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Discover the Basque country by RTA

  1. 1. “Discovering the Basque Country”Email: sales@dmc--------DID: +34 665734327
  2. 2. Proposed ItineraryProposed by RTA GROUP |Please note:1.The proposed itineraries are well developed in this Program, but at the beginning you will find a simplified standard itinerary.2.As there are many possibilities to Discover the Basque Country, we have proposed a ‘Best of’ experiences that will allow our clients to experience the ‘People, History,Culture, Gastronomy and Nature’ of our destination in the short time available, with the shortest travel time possible between activities, assuming that most visitorswould be visiting our Destination for the first time.3.It is understood that itineraries are indicative only and will be open to changes suggested by the client’s requirements.4.This document will be accompanied by a budget proposal for client discussion.5.Information prov.6.Please feel free to suggest any specific issue dealing with the itineraries of The Program7.Based on your inputs, we will updated our Program and… Enjoy your trip!!Thank you.rta TeamPlease assume:1.Venues and Activities are suited to group size of 10 to 30 people over 5 days (including arrival and departure days)2.Activities might be adapted depending on interests, gender and average age of visitors3.Double rooms will be provided at 4-5 star hotels (unless there is specific indications, room sharing will be assumed)4.Any rates are proposed for all ground handling only, excluding airfare5.This Program includes all ground transport, accommodations, dinner events, tours, meals where specified, including all service charges and Taxes.6.Please, take into consideration that weather conditions might affect to some of the activities.
  3. 3. Contents1. About the Destination2. Travel notes3. Daily itineraries for 20134. Proposed Hotels (4-5* hotels in bestlocations)Destination Images
  4. 4. Simplified Standard ItineraryDay One Day Two Day Three Day Four Day FiveMorning[09:00-13:00]Arrival• Meeting with guide at theairport• Transfers to Premium 5*Hotel in Bilbao city center• Check-Ins• Welcome Cocktail• Video about BilbaoTransformation at theMaritime Museum• Lunch: private show-cooking• Guided sailing trip alongNervion River• Hanging Bridge (WorldHeritage)• Breakfast in hotel• Meeting with guide at lobby• Discovering Urdaibai:• Visit Gernika village and theBasque Asambly House• Jai Alai Experience at aProfessional Fronton• Coastal villages: Mundaka,Bermeo, San Juan• Breakfast in hotel• Meeting with guide at lobby• Private Visit to theGuggenheim Museum• Transfer towards SanSebastian• Breakfast in hotel• Meeting with guide at lobby• Transfer to La Rioja• Famous Wineries tour:Marqués deRiscal and Ysios• Enjoy Laguardia village, heartof the Rioja wine, and someancient and artisan wineries.• Breakfast in hotel• Meeting with guide at lobby• Check-Outs• Transfer to Vitoria• Cycling route around thecity. European Green Capital2013.• Guided Tour to Santa MaríaOld Cathedral, “opening forworks”• Lunch: traditional BasqueCuisine at a rewardedrestaurant• Transfers to Bilbao AirportDepartureAfternoon[13:00-18:00]• Lunch: traditional localMenu at the countryside, ontop of a hill by the Sea.• Free time: Shopping, …• Discovering Getaria, a uniquefishermen village• Local White Wine Winery• Lunch: Fresh Sea food at thefishermen port• Lunch: Traditional food atcharm winery.• Free timeEvening[18:00-22:00]• Dinner: Night GastronomyTour discovering Bilbao:Pintxo’s Tour and WineTesting.• Visit to the Basque biggest“txakoli” Winery (local wine)• Dinner at its exclusive 3Michelin Stars Restaurant• Check-Ins at San SebastianPremium Hotel• Guided Tour around SanSebastian• Dinner: Best Local Gastronomyin a private and MysteriousGastronomic Society (only formembers)• Dinner: Free & Easy, Visitorson their own; suggestionsprovided
  5. 5. About the Destination
  6. 6. Destination NotesAccessibility : The most important hub and entry point to the Basque Countryis Bilbao Airport, (it moved over 4,500,000 passengers in 2012), offering manyinternational connections (Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, London, Madrid,Munich, Paris,…)Key attractions & activities :Basque Country offers the chance to experiment and observe a particular wayof life through many attractions: a varied landscape, a mild climate, ancientculture, renowned Gastronomy, …The defining features of the Basque character were forged by deeply rootedcustoms, rich culture and local sport. Basque people maintain strong links withthe natural resources of the land and the seas. You can immerse yourself in itstraditions and personality of this community, granted with beautiful coastaland inland villages, and you will also be fascinated by the three capitals: Bilbaowill surprise you with its transformation towards an avant garde metropolis;San Sebastian, exquisite and unique; and Vitoria-Gasteiz will show you its richheritage.Gastronomy is another of the main reasons for tourism to the Basque Country.Eating and drinking well in the Basque Country is a luxury everyone can afford,and that is why it is considered by many international chefs as one of the bestcuisines of the world, especially in terms of the average quality of the foodthat you can get at any place you happen to walk into. The Basque Country isthe world’s area more awarded with 3 star Michelin Restaurants. There is noother place in the world that reaches the reward of having 28 Michelin stars in19 restaurants.Bilbao Airport Green LandscapesModern Arquitecture, Bilbao Traditions and CultureCapital Cities, San Sebastian World famous Gastronomy
