TMA Introduction


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TMA Introduction

  1. 1. JUNE 2012
  2. 2. Company Introduction
  3. 3. Background TMA Construction Engineering Co Ltd was established in 1997 in Shanghai. Our company engaged mainly on interior and exterior design and construction. The company today is a multi-disciplined practice that offers full range of services from strategic planning, design, engineering and project management to construction throughout Asia Pacific region. Our working group , formed by superior and sophisticated designers and engineers, keeps close contact with clients. During the past 15 years, we have developed a strong alliance with many multinational corporations transacting business in Asia Pacific region. TMA remains focused on client services and providing the highest quality of professional services. It is this commitment to excellence that has guaranteed our success. Our philosophy is revolves around people. TMA has left behind the traditional workspace attitude and will continue to expand our horizons in an effort to provide new ideas for our clients as they operate their businesses in an increasingly challenging and competitive environment.Company Introduction公司简介
  4. 4. Our Services + Pre-Lease Consultation 租赁前顾问 + Feasibility Studies 可行性分析 + Test Fits/Space Planning 斱案测试/空间规划 + Strategic Facility Planning 功能设备斱案 + Project Brief Development 项目信息整理 + Concept Design 概念设计 + 3D Renderings 效果图 + M&E Engineering Design 机电巟程设计 + Permits & Construction Submission 报建申请 + Sustainable Design Development 深化设计 + Furniture & Storage Evaluation 家具及仓储评估 + Project Management 项目管理 + Budget Evaluation & Proposal 预算评估及建议 + Construction Services 斲巟服务 + Site Management 现场管理 + Cost & Quality Control 成本及质量控制 + Procurement & Consultation 採贩及顾问 + Post Occupancy Services 搬迁后服务 + Maintenance 维护服务Our Services我们的服务
  5. 5. Quick Projects Reference + Adidas 15,000sqm + CBRE 2,000sqm + L’Oreal 10,000sqm + ICIS 4,800sqm + Sungard 5,000sqm + Lanxess 4,000sqm + WPP 6,000sqm + Chubb 3,000sqm + Ford 4,000sqm + H&M 6,000sqm + Denstu 5,000sqm + Alcatel Lucent 4,000sqm + Unisys 5,000sqm + CEVA 5,000sqm + IBM 2,000sqm + Hilton Worldwide 1,800sqmOur Project我们的项目
  6. 6. Our People TMA Organizational Chart General Management Managing Director Kelvin Zheng General Manager Vanessa Zhong Design Department Project Management Department Client Management Dept Government Submission Dept Administration Dept Accociate Director On Site Management Client Services Deputy General Manager Administration Manager Eric Tan Huan Yu Yi (宦毓毅) Fanny Zhao (周文燕) Project Director Project Director Commercial Director Senior Interior Designer Jeff Wang (王建兵) Jeff Wang (王海浩) Tandy Tsang Government Submission Specialist Executive Assistant Maggie Wang Lou Jiong (娄炯) 叶慧敏 Project Manager Project Manager Client Manager Interior Designer Scott Song (宋小晖) Jecky Chen (陈建雄) Harry Chen Executive Assistant Gordon Dou Procurement Dept 钱辰瑶 Project Manager Project Manager Client Manager 3D Designer Pan Syn (潘希) Yue Hua Shi (施跃华) Jessie Zhao Procurement Manager Peter Yin Gao Wen Chun Finance Dept Site Supervisor Project Manager Client Manager Interior Designer Bason Dong (董必新) Huang Zhuo Xian (黄卓贤) Wesley Zhao Procurement Assistant Financial Manager Justin Zhou (周洪铭) 李其 Queen Wang Site Supervisor Site Supervisor Customer Service Officer Interior Designer (余锐) (宦振兴) Connie Qian Accountng Assistant Jiu Hong Zhu (徐秋芳) Lv Yiyi (吕申轶) Site Supervisor Quantity Survey Dept (谢孟金) Quantity Surveyor Senior M&E Engineer Stella Xu (许御秀) David Xu (徐伟) Quantity Surveyor Factory Services & Maintenance Lisa Sun (孙烨) Factory Manager Maintenance Manager Quantity Survey Assistant Zhang Zheng Ting (张郑廷) Wu Da Yong (吴大勇) Leo Zhang (张李龙) Warehouse Manager Maintenance Engineer 李志清 潘光强Organization Chart公司架构
