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Sentence completion by tanbircox


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Sentence completion by tanbircox

  1. 1. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: -াঅ঩নায াআ−ফুক ফা pdf রযডারযয Menu Bar এয View া঄঩঱নরি তে রিক করয Auto /Automatically Scroll া঄঩঱নরি র঳ররক্টকরুন (া঄থফা ঳যা঳রয তমরে  Ctrl + Shift + H )। এফায ↑ up Arrow ফা ↓ down Arrow তে রিক করয াঅ঩নায ঩ড়ায ঳ুরফধাা঄নু঳ারয স্ক্রর স্পীড রিক করয রনন।Sentence Completion এয ভাধধরভ ঩যীক্ষাথধীয Sentence এয া঄থধ তফাঝা ও কযা ঴য়। এক্ষেক্ষে Sentence এয া঄থধ ফুরঝAnswer choice তথরক মথাথধ Word রি তফরছ রনরে ঴রফ।1.প্রথমম Question এর sentence টি ঩মে অথথ অনুধাবন করমে হমব।2.অথথ ববাঝার ঩মর লূনযস্থামনর সামথ সামঞ্জসয লব্দ (বাাং঱ায়) চিন্তা করমে হমব।3.এর঩র Answer option গুম঱া বথমক যথাথথ লব্দটি ববর করমে হমব।One sentence one blank:The Yearly Financial of a large corporation may seem bewildering at first but a ......... reader will soondecipher its content.A. Careless B. PersistentC. Supersede D. FoolishE. MisguidedSolution: Question এয sentence রিয া঄থধ দাড়ায়- ‘‘ফড় তকাম্পানীয Yearly statement তদরে প্রথরভ দূরফধাধয ভরন ঴ররও,একজন দক্ষ/রনয়রভে veader োড়াোরড় া঄থধ ফুঝরে ঩াযরফ। ঳ুেযাাং দক্ষ/রনয়রভে ঱রেয ঳ারথ ঳াভঞ্জ঳য ঴য় persistent মাsentence রিয জনয উ঩মুক্ত।One sentence two blanks:The voters never thought that the candidate would resort to win, as he seemed to be ........ man.A. charm-----on amazingB. bombast-------a pompousC. innuendo------deviousD. subterfuge--------an honestE. argument ------- a controversialSolution: sentence রিয া঄থধ দাড়ায়-তবািাযযা বারফরন প্রাথধী জরয়য জনয এভন কারজ঴য াঅশ্রয় রনরফ, তমর঴েু োরক এভন তরাকভরন ঴য়।এরি দুবারফ াঅ঳রে ঩ারফ -
  2. 2. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - এভন বাররা কাজ কযরফ কাযণ ত঳ োযা঩ তরাক(ii) এভন োযা঩ কাজ কযরফ োযণ ত঳ বাররা তরাকএবারফ উত্তয াঅর঳ D, ‘‘এভন ছরচােুযী কযরফ কাযণ ত঳ বাররা তরাক।Sentence Completion এর বব঱ায় একটা বযা঩ার বেয়া঱ করম঱ বেেমে ঩ামব বয, েু চম যচে Questionএ বয Sentence টি বেয়া আছ োর অথথ ভাম঱ামে বুঝমে ঩ার োহম঱ Blank Space এ SuitableWord ও Choose করাটা বোমার জনয সহজ হময় যামব। এজনয বোমামক একটি English Sentence঩মে এর অথথ ববাঝার Practice করমে হমব।1. Think it over for a while; don‖t make a –– decision.a. genuine b. gullible c. hastyd. uncertain e. opportune2. Penicillin can have an –––– effect on a person who is allergic to it.a. adverse b. anxious c. awkwardd. tranquil e. e. tangible3. Turtles ––– their eggs after they lay them and never see their young.a. abandon b. appraise c. adornd. chastise e. tranquilize4. Scholarships allow some students from less ––– families to attend college.a. artificial b. affluent c. amiabled. ominous e. eternal5. The ballerina was ––– for her wonderful performances.a. augmented b. anticipated c. acclaimedd. immense e. flexible6. The Red Cross provides relief in case of ––– such as floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes.a. challenges b. commodities c. calamitiesd. dearth e. tranquil7. Workers must be very ––– when dealing with toxic substances.a. caustic b. casual c. cautiousd. flexible e. tranquil8. Corn, cotton, sugar, and many other goods are bought and sold in –––– markets.a. clash b. commerce c. commodityd. tranquil e. endurance9. A person who has been accused of a crime cannot be forced to –––– any information that is self-incrimination.a. divulge b. desist c. dispersed. deprecate e. chastise10. An odometer is a ––––for measuring distance.a. device b. delusion c. dwellingd. precise e. dearth11. Antibiotics–––– the growth of bacteria.a. inhabit b. jolt c. inhibitd. circumspect e. endanger12. The –––– people of Australia were called Aborigines by the English settlers.a. indigenous b. ingenuous c. innated. inborn e. bondage
  3. 3. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com13. The new play was so successful that the demand for tickets was––––.a. odd b. overwhelming c. negligibled. spacious e. ominous14. A book‖s table of contents provides readers with an –––– idea of what the book is about.a. outgoing b. overt c. overalld. distinguished e. dulcet15. Although the accident appeared serious, only a –––– amount of damage was done.a. novel b. notable c. negligibled. folly e. none16. Steel is not as –––– as cast iron; it doesn‖t break as easily.a. brisk b. brittle c. brilliantd. dulcet e. distinguished17. An autocratic ruler who serves his people well is sometimes called a ––– dictator.a. blatant b. belligerent c. benevolentd. germane e. capricious18. The use of seat belts is –––– in many states; failure to wear them may result in fines.a. covert b. cruel c. compulsoryd. eternal e. forward19. Movie directors use music to –––– the action on the screen.a. contemplate b. complement c. complimentd. endanger e. none20. People make more mistakes when they are ------ than when they are fresh.a. exhaustive b. eminent c. fatiguedd. ominous e. flexible1. To be fair, laws must be ––– applied to all persons.A. urgently B. vaguely C. uniformlyD. opportune E. unanimous2. With the growth of international -----, theAnswer keys:1.c 2.a 3.a 4.b 5.c 6.c 7.c 8.c 9.a 10.a 11.c12.a 13.b 14.c 15.c 16.b 17.c 18.c 19.c 20.c
  4. 4. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comeconomies, of the world have become moreinterdependent.A. commodity B. commerce C. choiceD. wary E. unaware3. Special police tactics are required to deal withriots or --------- crowds.A. ungainly B. unruly C. unsoundD. plausible E. appreciative4. Riding a roller coaster is an ---------experience.A. exhilarating B. elegant C. exhaustiveD. sound E tardy5. Intelligent policies are needed so that public fundsare used -----------.A. wholesomely B. zealously C. wiselyD. eternal E. outspoken.6. In the United States, citizens are -------- to vote atage of eighteen.A. essential B. elderly C. eligibleD. sincere E. everlasting7. A good writer supports his or her generalizationswith ------- examples.A. concrete B. curious C. crudeD. tangible E. opaque8. Some people feel that violent sports such as boxingshould be ------ because they are too dangerous.A. banned B. bloomed C. bracedD. curious E. furious9. Economists define ------- goods as ones intended tolast more than four months.A. durable B. dense C. delicateD. diplomat E. precious.10. The more facets a diamond has, the more it ----.A. glitters B. harms C. hindersD. shine E. grace.11. Pulitzer Prizes are awarded to ------- journalists,poets, and other writers.A. objective B. outstanding C. notorious
