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Activating and Accessing your Account


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This presentation will guide you through activiang and accessing your account.

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Activating and Accessing your Account

  1. 1. Accessing your CCSD Google Account
  2. 2. Log-on to a district computer• Turn on computer.• Enter user-id and password.
  3. 3. Activation• Change your password – Hit CTRL-ALT-DELETE – Select “Change a password” – Type in your existing password – Enter your new password (8 characters) – Verify your new password (8 characters)
  4. 4. Initial Account Access• Open Internet Explorer• Go to• Click ‘Sign-in’• Type in your• Enter your District password• Click ‘Sign-in’
  5. 5. Navigating Your Google Homepage - I• The black tool bar across the top of the webpage are your personal tools – Search – Images – Documents – Calendar – Sites – Groups – Contacts – Maps – More
  6. 6. Navigating your Google Homepage - II• Clicking on ‘More’ gives you access to: – YouTube – News – Translate – Books – Blogger – Reader – Finance – Photos – Videos – And ‘Even More’
  7. 7. Navigating your Google Homepage - III• iGoogle – a personalized Google experience. – Click on iGoogle – Select the options you would like to see on your homepage – Select a theme – Select your country – Enter your postal code – Click ‘See your page’
  8. 8. Your iGoogle Homepage• Your personal page includes a selection of gadgets: – The Google Search Bar – Gmail preview window – To-do list – CBC | Top Stories – YouTube – Weather –
  9. 9. Adding Gadgets to your iGoogle Homepage• Add gadgets by selecting the ‘add gadgets’ button on the top right of the screen• Select the gadget from the list. A description will appear• Click “Add gadget now”. The button will change to ‘Added’• Click ‘Back to iGoogle’
  10. 10. Modifying and Moving Gadgets• Moving gadgets – Click on the gadget title bar and drag to the desired position• Deleting gadgets – Float the mouse in the upper right hand corner of the gadget, select the ‘gears’ dropdown menu, select ‘Delete Gadget’ – Confirm
  11. 11. Logging out of your Google Account• Locate and click on your account ID in the upper right hand corner of your homepage• Select “Sign Out”