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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. The HalogensQBA Miguel A. Castro Ramírez
  2. 2. The Halogens•The halogens are a group of non-metals in the periodic table•They all have seven electrons in theirouter shell this makes them all reallyreactive; they only have to gain onemore electron to fill their outer shell.•Unlike Group One the elements getless reactive as you go down the group
  3. 3. Fluorine (F) 2,7Name: FluorineSymbol: FAtomic Number: 9Atomic Mass: 18.998404 amuMelting Point: -219.62 °CBoiling Point: -188.14 °CNumber of Protons/Electrons: 9Number of Neutrons: 10Colour: Greenish
  4. 4. Chlorine (Cl) 2,8,7Name: ChlorineSymbol: ClAtomic Number: 17Atomic Mass: 35.4527 amuMelting Point: -100.98 °CBoiling Point: -34.6 °CNumber of Protons/Electrons: 17Number of Neutrons: 18Colour: green
  5. 5. Bromine (Br) 2,8,18,7Name: BromineSymbol: BrAtomic Number: 35Atomic Mass: 79.904 amuMelting Point: -7.2 °CBoiling Point: 58.78 °CNumber of Protons/Electrons: 35Number of Neutrons: 45Colour: Red
  6. 6. Iodine (I) 2,8,18,18,7Name: IodineSymbol: IAtomic Number: 53Atomic Mass: 126.90447 amuMelting Point: 113.5 °CBoiling Point: 184.0 °CNumber of Protons/Electrons: 53Number of Neutrons: 74Colour: blackish
  7. 7. Astatine (At) 2,8,18,32,18,7Name: AstatineSymbol: AtAtomic Number: 85Atomic Mass: (210.0) amuMelting Point: 302.0 °CBoiling Point: 337.0 °CNumber of Protons/Electrons: 85Number of Neutrons: 125Colour: Unknown
  8. 8. Uses of Fluorine The main use of fluorine is toothpaste even though it isn’t as fluorine itself but instead as fluoride, a compound of fluorine.
  9. 9. Uses of Chlorine Chlorine is used mostly to kill bacteria or as a bleach. Chlorine bleaches a piece of universal indicator paper white.
  10. 10. Uses of Bromine Bromine is one of the main ingredients in camera films (as silver bromide).
  11. 11. Uses of Iodine When dissolved in water, iodine can be used as a strong antiseptic or as a test for starch.
  12. 12. Thank you for watching !