  5. 5. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comD. tranquil E. well-off.12. Turquoise is not valuable enough to be classifiedas a --------- stone.A. perpetual B. pale C. preciousD. atrocious E. solvent.13. Motorists can be fined for driving ---------.A. recklessly B. reliably C. ruthlesslyD. belligerent E. tranquil.14. Even after a ship has sunk, its cargo can often be ---------------.A. severed B. shattered C. salvagedD. endangered E. scattered.15. A metropolitan area consists of a central city andany suburban areas in its --------.A. vicinity B. vessel C. upkeepD. unkempt E. tidy.16. Many medical tests require a blood ---------.A. spell B. specimen C. stainD. group E. conspicuous.17. The use of robots and automated machinery haseliminated certain --------factory jobs.A. tedious B. thrilling C. timidD. variable E. fantastic.18. The kidneys play a ------ role in maintaininghealth by removing impurities from thebloodstream.A. vivid B. viable C. vitalD. critical E. crucial.19. Fertilizers can increase farmers ---------A. wonders B. yields C. woesD. wills E. desires.20. Whole grains and fresh fruit and vegetables are -------- foods.A. wicked B. wholesome C. well-to-doD. resolute E. crucial.
  6. 6. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comAnswer Keys:1. c 2. b 3. b 4. a 5. c 6. c 7. a 8. a 9. a 10 a.11. b 12. c 13. a 14. c 15. a 16. b 17. a 18. c 19. b20. b.Sentence is the combination of words that expresses a whole meaning of the speaker‖s statement.Sentence has some elements that are shown below.Subject +Verb +Object+ ModifierWe Studied Economics last nightThe subject is the agent of the sentence in the active voice; it is the person or thing that performs or isresponsible for the action of the sentence. And it normally situates in front of the verb.Note: Every sentence in English must have a subject. In case of commands, the subject ―you‖ remainsunderstood (উ঴য). The subject may be a singular or plural noun/pronoun.Coffee is delicious.They are playing chess.The subject may be a noun phrase. A noun phrase is a group of words ending with a noun (It cannotbegin with a preposition).That new car is Sathee‖sWe girls are not going to see that movie.Mary and I went to a trip last night.The weather was very bad yesterday.The chemistry professor cancelled today‖s class.The bank closed at two o‖clock.A subject can be a pronoun used for an impersonal verb. As the subject of an impersonal verb, thepronoun is not actually used in place of a noun, but is part of an idiomatic expression.It rains quite often in the summer.It is hard to believe that he is dead.
  7. 7. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comIn some sentences, the actual subject does not appear in normal subject position. The word ―there‖ canact as a pseudo-subject and is treated like a subject when changing an assertive sentence to a question.However, the true subject appears after the verb, and the number of the true subject controls the verb.There was a fire in that building last night.p.sub singular verb singular subWast There a firein that building last night?Verb p.sub subjectThe verb follows the subjects in an assertive sentence; it generally shows the action of a sentence.Note: Every sentence must have a finite verb. The finite verb may be a single word.Rehan runs too fast.Ratri loves Rehan.The finite verb may be a verb phrase. A verb phrase consists of one or more auxiliaries and oneprincipal/ main verb. The auxiliaries always situates in front of the main verb.I was going to Chittagong.(Auxiliary-was, main verb-going)He has been climbing the tree.(Auxiliary-has, been; main verb-climbing)She will go to school tomorrow.Farhana is very tall.She must have gone to the bank.Rupa has gone home.Subo is watching television.It was raining at 11 o‖clock last night.Word that identifies, describes or gives information abouta subject and completes an object, noun, adjective andverb is called complement.Raja is depressedRani looks depressedHe made me nervous.Do they understand the need of secrecy ?Farhana was interested in learning driving.They bought a cake a cake yesterday.
  8. 8. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comWord that identifies, describes or gives information about a subject and completes an object /noun /adjective / verb is called complement. A verb complement completes the verb. It is also called object. Itis similar to the subject because it is usually a noun or noun phrase; however, it generally follows theverb in a sentence in active voice.*Every sentence does not need a complement.*The complement cannot begin with a preposition.*A complement answers the question what? Or whom?* You bought a cake yesterday.(What did you buy?)* Rehan was driving a new car.(What was Rehan driving)* He wants to drink some water.(What does he want to drink?)* Ratri saw Rehan at the movies last night(Whom did Ratri see at the movies?)* They called Dalia yesterday.(Whom did they call yesterday?)* Kadar was smoking a cigarette.(What was Kadar smoking?)A modifier tells the time, place or manner of the action. Very often it is a prepositional phrase. Aprepositional phrase is a group of words that begins with a preposition and ends with a noun.Note: a modifier of time usually comes last if more than one modifier is present.Examples of prepositional phrases:In the morningAt the universityOn the tableA modifier can also be an adverb or an adverbial phrase.Last nightHurriedlyNext yearOutdoorsYesterdayA modifier answers the questions when? Where ? or
  9. 9. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comHow?Rehan bought a bookModifier of placeat the bookstore .(Where did Rehan buy a book?)Ratri is swimmingModifier of placein the pool of time today(Where & When was Ratri swimming?)He was drivingModifier of mannervery fast (How was he driving)Note: The modifier normally follows the complement, but not always. However, the modifier, especiallywhen it is a prepositional phrase, usually cannot separate the verb and the complement.Incorrect: She drove on the street the car.Correct: She drove the car on the street.The art of story telling ____ almost as old as humanity.A. that is B. is C it is D. beingThe Correct Answer Is B.1. In the united states, __ is generally the responsibilityof municipal governments.A. for water treatment B. water treatmentC. were water treatmentD. in which water treatment2. Crop rotation _ of preserving soil fertility.A it is one method B. One methodC. a method in one D. is one methodAnswer 1. B 2. DExercises: Identify Subject, Verb, Complement, andModifier1. Shelly is cooking dinner tonight.2. State minister and Foreign Affairs minister visited thepresident.3. We can eat lunch in this restaurant today.
