. 3. First and foremost, for us students to have access to Lawbore we must simply go onto and enter our usernames and passwords As first year Law students we allneed our books and Once on the Lawbore website our what better way to eyes are drawn immediately to our find books that fit friendly guide to Lawbore. (Well it’s our specification! not really her but close enough!) This fun and Lawbore is so ingeniously designed interactive tool that everything is so clear and enables us to flick knowing we can ask any question isthrough a variety of extremely helpful! books and choose the ones we need.
  4. 4. EVENTS CALENDERAs a Law student, andprospective solicitor or barristerit is without say very important tomake the right impression andconnections with the law firmsand legal practitioners that bestsuit us and our interests. TheEvents calendar is the easiestway in searching for significantevents that are happening in notonly City University but also Particularly for first yearother institutions. Also, students it is also helpful thatparticularly in university where it there are events about topicsis very much up to the student as other than what we areto finding out about events, this studying.makes the researching a lot
  5. 5. Understanding legal abbreviationsThe most daunting task in being a Law Student is arguably getting your headaround the books, cases, journals and articles, and knowing where to look and how to extract exactly what you need. This is also not helped by the use ofabbreviations. However the video on legal citations and abbreviations explains in detail, what they mean, what they are used for, and how to overcome the difficulties of finding a mass number of jurisdictions under your citation. Year the case was reported The Which law page report number series it is found in
  6. 6. Tips for Mooting Mooting is probably the most scary, but also exciting part of studying law, as it is our first insight into how it is fighting a real case with a judge. Although for many of us it is a new thing, which is why the page on mooting tips is very useful. No. 15 is also very handy, as it will make our overall argument seem more professional, however it will No. 7 I felt was very helpful, as also be useful to know of the it sometimes feels there is general structure and nothing worse than not feeling discourse of a moot, for confident about your students who have never argument, as this would then experienced one before effect your performance
  7. 7. Come Lawbore With me…1st Year GDL LLB“Fantastic Database. No Problems in using it so far. In terms of accessibility and user friendliness, I give it and 8!”
  8. 8. Come Lawbore With me…1st Year Law LLB“I find Lawbore useful as it gives access to special e- books and reports. Can see case reports from your own home, and it has information for beginner Law Students”
  9. 9. Come Lawbore With me…3rd Year Law LLB“I mostly use Lawbore for access to West Law, and articles. Its relatively easy to use but sometimes theres a lot of stuff that’s not really relevant for us ”
  10. 10. Come Lawbore With me…3rd Year Law LLB“Lawbore is very helpful as far as I’ve used it and I cant really think of any criticisms of it!”