  7. 7. Destination Notes (II)Major 5-star hotels available:In Bilbao: Melia Bilbao, Silken Gran Hotel Domine, Carlton Hotel, Ercilla, Lopez HaroIn San Sebastian: Hotel María Cristina and Londres HotelAverage 5-star hotel cost during peak/off-peak season:Hotels in the Basque Country work on demand, so prices may vary depending onavailability.Climate : Basque Country enjoys a mild climate: The northern area (coast, Bilbao,San Sebastian) is considered part of the Green Spain, where oceanic climate ispredominant, with its wet weather all year round and moderate temperatures. Thesouth section has a more Continental Mediterranean climate what means dry andwarm summers and cold and snowy winters, with precipitation peaking in springand autumn. Precipitation is scarce and irregular, as low as 300 mm.Peak tourist periods:Easter Holidays (29 March-1st April)Summer time (August, due to Capital Cities Festivals)Bank HolidaysChristmas timeDates and things to avoid: Nothing relevant, just enjoy!VISA requirements: No specific requirements.Languages spoken: Basque, Spanish, English, German, French, Russian, Japanese,….Guggemheim Museum, Bilbao San SebastianUrdaibai Biosphere Natural Reserve Jai Alai, Traditional SportsRioja Wineries Ancient Language and own features
  8. 8. Discovering the Basque Country2013 ItineraryProposed by RTA GROUP
  9. 9. Day One•Arrival to Bilbao:• Meeting with your personal guide at the airport.• Transfer from airport to your Hotel. Check-Ins• Welcome Cocktail to just arrived guests.•Learn and discover the transformation process of the Great Bilbao:o Enjoying the video showed during the Shanghai World Exhibition at theMaritime Museumo Sailing along Nervión River till the coast in a private boat (1hour),accompanied by a local architect. A selection of our best gastronomy andRioja wines will be served on board.•Discovering the Hanging Biscay Bridge (World Heritage).•Lunch: private show-cooking by one of our best local Chefs, with the possibility ofparticipating in preparing the dishes. Recipes will be given to the participants.•Free afternoon. Recommendations for wellness, shopping,… will be given.•Dinner: Night Gastronomy Tour around Bilbao. Get involved in one of the favoriteBasque traditions as if you were local people, discovering the city while savoring Pintxo’sand local Wine at recommended places.•Accommodation: Premium 5 * Hotel in Bilbao city center. Breakfast included.
  10. 10. Day TwoMorning• Meeting with your personal guide at the lobby of your hotel.• Bus Transfer to Urdaibai, an amazing natural area declared Biosphere Reserve byUNESCO (45 minutes)• Discover the most emblematic village for Basque people: the historical village ofGernika, where the famous Picasso painting was inspired. Enter into the Assembly Houseto understand some of the features and special politic privileges of the Basque Country.• Jai Alai Demonstration at Gernika’s Professional Frontón: Enjoy the authenticity of thisBasque Traditional ancient Sport. Do you dare to experiment yourself personally?Afternoon• Reach some of the most beautiful and amazing coastal villages and wild locations:o Mundaka: a nice small fishermen village internationally well-known by itsworld-wide famous wave for Surfing.o Bermeo: an ancient and elegant village, the perfect example of the relationbetween Basque people and the sea.o San Juan de Gaztelugatxe: a unique island by the Cantabric cliffs with a littlechurch on the top and connected to land by a narrow stoned path.• Lunch: traditional Menú at the charmy place at the top of a hill admiring the CantabricSea.Evening• Transfer back to Bilbao.• Free time.• Dinner: enjoy the famous dishes from one of our main world-known chefs, at arewarded three Michelin Stars Restaurant. Taste our local white wine (“txakoli”) at itswinery, the biggest around the Basque Country. The group will be welcomed with localmusic and the traditional Aurresku (Ancient Basque welcoming dance).• Accommodation: Premium 5* Hotel in Bilbao city center. Breakfast included.Attraction / Activity Imageswith captionsAttraction / Activity Imageswith captions
