Housing and Family Economics


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Housing and Family Economics

  1. 1. Prepared by: Kristine Marie AguilarBEED-JRU
  2. 2. MY HOME
  3. 3.  A Home or shelter, which is a basic need ofthe family, is now growing concern amongthe Filipinos. Every Filipino , regardless ofhis/her financial capacity, dreams of owning ahouse for his/her family. Shelter is a necessity for everyone. Without itwe will not have safety and security.
  4. 4. Reason why people buildShelter1. To provide security and safety- the need to be secure or to be safe isinherent among us, thus, if we have a house,we are assured of being free from harm orfrom any unexpected attack. We can havepeace of mind and contentment
  5. 5. 2. To show one’s economic status in life- When a person becomes , rich he feelsthe urge for recognition. This urge is satisfiedby building a house whose design, size andmake-up complement his/her economicstatus in life.
  6. 6. 3. To enhance identity- A person feels a sense of pride when he hassomething he can call his own.A house is a structure that consists of a roof, wall,rooms, floors and things needed in thehouseholds. A home is a place where loveunderstanding and affection capable morallyresponsible, intelligent and productiveindividuals prevail. The family will surely havesecurity and safety.
  7. 7. Types of Houses in thePhilippines• Bungalow – a low-lyingstructure intended for asingle family household.It is made of concrete ormixed materials.• Nippa hut – made ofbamboo, nipa, and woodavailable in the locality.
  8. 8. • Duplex – a two-foldstructure for twohouseholds, each unitis complete with livingfacilities.• Apartment – astructure, ususally two-storey high consistingof independentquarters, each with itsown entrance.
  9. 9.  Townhouse – a row ofhouses connected bycommon walls. Condominium – abuilding, severalstoreys high, consistingof living quarters, ,intended for severalfamilies, each familyoccupying its own unitor quarter.
  10. 10.  Split level home – ahouse consisting ofdifferent floor levels.• Shelter provides manprotection andsecurity . Therefore, itmust be a home where,love, affection andunderstanding existamong familymembers.
  11. 11. Housing Problems Housing problems haveeconomic, social andmoral implications thata demand sense ofurgency for solutions. Housing problems arethe results ofovercrowding, lack ofspace, lack of privacy,lack of health facilitiesand most of all poverty.Private andpublicsectors must join handsto solve the housingproblems for people toenjoy life better
  12. 12. Making an Ideal Home A home is a palcewhere family can findpeace, relaxation andrecreation. Its design,furniture andfurnishing should becapable of providingcomfort andconvenience to thefamily. The home be madecomfortable , attractiveand liveable for the familymembers.Thearrangement of furnitureand furnishing should bepleasant to the eyes tocreate an ambiance ofpeace and harmony.Theinterior design should givecomfort and convenienceto the family.