  10. 10. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com4. Pappou should have bought gasoline yesterday.5. Trees grow.6. It was raining at seven o‖ clock this morning.7. She opened a savings account at the bank last week.8. Siza is washing dishes right now.9. She opened her book.10. Rehan, Ratri & Rupa were watching television a fewminutes ago.Answer keys:1. Shelly, s cooking, dinner, tonight.2. State minister and Foreign Affairs minister, visited,the president, x .3. We, can eat, lunch in this restaurant & today.4. Pappou, should have bought, gasoline, yesterday.5. Trees, grow x, x.6. It, was raining, x. at seven o‖ clock this morning.7. She, opened, a savings account, at the bank last week.8. Siza, is washing, dishes, right now.9. Shem opened, her book, x .10. Rehan, Ratri & Rupa, were watching, television, afew minutes ago.Classification of Sentence:Sentences can be classified by two categories-1. According to the meaning or purpose and2. According to the construction.1. Assertive Sentence2. Interrogative Sentence3. Imperative Sentence4. Optative Sentence5. Exclamatory SentenceA brief discussion is given below one by one.A sentence that makes statement or assertion is called Assertive Sentence.For example: Kader is not good as a teacher.A sentence that asks a question is called Interrogative sentence.
  11. 11. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comFor example: What are the causes of our political unrest?A sentence that expresses a command, advice, offer and entreaty is calledImperative sentence.For example: Do the homework.A sentence that expresses wish, prayer or begging is called OptativeSentence.For example: If I were a king.A sentence that expresses strong feeling or attitude is calledExclamatory Sentence.For example: Hurrah! Bangladesh won the Matchagainst Australia.: According to the construction. Sentences are three types. Theseare-1. Simple Sentence2. Complex Sentence3. Compound SentenceFrom the perspective of phrase and clause sentences canbe classified into three types:Simple sentenceComplex sentenceCompound sentenceA simple sentence has only one clause that means it has a subject, a finiteverb. Such as-Tami lives in America.A complex sentence has a main clause (independent clause) and minimum/at least a subordinate clause (dependent clause).For example:If they come to the new market in the eveningSubordinate clauseWe will meet with themMain clause: A compound sentence has twoindependent clauses joined by a co-ordinatingconjunction such as and, but etc.For example: Kader is a brilliant student but he is not a
  12. 12. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comresponsible boy.ClauseClauses are divided into two major categories,* Dependent clauses* Independent clauses.An independent clause, is a clause that can be algrammatical sentence by itself.A dependent clause is a clause that cannot be a sentencedby itself. Therefore, a dependent clause is alwaysconnected to an independent clause.For example,The president kept none of the promises that hemade.In the above example the clause ‗The president kept none of the promises:‘- can form a completesentence. Therefore, it‖s the independent clause. The clause ‗that he made‘ is not a complete andgrammatically correct sentence. Therefore, it is dependent clause.Difference between Phrase and Clause:Phrase and Clause both are group of words. But the keydifference between two is that the phrase has not the twomajor parts- Subject and Finite verbI will go there if she goes.Here the clause ‗I will go there‘ can form a completesentence; so, it is the independent clause.But the clause ‗if she goes‘ That‖s why it is consideredas the dependent clause.Whether you understand the meaning of a sentence ornot, identify the compulsory elements of a sentencesubjectand verb.Always be certain that the sentence has anindependent clause .And the main clause has a finite verb.Every year, thousands of people in Muslim countries ----- the custom of various religious festivals.a. enjoying b. to enjoyC. who enjoy d. enjoy
  13. 13. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comIn the question above, there is no finite/ main verb for the clause. Analyzing the options we find thatoption ―a‖ will not work as ―verb + ing‖ form cannot alone be a verb without the help of the auxiliaryverbs. In case of choice ―b‖ an infinitive can not also be a main verb by itself.Option ―c‖ provides us a clause marker word meaning that there is one dependent clause and for thatanother verb will be needed; two verbs for two clauses. Option ―d‖ meets all the criteria of being a verbwith no clause marker and being the main verb for the independentclause. In clauses, check for three things- a clause marker (who, which, because, since, as, though etc.) asubject and a verb. The subject will follow the clause marker. One clause marker in a sentence indicatesthat there is a subordinate/ dependent clause. So be careful in using two verbs- one for theindependent clause and another for the subordinate clause. If there are two clause markers in onesentence, the process remains same.Industrial psychologists have found that most peopletowork even if they become very wealthy.a. continuing b. continuec. who continue d. continuesHere it will need a main verb for the clause ―that mostpeople--- So the correct answer is option b.Remember not to ask any question in the dependentor subordinate clause. Never use verb before the subjectin the dependent clause.Incorrect: Do you know where is he?Correct: Do you know where he is?Incorrect: What should you do is nothing.Correct: What you should do is nothing.W. H Words, as if, since, that, so, so that, hardly, scarcely, barely, no sooner, such, even, the same,unless, until, though, although, as___as, so___as etc. এযা Subrodinate Clause- এয ঩ূরফধ ফর঳।঳ুেযাাং এযা Subordinating Conjunction.and, or, but, besides, after all, on the contrary, on the other hand, moreover, এযা Principal Clause- এয঩ূরফধ ফর঳।঳ুেযাাং এযা Principle Conjunction.