  7. 7. Our Matrix Design Facility Client Maintenance Services Our Matrix Project Construction Management Quantity SurveyOur Services我们的服务
  8. 8. Interior Design TMA provides full range of design services. We work closely with clients to professionally combine their visions, goals and images. Design  Pre-Leasing Services – for qualify space meeting the requirements.  Functional Analysis – fulfill the needs of clients  Concept Design – create concepts and ideas  Design Development – for construction and planning  Modification & Tracking – meeting to update during the construction Construction Services TMA provides integrated construction and engineering services. Our project team composes a group of project expertise, technicians, skillful workers Construction and multi-cultural staffs. We enable each project is appropriately executed according to plan and delivered on schedule within the budget. Our own factory located in Shanghai assists us in providing high quality, cost effective fitting out products. TMA also leads and communicates with all nominated subcontractors.Our Services我们的服务
  9. 9. Client Services TMA formed a group of multi-cultural and different background accounts serving managers to communicate with clients, design consultants, project Client management companies and building management office. We will provide Service after sales services and follow up after project completion. Getting the feedback from end users is the valuable assets to our development. TMA also has specialists whose handle and communicate with all local authorities regarding submission and getting approval. Quantity Survey & Procurement In accordance with our clients values and priorities, TMA provides completed Quantity price estimations and appropriate suggestions at all project phases. We have Survey a sourcing team helping to source the high quality and cost effective materials to suit different functional requirements of design. It helps our client to control the cost but achieving highest performance. We constantly update all qualified suppliers list through active research on the rapidly growing and ever changing decoration material market in China. TMA corporate status benefits our clients with bargaining advantages.Our Services我们的服务
  10. 10. Project Management TMA experienced project management team formed a high efficient and effective liaison platform between landlord, designers, consultants, vendors, Project Management contractors and suppliers. The platform can bring out the development of effective communications and mechanisms for resolving conflicts among the various participants. We will oversee the project from start to finish and perform a key role in project planning, budgeting, and identification of resources needed. The project manager will monitor the progress of the construction activities on a regular basis and hold regular status meetings with all the sub-teams. Facility Maintenance TMA will offer an extensive maintenance services program to our clients Facility after the completion of the project. During the warranty period, the provide Maintenance free of charge services to any defect on materials, equipments and workmanship we delivered. In addition, we can perform regular and routine checks according to client request. We will respond urgent service call within 4 hours including and normal respond time is 24 hours including weekends and holidays. TMA also open to any warranty extension if needed. Our aim is to maintain all end-user can be working in a comfort and safe environment.Our Services我们的服务
