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Tandaa Symposium Google 2010.03.08


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Keynote presentation by Denis Gikunda, Google Localization Manager. Denis explored how the Internet is relevant to Kenyans in their every day life and highlighted examples of successful online initiatives. What constitutes a 'kenyan' website or local content on the internet? In his presentation, Gikunda offered a matrix for defining local content. View the presentation to learn more.

Presented at the Tandaa Symposium on Local Digital Content, March 8, 2010 at the iHub-Nairobi's Innovation Hub. Hosted by Kenya ICT Board, sponsored by Google.

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Tandaa Symposium Google 2010.03.08

  1. 1. Tandaa Kenya ICT Board by Denis Gikunda, Localization Manager - Africa, Google
  2. 2. Google in Sub Saharan Africa Mission: Make the internet integral part of everyday life in Africa. Coverage: Kenya,Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal. X employees. Recent: Launch of Google Maps in 30 African countries. Hiring: Policy Manager(JHB/NBI), Technical Program Manager (Lagos)
  3. 3. Agenda Can the internet make a difference in the lives of Kenyans? What is the actual need for local content? What is Google doing / learning in the local content sphere? Parting Challenges to you
  4. 4. difference in the lives of Kenyans Search Stories (1,2,spoof)
  5. 5. difference in the lives of Kenyans social engagement, knowledge, marketing, social services Global marketing, buying and selling Global marketing, buying and selling Organization & scale Knowledge, social engagement
  6. 6. actual need for local content? "the Internet is becoming a controlled commercial product rather than an open public infrastructure" C a na dia n Journa l for C om m unica tion, Catherine Frost - (2 0 0 3 , p. 19). "the Internet existed long before e-commerce" E ric S chm idt , Google CEO . Wikipedia vs User penetration Online user New articles pd 2000-2009 grwth (native grwth (y/y) speakers) Amharic 28x 13% Africa has 14% of the world’s Swahili 2.5x 42% population, but: 3.9% of the global Internet user base 0.2% of registered Arabic 15x 165% domains (global top level) 0.2% of global internet hosts 1 domain per 10K Russian 11x 239% people Chinese 9x 246% English 2.3x 153% All langs 3.4x 260% “The information that relates to everyday life in Africa is either offline or not useful enough online”
  7. 7. actual need for local content? “ If Africans are going to get online en masse, they need a reason to go there and they need to see themselves, their values, and their stories when looking through the online prism.” - Aleem Walji 5.00am - 9.00 am Jambo Kenya Gospel music, sms driven 5.00am pambazuka wakeup calls Secondary school set book 5.55am Fasihi Fasaha review 6.00am Muhktasari wa Dira Breakfast news 6.30am Yaliyotendeka Topical ommentary 6.45am Wembe wa citizen Topical Satire 7.30m Chemsha Bongo Brain teaser. Mjadala wa Jambo thought provoking topics, Vox 8.00am Kenya Pops, local guest, 9.00am Dira ya Radio Citizen Regional news brief
  8. 8. actual need for local content? 1. The Daily Nation: (Alexa Kenya Rank: 9). 2. The East African Standard: (Kenya Alexa Rank: 13). 3. Kenyan Lyrics: (Kenya Alexa Rank: 16) 4. Kenyan Jobs: (Kenya Alexa Rank: 23) 5. Home (by AccessKenya): (Kenya Alexa Rank: 25). 6. Kenya Revenue Authority: (Kenya Alexa Rank: 35). Insights 7. Nyeri Online: (Kenya Alexa Rank: 36). Content with Local context, 8. Capital FM: (Kenya Alexa Rank: 38). adapted for local use = strong usage driver 9. BrighterMonday: (Kenya Alexa Rank: 41). 10. The Business Daily: (Kenya Alexa Rank: 47). Jan 2010 list has better top100 coverage of local sites. 11. Mambo: (Kenya Alex Rank: 50). 12. Webaraza: (Kenya Alexa Rank: 53). <50% of top 25 on country level 13. Best Jobs Kenya: (Kenya Alexa Rank: 61) 14. PataUza: (Kenya Alexa Rank: 66). domain(.ke). 15. Haiya: (Kenya Alexa Rank: 68). 16. Orange Kenya: (Kenya Alexa Rank: 69). 17. CareerPoint Kenya: (Kenya Alexa Rank: 73). 18. Nation Media Group: (Kenya Alexa Rank: 77). 19. Kenya Network Information Center (KeNIC): (Kenya Alexa Rank 78). 20. Jumuika: (Kenya Alexa Rank: 79). 21. Mashada: (Kenya Alexa Rank: 80). 22. Safaricom: (Kenya Alexa Rank: 83). 23. JengaWeb: (Kenya Alexa Rank: 87). 24. Uza Nunua: (Kenya Alexa Rank: 94). 25. Higher Education Loans Board (HELB): (Kenya Alexa Rank: 95)
  9. 9. actual need for local content? Global Expressed Local i ii Global Context Context iv iii Government land records Local language radio Online Informal business classifieds Regional portals Citizen Journalism / news ... Local Expression
  10. 10. Google in SSA doing / learning? organizing worlds information, make it useful & accessible UGC Partnership Developer
  11. 11. Google in SSA doing / learning? Input 7 Universities: JKUAT, KU, UoN, Strathmore, UDSM, IFM Single training, Online how-to, community engagement Prize sponsorship Google Translator Toolkit w/ English-Swahili Machine translation Insights Yield Stimulus, access, perceived difficulty 874 registrants Net Consumers-> Net producers 1640+ articles created (+ 11%) MT & Local language expression 1.4MM wordcount increase (+ 60%) Whats possible with Sponsors, Automation, dedicated access? 40 ‘very’ active contributors (5%)
  12. 12. Challenges to you Scope and complexity of this problem. Net Producer vs net Consumer Ecosystem vs Bucket model. What’s required to kickstart / nurture it? Stakeholders. Who are they? Role of Mobile in the production of content.