  14. 14. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comTime - Subject to a verbPlace - object to a verbreason or cause - Object to a prepositionpurpose - complementcondition or comparison - case in appositionconcession, degree or comparison mannerI know where he lives. (noun clause)I know the place where he lives(Adj. Clause)I will go where he lives (Adverb Clause)Exercises on sentence structure, phrases and clauses:1. ---- a wrong number, it is important that youapologize before hanging up.A. You dial B. If dialsC. If dialing, you D. If you dial2. Dolphins & whales are mammals that—lives inwater.A. spend their entire B. their entireC. spend their entirely D. spending their entire3. Juries determine facts from what is said and fromthe manner----A. which is said in B. which said it inC. in which it is said D. which said it4. The study of etymology rests upon basicprinciples--- to all languages.A. that applying B. that they apply
  15. 15. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comC. that are applied D. applied that5. Evening programs have been opened for people---during the day.A. whom work B. who workC. who works D. which work6. No one knows when or why Monet abandoned hislargest canvas, of which----.A. only the survival of the fragmentsB. only fragmented survivorsC. only fragments surviveD. survived only as fragments7. Colonists who came to America created schoolssimilar to those---- in Europe.A. they had known B. had they knownC. which had known D. that had known8. Congress, acting on the recommendations ofspecial subcommittees, decides how much money --- on education.A. the government which is spendingB. the government will spendC. will the government spendD. the spending of the government9. That---- by gases was established only recently.A. surrounding the earthB. surrounded the earthC. the earth is surroundedD. the earth surrounded10. The thirteen colonies stretched from---- Maine toGeorgia.A. that is now B. what is nowC. now that is what D. is that what11. For several years in the 1950s------,A. Ronal Regan working for General ElectricB. That Ronal Regan worked for general electric.C. Ronald Regan worked for General Electric.D. Ronald Regan, when working for General
  16. 16. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comElectric.12. When population is not checked by artificialmeans, ---- increases putting more strain onlimited natural resources.A. then B. than C. so D. it13. Every year Canada‖s ---- approximately one and ahalf million tons of fish and sea food products.A. seafood industry that producesB. seafood industry producingC. seafood industry producesD. that produces to seafood industry14. Public transportation vehicles are what--- as achief cause of the deterioration of ozone.A. have identified many ecologistsB. have many ecologists identifiedC. many ecologists have identifiedD. have many identified ecologists15. The movie The ‗ Wizard of oz‘---- is taken fromthe book of the same name has been a children‖sfavorite for years.A. the title of which B. which titleC. that‖s title D. the title of that16. Hugo Bart Hughes ---- is considered the father ofthe modern trepanation movement.A. became a medical student in Amsterdam in the1960sB. who was a medical student in Amsterdam in the1960sC. who were a medical student in Amsterdam in the1960sD. that is a medical student in Amsterdam in the1960s17. Two aurora borealis---- in the southernhemisphere, is not an entirely understoodphenomenon.A. cannot be seen B. that it cannot seeC. it is never seen D. which is never seen
  17. 17. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com18. The number of Hispanic children enrolled in theNew York public school system in the year 2007depends on whether-.A. will the immigration rate continueB. continue the immigration rateC. the immigration rate will continueD. will continue the immigration rate19. Some literacy critics felt Pearl Buck—thedaughter of the missionaries allowed her upbringing to interfere with her objectives as awriter.A. who B. had beenC. who was D. being one20. Musical concerts---- popular music of variouskinds, have become one of the most commonforms of entertainment in the united States.A. to feature B. featureC. which featuring D. which feature21. The portion of a mountain --- trees will no longergrow is called the trees line.A. there B. that C. are D. where22. What—look like when they are children can beradically different from the way they look asadults.A. people B. do peopleC. people did D. did23. Although synthetic gemstones are similar inquality to natural stones people--- natural gems.A. do seem prefer B. to seem preferC. are seeming preferring D. seem to prefer24. ------ nothing quite like sleeping under the stars?A. Is B. Is thereC. There is D. When there is25. Cruse ship--- many tourists from Miami to anumber of ports in the Caribbean.A. transport B. transportingC. transports D. that transport