  11. 11. Why TMA ??? Reputation & Experience Expert & Professionalism Flexibility & Effectiveness Quality & Control Management & Union Environment & SafetyWhy TMA?为何选择景兴?
  13. 13. Project Reference – Corporate
  14. 14. Client Adidas | 15,000 sqm Location Grand Gateway, Shanghai Designer PDM International Scope of Work ConstructionProject Reference项目参考
  15. 15. Project Reference项目参考
  16. 16. Project Reference项目参考
  17. 17. Client Reebok Location Grand Gateway, Shanghai Scope of Work ConstructionProject Reference项目参考
  18. 18. Client L’OREAL | 12,000 sqm Location Park Place, Shanghai Scope of Work ConstructionProject Reference项目参考
  19. 19. Client White & Case | 3,600 sqm Location Beijing & Shanghai Designer PDM International Scope of Work ConstructionProject Reference项目参考
  20. 20. Client Bank of Montreal | 2,000 sqm Location Wheelock, Shanghai Designer AD Incorporation Scope of Work ConstructionProject Reference项目参考
  21. 21. Client Lanxess | 3,500 sqm Location Park Place, Shanghai Designer Robarts Interior Scope of Work ConstructionProject Reference项目参考
  22. 22. Client CBRE | 2,000 sqm Location Wheelock Square, Shanghai Scope of Work ConstructionProject Reference项目参考
  23. 23. Project Reference项目参考
  24. 24. Client SunGard | 8,000 sqm Location Shanghai ZSIP Scope of Work ConstructionProject Reference项目参考
  25. 25. Client Fancl | 2,000 sqm Location Wheelock Square, Shanghai Scope of Work ConstructionProject Reference项目参考
  26. 26. Client Finnair | 600 sqm Location Hong Kong Plaza, Shanghai Scope of Work ConstructionProject Reference项目参考
  27. 27. Client Unisys| 10,000 sqm Location SZIP, Shanghai Scope of Work ConstructionProject Reference项目参考
  28. 28. Client Chubb| 2,500 sqm Location Citic Tower, Shanghai Scope of Work ConstructionProject Reference项目参考
  29. 29. Client PAG| 1,600 sqm Location Plaza 66, Shanghai Scope of Work ConstructionProject Reference项目参考
  30. 30. Client Deloittte | 2,278 sqm Location KIC, Shanghai Scope of Work ConstructionProject Reference项目参考
  31. 31. Client MBK Partners | 600 sqm Location K. Wah Center, Shanghai Scope of Work ConstructionProject Reference项目参考
  32. 32. Client Alcatel-Lucent | 3,600 sqm Location Time Square, Shanghai Scope of Work ConstructionProject Reference项目参考
  33. 33. Client United Overseas Bank | 3,300 sqm Location Shanghai Bay, Shanghai Scope of Work ConstructionProject Reference项目参考
  34. 34. Client Otis| 3,600 sqm Location Shanghai Scope of Work ConstructionProject Reference项目参考
  35. 35. Client Zimmer | 1,200 sqm Location Raffles City, Shanghai Scope of Work ConstructionProject Reference项目参考
  36. 36. Client DFS Galleria | 1000 sqm Location Jingan Creative Center, Shanghai Scope of Work ConstructionProject Reference项目参考
  37. 37. Project Reference – Commercial
  38. 38. Client Haagen-Dazs | 420 sqm Type Fast Food Restaurant Location Beijing Scope of Work ConstructionProject Reference项目参考
  39. 39. Client Banana Leaf | 4,500sqm Type Restaurant Location HK Plaza & Chai Tai, Shanghai Scope of Work ConstructionProject Reference项目参考
  40. 40. Client H&M Type Fashion Retail Location Cloud 9 Plaza, Shanghai Work Scope ConstructionProject Reference项目参考
  41. 41. Client Mango Type Fashion Retail Location Around the region Scope of Work ConstructionProject Reference项目参考
  42. 42. Client 239 Restaurant Type Restaurant 239 Restaurant Location Shanghai Scope of Work ConstructionProject Reference项目参考
  43. 43. Client Element Fresh Type Restaurant Location Shanghai Scope of Work ConstructionProject Reference项目参考
  44. 44. Client Attica Type Bar & Disco Location Shanghai Scope of Work ConstructionProject Reference项目参考
  45. 45. Client List我们的客户
