A Tour of Google Apps


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A Tour of Google Apps

  1. 1. A Tour of Google Apps learn.cssd.ab.ca
  2. 2. Google Apps provide tools for creating, learning and sharing. Signing into yourlearn account gives you access to these tools within the learn domain. The tool bar gives you quick access to the most frequently used apps. Let’s explore some of the Google Apps.
  3. 3. Images allow users to narrow a topic search to show image results only. This was an Images search for ‘ice cream’.
  4. 4. Your learn account gives you access to e-mail (via Google, but not a Gmail address). For staff this is a second e-mail address and is not linked to Outlook. This is a secondary address for staff. It is the primary address for students.The CCSD logo is areminder that youare in the learndomain.
  5. 5. Documents allow users to create documents in Google. These files can be spreadsheets,word processing documents, forms, drawings, and presentations. Google allows usersto collaborate and share these documents. Click the CREATE button to begin a new document.
  6. 6. Calendar allows users to create events and appointments. Multiple calendars can becreated and shared to other users.
  7. 7. Sites allows users to create websites in Google. These sites can be published to theweb and can be used to plan, share, collaborate and stay connected. Templates andweb tools are used. Knowledge of HTML coding is not required.
  8. 8. Groups allow users to create groups or engage with other groups of people. You canshare files and create community.
  9. 9. Contacts allow users to create a contact list thatcan be used across Google Apps (not just Mail).Groups can be created (such as class groups) forquick distribution of messages.
  10. 10. Maps allow users to find locations on the globe as well as to obtain driving directions.Maps has been integrated with Google Earth and Google Street View.
  11. 11. Clicking the MORE button, gives you access tomore frequently used apps. Let’s explore them now.
  12. 12. Users of the learn domain have their own access to YouTube. Many of the privacy andpermissions are controlled by our I.T. department.
  13. 13. News allow users search topics across many news platforms. A search in news is quitedifferent than a regular search as Google will search through news outlets for themost recent mention for your search item. News can also be personalized to youraccount.
  14. 14. Translate allows users either type or cut-and-paste text into the field and translateinto several different languages.
  15. 15. Books allows users to search the vast library of books digitized by Google. This tool isgreat for research. Users can preview or read entire works depending on copyright.
  16. 16. Blogger allows users to create their own blogs. A variety of templates are availablefor use.
  17. 17. Reader allows users to track and receive updates for their favourite websites andreceive RSS feeds.
  18. 18. Finance allows users to track stocks, bonds, and other financial matters. Users cancreate their own personal portfolio.
  19. 19. Photos allows users upload and create their own on-line photo albums. Users havethe ability to set their own permission levels to determine with whom the photos areshared.
  20. 20. Video allows users upload their videos and see videos that others have uploaded inthe district.
  21. 21. Clicking EVEN MORE brings you to a page of Google Apps. Feel free to explore theever-growing list of Google Apps.