  18. 18. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com26. George Burns was comedian whom manyAmerican--- first on television in the 1950s.A. watching B. did watchC. watched D. watch27. To the foreign observer, it was never actuallyclear--- the power in many governments of the oldeastern Block.A. whom had B. who hadC. who did have D. who do have28. Although Anne Tyler received a Pulitzer prize forher novel, --- has never received the popularacclaim.A. what she B. sheC. that she D. and she29. Northern California, in contrast to the sun bakedsouth, ____ a very temperate climate.A. is B. beingC. With D. has30. Joseph Papp--- the New York ShakespeareFestival.A. founding and directingB. who founded and directedC. founded and directedD. in finding and directingমরদ তকান sentence তক রনরভড়ফয রেন বারফ উ঩স্থা঩ন কযা ঴য়,তমভন: A. Neither they or my brother has completed her assignment before I called them.এাআ বারফ Underline কযা ঴য়।B. Choose the correct/ incorrect sentence, া঄থফাC. Sentence- এয রকছু া঄াং঱ তমভন- None of us--- থারক।এাআ রেন ধযরনয Question তক Sentence Correction ফরর।Option গুররা তদোয ঩ূরফধ ঩ুরযা Sentence রি ভরনারমাগ রদরয় ঩ড়।* ভরন যােরফ ঳রিক রূ঩রি (form)- াআ ঴রফ Answer { া঄রনরকাআ বু রফ঱োঃ ভরন করয তকানরি Incorrect ো জানরে চাওয়া঴রয়রছ}* শুধু Option রি রফরফচনা না করয, ভূর Sentence এয ঳ারথ রভরররয় ঩ড়।
  19. 19. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: -* Sentence এয ঳ারথ ঳াধাযণ Grammar তমভন : noun (subject) verb, agreement, parallelism, placement ofmodifiers, relative clause এয ফযফ঴ায রিক াঅরছ রকনা তদে।Answer keys: 1.D 2.A 3.C 4.C 5.B 6. C 7.A 8.B9.C 10.B 11.C 12.D 13.C 14.C 15.A 16. B 17.D18.C 19.C 20.D 21. D 22.A 23.D 24.B 25.C 26.C27.B 28.B 29.D* ঩াাঁচরি Option-াআ রফরফচনায় এরন Sentence-এয া঄থধ, Context, বাফধাযা ফুঝরে তচষ্টা কয।* গবীয ভরনারমাগ রদরয় া঄থধ, বাফধাযা, তমৌরক্তকো এফাং প্র঳ঙ্গ রচভত্মা কয।* া঄র঴েুক Pronoun/ Modifier- এয ফযফ঴ায এরড়রয় চর।* Sentence- এয প্ররেযকরি- Part, tense ফা Sequence of tense তভরন চররছ রকনা ো, রক্ষ কয।* Subject-verb Agreement গুরুত্ব রদরয় রক্ষ কয রিক াঅরছ রকনা।* স্বাবারফকবারফাআ তম঳ফ Option বু র ভরন ঴রফ, ত঳গুররা তকরি দাও, এরে রচভত্মায ঩রযরধ করভ াঅ঳রফ।Example:Although several groups were absolutely opposed tothe outside support given the revolutionarygovernment, other groups were as equal in theiradamant approval of that support.A. were as equal in their adamant approval ofB. held equally adamant approval ofC. were equally adamant in approvingD. had approved equally adamantlyE. held approval equally adamant ofCorrect Answer: Cকাযণ: were absolutely opposed to এফাং were equallyadamant in একাআ Structure. tense া঄নুমায়ী Parallel ঴রয় চরর।া঄থধাৎVerb (were) + Adverb (absolutely) + Adjective (opposed)+ Preposition (to). একাআ বারফ Verb (were) + (equally) +Adjective (adamant) + Preposition (in) ঴রফ।Sample Questions, Answers and Explanations1. Alice Walker. one of American‖s best-known writers,she has Published both poetry and prose.A. Writers, she has publishedB. Writers, has published
  20. 20. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comC. Writers, and publishingD. Writers since publishingE. Writers when she publishedCorrect Answer: B কাযণ:Option-A তে She word রি redundant া঄থধাৎ Alice Walker এয঩য াঅফায নেু ন করয She তরোয প্ররয়াজন তনাআ। Option C এফাং D তমতকান Finite verb তনাআ। E তে তকান প্ররয়াজন ছাড়াাআ When াঅনা঴রয়রছ। া঄থচ, Option B তে Subject Alice walker এয ঳ারথ঳াংগরে঩ূণধ।2. Consumers are beginning to take notice of electric carsbecause they are quiet, cause no air pollution, andgasoline is not used.A. cause no air pollution, and gasoline is not used.B. air pollution is not caused, and gasoline is not used.C. cause no air pollution and use no gasolineD. causing no air pollution and using no gasolineE. air pollution is not caused and no gasoline is used.Correct Answer: Cকাযণ: Parallelism এয রনয়ভ া঄নুমায়ী-তকান Sentence-এ একাআ partsof Speech ফা expression একারধকফায ফযফহৃে ঴রর এযা একাআ form-এ ঴রফ। ত঳ রদক তথরক cause no air pollutin (verb+no+noun)এয ঳ারথ Option- use no Gasoline (Verb+no+ noun) ঳ফরচরয়঳ঙ্গরে঩ূণধ। া঄নয তকান Option-াআ া঄থধাৎ A,B,D এফাং E এParallelism তভরন চরর না।঳ুেযাাং Correct Answer C.3. The convenience and availability of watercolorpaint account for its popularity with amateurartists.A. account for its popularityB. account for their popularityC. accounts for its popularityD. is why it is popularE. are a reason for its popularityCorrect Answer: Aকাযণ: Sentence রিয Subject (া঄থধাৎ The convenience andavailability) Plural঳ুেযাাং Option C এফাং D incorrect.
  21. 21. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: -াঅফায, Paint Noun রি Singular. ঳ুেযাাং এয Antecedent theirincorrect (it correct) So, Option B- incorrect, Option E তেword/ expression তক ঘুরযরয় ফযােযা কযা ঴রয়রছ। া঄থচ, a reasonfor না ফরর account for ফরািাাআ Simplest.঳ুেযাাং Correct Answer- AExercise:Sentence Correction (Pronoun)1. We scored as many goals as them.A. scored as many goals as them.B. scored as many goals as theyC. scored as many goals as theirD. scored as many goals as theirs2. Can you sing as well as them?A. Can you sing as well as them?B. Can you sing as well as their?C. Can you sing as well as they?D. Can your sing as well as theirs?3. Let you and I try what we can do.A. Let you and I try B. Let you and my tryC. Let your and me try D. Let you and me try4. It was I that gave your the alarm.A. I that gave your the alarm.B. I that gave yours the alarm.C. I that gave of you the alarm.D. I that gave you the alarm.5. Between you and I, I do not believe him.A. you and I, I do not believe.B. you and me. me do not believe.C. you and me, I do not believe.D. your and me, I do not believe.6. He is known to my brother and my.A. known to my brother and my.B. known to my brother and me.C. known to my brother and I.D. known to my brothers and me.7. Let him who can this questioning.A. Let him who can answer this question.