  46. 46. Client List Accenture 艾森哲咨询 Adidas 阿迪达斯 Adidas Sourcing 爱迪达采贩 Anheuser-Busch Asia, Inc. 安海斯-布希亚洲 Alcatel 阿尔卡特 Alcatel- Lucent 阿尔卡特-朗讯 Alkas Realty (Goldman Sachs) 高盛 ARC Investment Partners Ltd ARC投资机构 Arcelor International – Shanghai 阿赛洛国际 ATKINS Consultants 阿特金斯咨询 Attica Night Club 艾其多俱乐部 Banana Leaf Group 广州蕉叶 Bank of Montreal 满地可银行 Becton Dickinson Medical Devices – Shanghai 碧迪医疗器械 BH Petrol 布鲁肯希尔 Broadcom Communications Technology – Shanghai 美博通通讯技术 Budweiser International Brewing 百威啤酒 CB Richard Ellis Property Consultants – Shanghai 世邦魏理仕 Chubb Insurance – Shanghai 丘伯保险 Colliers International – Shanghai 高力国际物业顾问 Colombia De Cafe 哥伦比亚咖啡 CEVA Logistics 基华物流 CITI BANK 花旗银行 DENTSU Advertising – Shanghai 电通广告 DFS Galleria (DFS ) DFS全球免税店 Deutsche Bank – Shanghai 德意志银行 Deloitte & Touche – Shanghai 德勤永华会计师事务所 EF Education 英孚教育 Eternal Asia- Chang Yi Electronics 长怡电子 FANCL – Shanghai 无添加Client List我们的客户
  47. 47. Client List Faurecia China – Shanghai 佛吉亚中国 Finnair Cargo- Shanghai 芬兰航空 Ford Automotive Finance (China) – Shanghai 福特汽车金融(中国) FountainVest Partners (1602~1604 K. Wah Center) 斱源投资 Gamigo Online Entertainment – Shanghai 游戏米果 Gap International Sourcing – Shanghai 盖璞 Group M (WPP) (Kinetic / Maxus / Mec / Mediacom / Mindshare) – Shanghai 群邑广告 GT Solar – Shanghai 极特太阳能 H & M Management Office China 海恩莫里斯办公室 H & M Retail Stores – Shanghai 海恩莫里斯商铺 Haagen Dazs 哈根达斯 Heineken Trading - Shanghai & Beijing 喜力 Hewlett-Packard Asia Pacific 惠普 Hilton Worldwide Office 希尔顿 Hitachi (HDS) 日立 IBM 国际商业机器 ICI 多乐士 ICIS 易贸 Interbrand 百益通 IVECO FIAT SPA – Shanghai 依维柯 Jones Lang Lasalle Surveyors – Shanghai 仲量联行 Kemet Electronics 基美电子 Kheng Leong Investment - Shanghai 庆隆投资 Knight Frank 莱坊 Korn/Ferry Human Capital Consulting – Shanghai 光辉国际人才咨询 Kuehue & Negal 德迅船运 Kurtsalmon Associates 嘉思明咨询 LG Sourcing 美国劳氏公司 Li Ning Sports 李宁体育Client List我们的客户
  48. 48. Client List L’Oreal China – Shanghai & Beijing 欧莱雅中国 L’Oreal Academy – Shanghai , Beijing & Suzhou 欧莱雅学院 Lufthansa German Airlines 汉莎航空 Luxottica – Shanghai 陆逊梯卡 Lyondell Great China Holdings – Shanghai 利安达中国 MANGO Garments and Accessory Trading (Wuxi / Wuhan / Suzhou / Chengdu / Shanghai) 芒果 (无锡/武汉/苏州/成都/上海) Maersk (China) Shipping – Shanghai / Ningbo 马士基航运中国 Manning Selvage & Lee 明思力公关顾问 MBK Management - Shanghai 安博凯投资 Merrill Lynch International 美林投资 Macquarie Goodman 麦格理上海 Motorola – Shanghai 摩托罗拉上海 NAB (National Australia Bank) – Shanghai 澳大利亚国民银行 New Zealand Immigration Bureau 新西兰移民局 Nordea Bank Ltd 北欧银行 OMRON Electronics – Shanghai 欧姆龙电子 Otis Elevator Management – Shanghai 奥的斯电梯 Pacific Alliance Group 太盟投资集团 Proface China International Trading – Shanghai 普洛菲斯国际贸易 Pudong Development Bank Group 浦东发展银行 Queensland Government Trade & Investment – Shanghai 澳大利亚昆士兰政府贸易投资办 Roquette – Shanghai 罗盖特 Saatchi & Saatchi – Shanghai 盛世长城广告上海 Saatchi & Saatchi – Guangzhou 盛世长城广告广州 Serono Singapore – Shanghai 雪兰诺 Springs Industry’s – Shanghai 斯普林斯巟业 SunGard China – Shanghai 金仕达软件 Sybase Software China – Shanghai 赛贝斯软件 Synthes Medical Equipments – Beijing 辛迪斯医疗器械Client List我们的客户
  49. 49. Client List Systems Union 阳溢软件 TIMKEN (China) Investment – Shanghai 铁姆肯投资 TMF Associates Ltd – Shanghai 达盟咨询上海 TMF Associates & Partners – Beijing 达盟咨询北京 TNT Direct Marketing Services 天地直复营销策划服务 TNT Logistics’ International Trading 天地物流 Toyota – Beijing 丰田汽车 UCB United 优士比 United National Bank 阿联酋联合国民银行 United Overseas Bank 新加坡大华银行 UPM 芬欧汇川集团 Unisys Asia Pacific 优利系统(中国) ViewSonic – Shanghai 优派 WestPoint Stevens 西点史蒂文 What If ! Innovation Company 华特依福 White & Case Shanghai 伟凯律师事务所上海 White & Case Beijing 伟凯律师事务所北京 Zim Israel Navigation 以星轮船 Zim Intergrated Shipping Services (China) 以星国际货代 Zimmer Medical – Shanghai 捷迈医疗器械Client List我们的客户
  50. 50. THANK YOU!End of Presentation