  11. 11. Day ThreeAttraction / Activity Imageswith captionsMorning• Meeting with your personal guide at the lobby of your hotel.• Check-out.• Private visit to the Guggenheim Museum: (1-2 hour)o Selections from the Collection of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao.o Inhabite Architectureo Stories of Historyo L’art en guerre. France, 1938–1947: from Picasso to Dubuffet• Private Bus Transfer towards San Sebastian (1hour)Afternoon• On the way to San Sebastian, visit the fishermen village of Getaria, one of the WorldTop Recommendations by New York Times for 2013.• Taste the local white wine “Txakoli” at a charm Winery located at the top of a hilloriented to the Cantabric Sea.• Lunch: local sea- food grilled in front of you in one of the best restaurants at the port.• Check-Ins at Premium 5 * Hotel in San SebastianEvening• Guided tour to visit La Concha beach, Peine del Viento, Igueldo Mountain, Miramar andKursaal Palaces, Old city, …• Dinner: Enjoy the ancient atmosphere and the best traditional products at amysterious “just for men” Gastronomic Society, usually exclusive and only available forlocal people, but open to the group exceptionally.• Accommodation: Premium Hotel by the sea in San Sebastian city center. (4/5* orsimilar standards based on availability). Breakfast included.Attraction / Activity Imageswith captionsAttraction / Activity Imageswith captions
  12. 12. Day FourMorning• Meeting with your personal guide at the lobby of your hotel.• Check-out• Private Bus towards the historical village of Laguardia (1 hour).• Famous Wineries tour: admire the vanguard buildings of Marqués de Riscal and YsiosWineries.Afternoon• Lunch: Enjoying the single wine yard of “Contino” where to learn about the art ofwine, taste local wine and savor a traditional meal in an exclusive atmosphere. The groupwill be welcomed by the owner and the wine tasting will be guided by the familysommelier.• Enjoy the historical village of Laguardia, authentic heart of the Rioja Wines. Discoverthe ancient way of living being received to our guide’s own house, built in XVI Century,that used to be a Pellegrino House.• Check-Ins• Free time.Evening• Dinner: free & easy, guests on their own. Recommendations will be provided.• Accommodation: Charm Hotel in Laguardia; Breakfast included.Attraction / Activity Imageswith captions
  13. 13. Day Five• Meeting with your personal guide at the lobby of your hotel.• Check-out• Bus Transfer from La Rioja to Vitoria-Gasteiz, European Green Capital 2013 (45’)• Cycling route around the city, discovering all the secrets of the Capital of the BasqueCountry.• Guided Tour to Santa María Old Cathedral, “opening for works”. This amazing templeserved as inspirations for Ken Follet’s famous book.• Lunch: traditional Basque Cuisine at a rewarded restaurant just in front of theCathedral.• Bus Transfer from Vitoria to Bilbao Airport (45’)Departures from Bilbao Airport.HAVE A NICE TRIP!!
  14. 14. Premium Hotel ProposalsProposed by RTA GROUP
  15. 15. Silken Gran Hotel DOMINE, BilbaoHotel DescriptionSilken Gran Hotel Domine is a luxurious 5-star property set in a prime locationin the centre of Bilbao. Local places of interest include Guggenheim MuseumBilbao, Bilbao Fine Arts Museum, Plaza Moyua. Other points of interest areChavarri Palace, Zubizuri Bridge, University of Deusto, Bilbao.The 25-square-meter estandard rooms have 1 double bed or 2 twin beds withEgyptian cotton sheets and wool/cashmere bed coverings. Most rooms have aview of hotel’s atrium and Cypress Fossil sculpture. The Philippe Starck–designed bathroom has two bowl-like sinks, heated towel racks, telephone,bathrobes, and separate section for toilet and bidet. Wireless Internet accessis available for a surcharge. The TV is on a rotating stand. Lamps and chairs areby Mariscal. Cherrywood and beech doors complement the surroundings.
  16. 16. MARIA CRISTINA, San SebastianHotel DescriptionSince opening in 1912 the recently restored Hotel Maria Cristina has beenclosely linked to the history and cultural life of San Sebastian. The lavish BelleÉpoque interior is filled with soaring columns, 19th-century portraits, rich silkbrocades and glorious chandeliers making for a truly opulent experience.The Basque Country’s world-renowned cuisine, along with delicacies fromfurther afield, draws guests to the superb dining venues in the hotel.Business travelers are spoilt for choice with four sumptuous function rooms.Since the San Sebastian International Film Festival was inaugurated in 1953Hotel Maria Cristina has been the rendezvous spot and preferredaccommodation of the stars, attracting legendary names such as ElizabethTaylor, Bette Davis, Woody Allen and Brad Pitt.A Century of Elegance RenewedExperience gracious hospitality on a grand scale in the hotel’s rooms andsuites. Decorated in a sophisticated palette of greys and white, the rooms area quiet haven of luxury.In a city where gastronomy is one of the principal attractions, Hotel MariaCristina is at the forefront in providing exquisite venues where you candiscover the Basque and international haute cuisine. Start a memorablemorning in Easo restaurant, continue your journey in the DRY Martini Barwhere the selection of local tapas-style dishes known as pintxos and otherlight gourmet offerings are complemented by a full range of premiumbeverages. Tse Yang, the hotel’s haute-cuisine Chinese restaurant, will dazzleyou with its vast array of dishes.
  17. 17. Thank You!For further information and request please contact us:RTA GROUPPh: + 34 952 376 250Fax: + 34 952 376 268E-mail: sales@dmc-rtaspain.comWedsite: