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Market Sotialize across Target Group, Increase engagement, Enhance popularity of site using Digital media, Getting feedback from users and to design a revenue model.

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  1. 1. Market across Target Group, generate engagement among new and existing users JRE School of Management Group-7
  2. 2. Introduction • Share one’s interest • Follow and make friends with people of your own interest • Go global with your findings & creations • Medium for businesses to highlight and sell their products • Earning via Socializing • Join, connect and interact by sharing images and videos
  3. 3. Target Audience • Tech Savvy • Age group of 25-45 • People with strong interests • Virtually active • Indian ethnicity across Geographies Geographies
  4. 4. Competitor’s Analysis Company Is a TMC Revenue Stream User Base Facebook Social network Everyone Advertising 1.11b+ Pinterest Online Pin board 25 – 35 age group Affiliates 40mn+ Linkedin Professional networking 24+ age group Ads + Subscription 200mn+ Instagram Photo Sharing 15 – 30 age group Advertising, Affiliates 30mn+ Google + Social network Everyone Advertising, Affiliates 400mn+ Qyuki Network for Creative kind 25+ Advertising Not available Twitter Micro-blogging 20+ Affiliate 200mn+ Sotialize Interest based network 25- 45 age group Affiliate, Advertising, ecommerce 50k + and Growing
  5. 5. SWOT Analysis Strengths Strong Positioning: Social site” Weakness “India’s own New concept of Connecting Common Interest Denizen's PSOs virtual money First time on social site Weak online support like- mail going in spam, DOB pop-up problem Virality and unque Content Brand name Absence of Revenue Model Opportunities Threats Huge potential as image based Social networking is evolving Foreign Players like Pinterest and Etsy Niche and Indian Positioning in a highly competitive market of social media High Speed Broadband Internet penetration in India
  6. 6. Problems & Solutions 1. Confirmation SPAM For this the company may change their policies according to the requirements of as this is the problem only with gmail. 2. Sharing the contacts from other user accounts There should be an option to invite friends from one’s other accounts while signing up.
  7. 7. 3. Website looks cluttered They need to monitor the uploads by the user and present it in a much effective manner. OR they can design the main page/the format for the display picture on the main page by themselves. 4. SEO They should work extensively on their contents and keywords to improve the SEO for their website.
  8. 8. Current Issues faced by Sotialize? • Increase user base in the given Target Group • Grow the engagement level across users • Get virality of content and product
  9. 9. Social Survival Engagement Time spent Engagement Virality Unique content Timing
  10. 10. Making site popular • Go Viral – Give platform for the local designers and craftsmen. for e.g- pyjamaparty allthingscustomized Engage more youngsters from the crowd. – Generate interest by contents on current affairs • Seed your Site – Do not only depend on the users to upload contents for you, upload contents yourself • Participate on sites related to your niche – Participate on sites like, create a page linking back to your own website • Increase use of digital tools like SEO, SMO • Create contests based on the peoples interest
  11. 11. Engaging Users • Launch a mobile app and a mobile site • New features like gaming could be introduced •Promotions on: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc • Arrange meeting or parties for top users according to their interest. • Attractive Psos (sotialize currency) • Link with Youtube videos • Ads on, etc • E-mailers invitation
  12. 12. Survey on Sotialize Q1. What is your first impression about Simple & Sober 30% Lively 10% Interestin g 25% Attractive 35% User friendly 9% Monotonous 24% 1hr 30-60 mins. or more 5% 5% 30 mins. 15% 15 mins. 75% Q2. What is your view on Interface & content? Updated 19% Q3. How much time you will spend on (During initial visits) ! Q4. Would you like to register on! May Be 30% Engaging 48% No 25% Yes 45%
  13. 13. Suggestions • Introduce Infographics • Website Demo • Bring in opinion leaders • Customized interest updates • Notifications & Top trends • Formation of communities • Business & Science interest’s are must Personalize Sotialize
  14. 14. Recommendations: Revenue Model Get 5000 passionate sellers Push products of such sellers to user base Initiate, Monitor and facilitate Sales and Virality of Unique Products
  15. 15. More on Business Model We take a 5% commission on products sold Plan to sell Average Ticket 3000 unique Size of Rs. 1500 products every per product day Expected Revenue of Rs. 8.2 Cr Annually
  16. 16. So Thank You