Bb values venture(social entrepreneur)


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Bb values venture(social entrepreneur)

  1. 1. Done by :Dominic , Harry , Deshao
  2. 2. Social entrepreneurship is the recognition of asocial problem and the uses of entreprenialprinciples to organise, create and manage asocial venture to achieve a desired socialchange.It is also the work of social entrepreneur
  3. 3.  Increase income of low income families Launched in 2006, Enterprise Solutions to Poverty mobilizes and supports about 130 leading companies and banks, and about 50 entrepreneurs in building profitable and inclusive businesses that incorporate millions of low income people as suppliers, distributors and consumers of asset- building products. Our goal is to double the income and assets of over 50 million low income people by 2014. Education to low income families THP has educated the people suffering from poverty so that they could learn how to improve their conditions in the community on their own. THP-The hunger Project
  4. 4. Bill gates : Donated more than 28 billion to charitySusan B Anthony :was the Co–Founder of the first women’s temperance movement and a prominent American civil rights leader for women’s rights in the 19th centuryVinobha Bhave :is a prominent figure in Indian modern history and was the founder and leader of the Land gift movement that helped reallocate land to untouchablesMaria Montessori:a pioneer in education. Developed the Montessori approach to early education in childrenFlorence nightingale:she laid the foundation for the first school of nurses and worked to improve the hospital conditionsMargaret Sanger:She was the founder and Leader of the planned parent hood federation of America, championed the family planning system around the world
  5. 5. Margaret Maria SangerFlorence MontessoriNightingale
  6. 6.  Bill Gates Susan B.Anthony Vinoba Bhave
  7. 7.  The rise of social entrepreneurship reflects a growing sense today that many of the most promising solutions to global problems don’t necessarily depend on charity, government aid, or foundation grants. They come from individuals at the grassroots level willing to bring entrepreneurial thinking to bear on some of our toughest social problems.
  8. 8. Social entrepreneurs apply market principlesto the business of social change. A case in pointis Anita Ahuja in India. She has tackledproblems like waste, sanitation andunemployment by launching a venture thatmakes wallets, purses, and other high-endaccessories out of plastic waste.
  9. 9.  No one has done more to put social entrepreneurship on the map than Bill Drayton. In fact, he’s widely credited with having coined the term in the early 1980s. He’s the CEO and founder of Ashoka, a global association of social innovators. Since 1981, the organization has elected some 3,000 leading social entrepreneurs as Ashoka Fellows, providing them with living stipends, professional support, and access to an outstanding global network of peers.
  10. 10.  trepreneurship.aspx
  11. 11.  The terms social entrepreneur and social entrepreneurship were used first in the literature on social change in the 1960s and 1970s. The terms came into widespread use in the 1980s and 1990s, promoted by Bill Drayton the founder of Ashoka: Innovators for the Public ,and others such as Charles Leadbeater.From the 1950s to the 1990s Michael Young was a leading promoter of social enterprise and in the 1980s was described by Professor Daniel Bell at Harvard as the worlds most successful entrepreneur of social enterprises because of his role in creating more than sixty new organizations worldwide, including the School for Social Entrepreneurs(SSE) which exists in the UK, Australia and Canada and which supports individuals to realize their potential and to establish, scale and sustain, social enterprises and social businesses. Another British social entrepreneur is Lord Mawson OBE. Andrew Mawson was given a peerage in 2007 because of his pioneering regeneration work. This includes the creation of the renowned Bromley by Bow Centre in East London. He has recorded these experiences in his book "The Social Entrepreneur: Making Communities Workand currently runs Andrew Mawson Partnerships to help promote his regeneration work.
  12. 12.  Although the terms are relatively new, social entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurship can be found throughout history. A list of a few historically noteworthy people whose work exemplifies classic "social entrepreneurship" might include Florence Nightingale (founder of the first nursing school and developer of modern nursing practices), Robert Owen (founder of the cooperative movement), and Vinoba Bhave(founder of Indias Land Gift Movement). During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries some of the most successful social entrepreneurs successfully straddled the civic, governmental, and business worlds - promoting ideas that were taken up by mainstream public services in welfare, schools, and health care.