  22. 22. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comB. Let his who can answer this question.C. Let he who can answer this question.D. Let him whom can answer this question.8. There isn‖t much difference between you and his.A. isn‖t much difference between you and his.B. isn‖t much difference between you and him.C. isn‖t much difference between you and he.D. isn‖t much difference between you and him.9. None so blind as they do dictate to we.A. so blind as they to dictate to we.B. so blind as they to dictate to our.C. so blind as they to dictate to us.D. so blind as them to dictate to us.10. It isn‖t for such as them to dictate to our.A. such as them to dictate to our.B. such as their to dictate to our.C. such as them to dictate to weD. such as them to dictate to us.Sentence Answer keys: 1.B 2.C 3C.oDm 4p.Dle t5io.Cn 6. B 7.A 8.B9.C 10.DSentence Completion- এ একিা sentence তদওয়া থারক মায ভারঝএকিা া঄থফা দুরিা blank space (঱ূনযস্থান) থাকরফ। Answer choiceগুররায প্ররেযকরিরে একিা রকাংফা দুরিা ঱ে তদয়া থাকরফ। তম ঱ে ফা ঱রেযতজাড়া রদরয় ঱ূনযস্থান/ গুররা ঩ূযণ কযরর ফাকযিা া঄থধফ঴ ঴য়, ত঳িারক রচহৃর েকযরে ঴রফ।Basic Strategy for Sentence Completion:প্রকৃ ে ঩রক্ষ এভন তকান panacea ফা Grammatical Rule াঅরফস্কৃ ে ঴য়রন মা র঱েরর াঅ঩রন তম তকান ঳ভরয় তম তকান Sentence Completion(Vocabulary based) solve কযরে ঩াযরফন। ঩মধাপ্ত Practice- াআএকভাত্র বয঳া। েরফ ঳চযাচয তম ঳কর Sentence Completion রফরবনড়ফAdmission Test এ াঅর঳ এরদযরক া঄থধ ফা বাফধাযা/ ঳ভাধান কযায রদক
  23. 23. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comতথরক রফর঱লণকরয ৪(চায) তশ্রণরে বাগ কযা মায়। এযা ঴ররাাঃ1. Similarity or Support.2. Contrast3. Reiteration or Restatement4. Cause and EffectSentence Complement (Vocabulary based) ঳াংμvভত্মProblem গুররা Solve কযায ঳ভয় রনরভড়ফাক্ত-ধা঩গুররা া঄নু঳যণকযরফাঃপ্র তভ রক্ষ কযরে ঴রফ Sentence Complement রিরে কীConjunction/Conjunctional Phrase ফযফ঴ায কযা ঴রয়রছ।Conjunction/Conjunctional Phrase া঄নুমায়ী এাআ SentenceComplement রিরে তকান তশ্রণীরে (উ঩রয উরররেে৪রি তশ্রণী)঩রড় ো রনধধাযণ কযরে ঴রফ।া঄থধ এফাং Situation া঄নুমায়ী ঳ফরচরয় মুরক্ত ঳াংগে Option রিরেSlect কযরে ঴রফ।The Common Problem TypesA. Similarity or Supportতকান Sentence Complement -এ এ঳ফ Expression/KeyWorld তমভনাঃ likewise, in the same way, for instance,as, same, just as, specifically, such as, as an example,resembles, similarly, furthermore, like, alsoথাকরর প্র ভ া঄াংর঱ ফযফহৃে Word এফাং ঩যফেধী া঄াংর঱য Wordsimilar/ একাআযকভ (া঄থধগে/বাফগে রদক ঴রে ঴রফ।Example 01:# Just as television surpassed radio as the majorsource of entertainment for the nation, in seems likelythat the internet will eventually -------- television.A. Invigorate B. Alter C. reciprocateD. eliminate E. supplantExplanation:ভূর Sentence- রিরে Just as phrase রি তদরোআ ফুঝরে ঩ারয তম,দুাআ া঄াংর঱য বাফ Similar ঴রফ।তমভনাঃ াঅরগয া঄াংর঱ Television Surpassed (ছারড়রয় রগরয়রছর,দরভরয় রগরয়রছর), Radio রিক তেভরন বারফ Internet, Televisionতক --------.Option গুররারেA.
  24. 24. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.cominvigorate (রেজস্বী কযা, ফরফধধনকযা)B. Alter (঩রযফেধন কযা)C. reciprocate ঩যস্পয রফরনভয় কযা, প্ররেদান তদয়াD. eliminate ফাদ তদয়াE. Supplant (রকান রকছুয) স্থান দের কযা, উরেদ কযা।So,Correct Answer: Eকাযণ Internet, Television তক ঩ুরযা঩ুরয ফাদ রদরে ঩ারয না,঳রফধাচ্চ স্থান দের/঩রযযরেধ ফযফহৃে ঴রে ঩ারয।Example 02:# It is characteristic of old age to sap a man‖s vitalityand of his natural-------.A. youth B. senility C. ebullienceD. maturity E. insensibilityExplanation:তমর঴েু and দ্বাযা Old age এয দুরি characteristic মুক্ত ঴রয়রছ,঳ুোযাাং and এয ঩রযফেধী া঄াংর঱য meaning-ও াঅরগয া঄াংর঱য ভো঄থধাৎ এাআ বারফ ফজায় থাকরফ।ত঳রদরক তথরক, sap man‖s vitality (energy andenthusiasm) া঄ফযফহৃে ঱রক্ত, ঳াভথয, উৎ঳া঴, তেজ করভরয় তনয়,঳ুেযাাং ঩যফেধী া঄াংর঱ও ঴রফ োয প্রাকৃ রেক------- ঴যণ করয তদয়।এোরন Option গুররায meaning া঄নুমায়ীাঃ, তমভন-A. youth - তমৌফনB. senility – ফাধধকযC. ebullience – উো঳D. maturity – ঩ূণধো/঩রয঩ক্কোE. insensibility – া঄঳রচনোা঄নুমায়ী C ঳ফরচরয় ঳ঙ্গরে঩ূণধ।So, Correct Answer: CB. Contrast তকান Sentence Completion –এ এ঳ফExpression/KeyWord তমভনাঃ Although, but, despite, however, here as,on the contraryyet, surprisingly, unlike, in contrast,rather, on the hand,প্রবৃ রে ঱ে contrast রনরদধ঱ করয। া঄থধাৎ এ঳ফ Expression থাকররপ্র ভ া঄াংর঱ ফযফহৃে word এফাং ঩যফেধী া঄াংর঱যword Contrast/
  25. 25. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comরফ঩যীে ঴রফ।Here is an example;In a large group of people, Irina often seemed ---- andaloof, although among her friends and family she wasquite -----.A. reticent.......convivialB. gregarious......outgoingC. detrimental....multifariousD. unattainable.......taciturnE. intriguing....vigorousExplanation:Although key word রি তদরে াঅভযা ঳঴রজাআ া঄নুভান কযরে ঩ারযতম এয দুাআ ঩ার঱ রফ঩যীেধভধী/ রফ঩যীো঄থধ঳ম্পনড়ফ word ঴রফ।োাআ In a large group of people (া঄রনক তরাকজরনয ঳ারথথাকাকারীন), Irina তক প্রায়াআ---------- ভরন ঴য়, মরদ ত঳ োযfriends এফাং family এয ঳ারথ থাকাকারীন তফ঱-------.Option গুররারে meaning: তমভন-A. reticent (স্বল্পবালী, গুরুগম্ভীয).... convivial (াঅনন্দউরা঳ভয়,রপ্রয়)B. gregarious (মূচয, ঳ঙ্গররন্সু)..... outgoing (ফর঴গধাভী,extrovert)C. detrimental (ক্ষরেকয) ......multifarious (ফহুরফরচত্র)D. unattainable (া঄রবয, া঄প্রা঩নীয়)..... taciturn া঄঩ফাদী,ফাকরফভুে)E. intriguing (চμvভত্মকয)...... vigorous (রেজস্বী, ফরফান)া঄নুমায়ী Option A রফ঩যীে া঄থধ প্রকা঱ করয। So, CorrectAnswer: AReiteration or Restatement:তকান Sentence Completion- এ ঳ফ Expression/KeyWord তমভনাঃ in fact, in other words, to be sure, and,namely, that is, furthermore, likewise থাকরর প্র ভ া঄াংর঱মা ফরা ঴রয়রছ, ঩যফেধী া঄াংর঱ এয-াআ (প্র ভ া঄াংর঱ মা ফরা ঴রয়রছ)঩ুনযাফৃরত্ত ফা উ঩঳াং঴ায ফণধনা কযা ঴য়।Example 01:# She was the most person he had ever met; in fact,her magnanimous nature knew to limits.
