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GMO presentation


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Talking Points for Non-

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GMO presentation

  1. 1. GMO Free WVAn Overviewby Trixie Devine
  2. 2. Presentation Overview GMO- What is it? Definition Examples GMO- Why Care? Health Risks Environmental Risks GMO- What to do? GMO- My campaignGMO Free WV
  3. 3. GMO-What is it? GeneticallyModified Organism Pesticide creating Herbicide resistant “Frankenfoods”GMO Free WV
  4. 4. GMO Free WV
  5. 5. Example 1GM TomatoesNon-WeatherResistant TomatoArctic FlounderGenesGM Cold-ResistantTomatoes(Less Productivity)GMO Free WV
  6. 6. Example 2GM Corn/Soy Herbicide Resistant “RoundUp Ready” Produce Pesticides Chemically alteredGMO Free WV
  7. 7. GMO-Why Care? Health Risks Environmental RisksGMO Free WV
  8. 8. Health Risks BT Toxins inthe air MortalityRate SlowedGrowthRate GrowthDefects InfertilityGMO Free WV
  9. 9. Environmental Risks Contaminating Native Fields of Crops Bio-Diversity Issue Pesticides killing beesbirds, and other livingorganisms Contaminating streams “Superweeds” Monsanto LawsuitsGMO Free WV
  10. 10. GMO- What to Do? Avoid processed foods containing ingredientsfrom corn, soy, canola, sugar beets, andcotton Look for Non-GMO Project verified products. Eat organic. Buy locally grown foods. Grow your own.GMO Free WV
  11. 11. GMO- What to Do? Spread awarenessin your community Write to foodcompanies Write to politicians Attend rallies Boycott Kellogg’sGMO Free WV
  12. 12. GMO- My Campaign Others’ results CompaniesAgainst GMLabeling My Campaign ChartGMO Free WV“We are not doing anything illegal.Using GMO products in your area islegal. ” –various companies“The fruits and vegetables in ourproducts are not geneticallyengineered. Other ingredients such asoils, starches or sweeteners, may be.”–Del Monte, similarly Campbell’s“We are aware of these GMOconcerns. All o f our dry beansand vegetable seed varieties…are GMO free.” –Hanover, Bush
  13. 13. $0$500,000$1,000,000$1,500,000$2,000,000$2,500,000CompanyContributions Against Propisition 37- GMO LabelingGMO Free WV
  14. 14. Questions? HandoutsGMO Free WV