  26. 26. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comA. charitable B. miserly C. ambitiousD. reclusive E. prolificExplanation: এাআ Sentence Completion- এ ফযফহৃে KeyWord in fact া঄নুমায়ী ফরা মায়, এয ঩যফেধী া঄াং঱ (her-0313magnanimous nature) এয ঩ূফধফেধী (most------ person)একাআ প্রকৃ রেয ঴রফ।ত঳ রদক তথরক her magnanimous (ভ঴ানুবফ প্রকৃ রে/বফর঱ষ্টয)া঄নুমায়ী ঩ূফধফেধী া঄াং঱রিও ঴রফ।঳ুেযাাং Option গুররায meaning া঄নুমায়ী, তমভন-A. charitable - দান঱ীর, ভ঴ানুবফ honoraryB. miserly – কা঩ধণযC. ambitious –উচ্চাকাঙক্ষাD. reclusive – (একাভত্মফা঳ী, ঳নড়ফযা঳ী)E. prolific – (প্রচুয ঩রযভারণ উৎ঩াদন঱ীর, া঄রেপ্রজ)া঄নুমায়ী charitable - দান঱ীর, ভ঴ানুবফ honorary঳ফরচরয় মুরক্তমুক্ত।঳ুেযাাং Correct Answer: AExample 02:# The Age of Enlightenment, one of the greatestperiods of history for intellectual activity, showed aproclivity for sophistry and ----- argumentation.A. credible B. specious C. gossamerD. effective E. irrefutableExplanation: Sentence Completion- রিরে ফযফহৃে KeyWord and া঄নমায়ী এয ঩ূফধফেধী া঄াং঱ এফাং ঩যফেধী া঄াং঱ Samemeaning ফা বাফ ফজায় যােরফ। ত঳রদক তথরক and এয াঅরগযা঄াংর঱ ফযফহৃে word া঄থধযৎ Sophistry (-এভন মুরক্ত মা ঳রিক ফাতমৌরক্তক ফরর ভরন ঴য়, া঄থচ বু র/ misleading) এয ঳ারথ রনরচযOption গুররায Meaning েুরনা করয।A. credible – রফশ্বা঳রমাগযB. specious – া঄঩াে দৃরষ্টরে মথাথধ, ঳েয ভরন ঴য় েরফ াঅ঳রর োনয়C. gossamer – নযভ, ঴ারকা, রভর঴D. effective – মরথা঩মুক্তE. irrefutable – া঄েগুনীয়, া঄কািয।
  27. 27. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: -া঄নুমায়ী B ঳ফরচরয় তমৌরক্তক।So, Correct Answer: BD. Cause and Effect.তকান Sentence Completion- এ ঳ফ Expression/KeyWord তমভনাঃ because, as a result, thus, resulting from,therefore, consequently, causes, leading to, due to-থাকরর প্র ভ া঄াং঱ দ্বাযা এফাং ঩যফেধী া঄াং঱ পরাপর (প্র ভ া঄াংর঱যকারজয) তফাঝারফ। এরক্ষরত্র author একরি conclusion এ াঅ঳াযতচষ্টা করযন।Example 01:# Because of his reputation as a comedic actor suitedbest for playing outlandish eccentrics, the directorwas------ to consider him for the more serious role ofthe solemn monarch.A. ambivalent B. loath C. encouragedD. irrelevant E. destinedExplanation:উক্ত Sentence Completion- এ -রিরে ফযফহৃে Key Wordbecause া঄নুমায়ী মুক্ত া঄াং঱রিয কাযণ এফাং, (কভা) এয ঩যফেধী া঄াং঱পরাপর তফাঝারফ। এোরন his reputation as a comedic actor(রকৌেুক া঄রবরনো র঴র঳রফ েযারে থাকায) (কাযণ) া঄নুমায়ী Directorোরক গাম্ভীমধ঩ূণধ (Solemn monarch এয চরযত্র) চরযরত্র া঄রবনয়কযারে-------.A. ambivalent – বার োযা঩ দুাআ যকরভয া঄নুবফ কযাB. loath – া঄রনেুকC. encouraged – উৎ঳া঴ীD. irrelevant – া঄প্র঳রঙ্গকE. destined – ঩ূফধ রনধধারযে঳ুোযাাং স্বাবারফক বারফাআ Director উৎ঳া঴ী ঴রন না। ফযাং া঄রনেুক঴রফন।So, Correct Answer: BExample 02:# Today commuters can -------- information from anumber of sources, them automatically ------ a pictureof their data manipulations.A. collate...createB. inculcate.....retract
  28. 28. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comC. extrapolate.......investigateD. adjudicate ...... assembleE. research ......expandExplanation:A. collateরফচারয উরে঱য েুরনা কযা (ফাআ, ঩ান্ডররর঩)....create঳ৃরষ্টকযা, তরোB. inculcate রচত্তরনষ্ঠ কযা...retract েুরর তনয়া প্রেযা঴ায কযাC. extrapolate া঄জ্ঞাে তকান রকছুয ভূরয রফচায কযা....investigate া঄নু঳ন্ধান কযা।D. adjudicate যায়/র঳দ্ধাভত্ম তদয়া.... assemble ঳ভাগে, ঳ভরফে঴ওয়া/ কযা।E. research গরফলণা কযা..... expand ঳ম্প্রা঳ারযে কযাএাআ Sentence Completion রিরে প্ররয়াগ কযায ভরো তকান Keyword তনাআ।঳ুোযাাং word গুররায া঄থধ এফাং Sentence এয বাফ ধাযা া঄নুমায়ীword select কযরে ঴রফ। ঳ুেযাাং Option গুররায Meaningরক্ষয করয। ত঳রদক তথরক ফেধভান কারর রফরবনড়ফ উৎ঳ ঴রে প্রাপ্ত েথয --------- এফাং এাআ েথয ঴রে স্বয়াংwμয়বারফ (Data) manipulations(রূ঩াভত্মরযে েথয) া঄নুমায়ী রচত্র ফা ধাাঁচ -------঩ারয।এোরন াঅভযা word এয Meaning গুররা ঱ূনযস্থান ফ঳ারর OptionA ঳ফরচরয় া঄থধফ঴ ভরন ঴য়।কাযণ Option E তে Computer রনরজ Research ফা গরফলণাকযরে ঩ারয না, গরফলণায় ফযফহৃে ঴য়। া঄নযানয Option গুররা া঄থধা঄নুমায়ী স্বাবারফক বারফাআ ফাদ তদওয়া মায়।So, Correct Answer: ALesson - 011. The senate‖s reputation, thought ----- by falseallegations of misconduct, emerged from the orderA. shaken .... unscathed B. destroyed ...... intactC. damaged ....impaired C. impugned ....unclearE. tarnished ....sullied2. This poetry in not -----, it is more likely to appealto an international audience than is poetry withstrictly regional themes.A. familiar B. democratic C. technicalD. complex E. provincial3. The history book, written in 1880, was
  29. 29. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comtremendously ----- unfairly blaming the South forthe Civil War.A. biased B. lengthy C. successfulD. expensive E. cheap4. Hot milk has long been a standard cure forinsomnia because of its ----------- quality.A. malevolent B. amorphous C. soporificD. rapturous E. desultory5. Since there are so few liberal thinkers on thecommitted, their influence on itsrecommendations is----------A. monumental B. negligible E. omittedD. discriminatory E. omitted6. The changes in the organization were so gradualthat they seemed almost------A. hasty B. spontaneousC. imperceptible D. distorted C. omitted7. Having polished over 300 books in 50 years, hewas the most----- author of our day.A. fastidious B. insecure C. ancientD. prolific E. spendthrift-03148. He remained ------- & in full command of thesituation in spite of the hysteria panic all aroundhim.A. imperious B. imperturbableC. impetuous D. impetuous C. gory9. Medieval Kingdoms did not become constitutionalrepublics overnight; on the contrary, the changewas-------A. unpopular B. unexpectedC. advantageous D. sufficient E. gradual10. I urged patience & ------- in dealing withprotesters rather than the unyielding attitudeadministration had adopted.A. compromise B. obstinacy C. arrogance
  30. 30. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comD. hostility E. enmityLesson-021. Though afflicted by headaches, nausea andrespiratory difficulties, Nietzsche refused to let his----- problems prevent him from writing.A. imaginary B. moderate C. perplexingD. plausible E. physical2. Although there are more female students at thecollege than male students, the women seem tohave a ------ influence on the student governmentA. enormous B. negligible C. provocativeD. venerable E. veiled3. Her acceptance speech was ----- elicitingthunderous applause at several points.A. tedious B. well-receivedC. cowardly D. uninteresting E.written4. Thought leprosy is not contagious, those who havecontracted it have always been pariahs & byothers.A. ostracized B. accepted C. shelteredD. admonished E. lauded5. Although his dress is -------- in all other ways heseems to be a perfectly normal man.A. ordinary B. mellifluous C. eccentricD. nondescript E. recalcitrant6. Thought the novel was not well written, it wassuch an exciting story that I was completely ----- &could not put it down.A. disenchanted B. enthralled C. indecisiveD. disgruntled E. skeptical7. Although similar to mice in many physicalcharacteristic voles may be ---- mice by theshortness of their tails.A. distinguished from B. classified withC. related to D. compared toE. expeditious concise
  31. 31. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com8. Although his work often ----- & -----, he waspromoted anyway simply because he has beenwith the company longer than anyone else.A. forceful .... extraneousB. negligent....erectiveC. incomplete....impreciseD. predictable....careful E. impartial....vex9. Despite the millions of dollars spent onimprovements, the telephone system in Indiaremains ----- and continues to ----- the citizenswho depend on it.A. scoffed at ....fear or B. barbered ...upsetC. suspicious... connect D. outdated ....elateE. impartial...vex10. Although the faculty did not always agree with thechairperson of the department, they---- her ideas,mostly in----- to her seniority.A. scoffed at.... fear of B. harbored...hatredC. implemented...deferenceD. marveled at ....lieu ofE. ignored... honor of11. Paradoxically, Helen, who had been a strictmother to her children, proved------- mistress toher cats.A. A harsh B. an indolent C. a cautiousD. a lenient E. a braveLesson-03:1. Science progresses by building on what has comebefore; important findings thus form the basis of ---- experiments.A. gradual B. subsequent C. reliableD. genuine E. ingenious2. Younger members of the company resented thedomineering &----- manner of manager.A. urbane B. prudent C. livelyD. imperious E. objective3. Because he is so-----, we can never predict what he
  32. 32. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comwill do at any moment.A. incoherent B. superficial C. capriciousD. deleterious E. anxious4. Nonviolent demonstrations often create suchtensions that a community that has constantlyrefused to ----- its injustices is forced to correctthem: the injustices can no longer be -----A. acknowledge....ignoredB. decrease...verified C. tolerate...acceptedD. address...eliminated E. explain ..discussed .5. Since 1813 reaction to Jane Austen‖s novels hasoscillated between---- and condescension; but ingeneral writers have esteemed her works morehighly than did most of her literary.....A. dismissal...admirersB. adoration.... contemporariesC. disapproval...readersD. indifference...followingE. approbation.. precursors6. There are, as yet, no vegetation types ofecosystems whose study has been---- to the extentthey no longer ---- ecologists.A. perfected..hinder B, exhausted ..interestC. prolonged ..require D. prevented ..challengeE. delayed... benefit7. Under ethical guidelines recently adopted by theNational Institutes of Health, human genes ate tobe treatments are unsatisfactory.A. similar B. most C. dangerousD. uncommon E. alternative8. It was her view that country‖s problems had been--- by foreign technocrats, so that to invite them tocome back would be counterproductive.A. foreseen B. attacked C. ascertainedD. exacerbated E. analyzed9. Winsor Mc Cay, the cartoonist, could draw withincredible .... his comic strip about Little Nemo
  33. 33. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comwas characterized by marvelous draftsmanshipand sequencing.A. sincerity B. efficiency C. virtuosityD. rapidity E. energy10. The actual --- of Wilson‖s position was always ----by his refusal to compromise after having initiallyagreed to negotiate a settlement.A. outcome... foreshadowedB. logic...enhanced C. rigidity ..betrayedD. uncertainty ..alleviatedE. cowardice... highlightedLesson- 01:1.A 2.E 3.A 4.C 5.B 6.C 7.D 8.B 9.E 10.ALesson-02: 1.E 2. E 3.B 4.B 5.A 6.C 7.B 8.A 9.C 10.A11.C 12.DLesson- 03:1.B 2.D 3.C 4.A 5.B 6.B 7.E 8.D 9.C 10.Cাআন্টাযরনি ঴রে ঳াংগ্র঴ীে
  34. 34. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com