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business opportunity presentation

  1. 1. IntroducingHerbalifeMake Powerful Nutrition your Business
  2. 2. How Herbalife Got Started Mark Hughes – the Founder “Our company is aboutchanging people’s lives byproviding the best nutrition products in the World!”
  3. 3. Who are Herbalife ? • One of the leading Health and Nutrition companies in the world • Range of science-based Products:- Weight Management and Nutritional Supplements to support a healthy, active lifestyle Sports Nutrition Products Personal Care Products
  4. 4. Who are Herbalife ? • Track record of success for over 32 years • Over 2 million Independent Distributors, millions of customers in 81 countries, and growing! • Record retail sales of $5.4 billion in 2011 – up $1.1 billion on 2010 • Goal $10 billion by 2020! • Listed on the prestigious New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) • Leading member of DSA Worldwide
  5. 5. Visionary Leadership Today Michael O. Johnson - CEO Joined Herbalife after 17 years with the Walt Disney Corporation, where he served as President. A keen Triathlete, he has branded Herbalife Worldwidethrough the Nutrition Sponsorship of Sportingand Athletic Teams, Individuals and Events,especially through Football Teams such asLA Galaxy, Barcelona, Schalke 04. Playerslike Lionel Messi have become icons forHerbalife
  6. 6. Herbalife – A High Profile Brand 6
  7. 7. Ethics & Responsibility Changing Lives - HFF• Herbalife and its Independent Distributors are committed to making our communities better places to live and work• Helping children in need through the Herbalife Family Foundation (HFF)• Company founder Mark Hughes opened the first Casa Herbalife in Rio de Janeiro in 1998• Now more than 60 Casa Herbalife programs on six continents and continuing to grow through the generous support of our Distributors, friends and the Company 7
  8. 8. Our MarketPoor Nutrition – A Global Problem • Many basics of our food have now deteriorated in quality • Poor storage, long transport, irradiation, processing • Fast food, unhealthy foods • The environment • Commercial pressure to buy sugared products • Mass retail products with no science – full of additives, flavouring etc.
  9. 9. We Understand the Problem !Why is Herbalife Not Sold in Shops? • Herbalife Emphasises Direct Contact and Personal Support • Herbalife Distributors are the Rolls Royce of Customer Care • Herbalife Product Results Drive Sales
  10. 10. Our Nutrition Commitment to Science Steve Henig, Ph.D. David Heber, M.D., Ph.D., Louis Ignarro, Ph.D., Luigi Gratton, M.D., Chief Scientific Officer F.A.C.P., F.A.C.N. Nobel* Laureate in Medicine M.P.H. Vice President, Chairman, Nutrition and Nutrition and Scientific Medical Affairs and Scientific Advisory Boards Advisory Boards Education• Herbalife Product and Science Centre in Los Angeles• Mark Hughes Cellular & Molecular Nutrition Laboratory at the University of California, Los Angeles• Limited botanicals research at the National Centre for Natural Products Research at the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy
  11. 11. Our Nutrition Proving and Providing Powerful Results…Today Clinical trials to demonstrate the science behind our products 3 studies on Formula 1, Formula 3 and the power of protein (in Germany, USA, Korea). In Germany: “Drinking protein-enriched meal replacement shakes lead to more effective weight-management than limiting calories alone” “64% of those in the high protein group were considered to be at much lower risk of common health problems associated with being over-weight, compared with 41% who consumed the standard amount of protein” (Products backed by science)
  12. 12. Herbalife Provides the Best Possible Personalised Nutrition Solutions• Inner Nutrition Core Products for Weight Management and Healthy Nutrition• Targeted Nutrition Products for Wellness, to target specific needs, and support a healthy active lifestyle• Energy, Fitness & Sport for sports, exercise performance and concentration• Outer Nutrition from top to toe - Hair, Face & Body Skincare
  13. 13. Our Proven SuccessHerbalife Entering the Sports Arena Herbalife24 Launched October 2011! Complete: 5 product customisable line Credible: Based on science Confidence: Tested for banned substances Committed: All natural colours, flavours and sweeteners
  14. 14. The Global Economic CrisisAre you feeling:•Uncertainty over your career?•Unsure where your income maycome from in the future?•Nervous about spending?
  15. 15. With Products Like These,There Has to be a Business OpportunityHow We Get Paid – The HerbalifeMarketing Plan How You Earn What You Are Worth!
  16. 16. Your Income with Herbalife Two areas of income:You’re Income with Herbalife 1. Your retailing activity – Personal customers – paid directly to you 2. Organisation Duplication: You build, help & train your organisation – Reward based on your team’s activity – paid by Herbalife
  17. 17. Income Possibilities with HerbalifeHerbalife is just like any other Business • Retail Profit: 25% Start with the Potential to Earn Much More. Build an Organisation and Earn: • Wholesale Profit (Between 8%-25%) • Royalties (5%) • Bonuses (Between 2%-6%) • Qualify for Events & Holidays! (2012 – Mediterranean Cruise and Mauritius !!)
  18. 18. Permanent Permanent TemporaryPermanent
  19. 19. Build a Team - Duplication is the key to your success Personal Customers Often become best Distributors 3 A B + 6 YOU + 7 C = 16Example for illustrative purposes only
  20. 20. Herbalife: The Next 10 Years1. More new products2. Even more customers using our products every single day – our Business Model of Daily Personal Consumption3. Even more cutting edge technology and science behind our products4. More people will know what Herbalife is about – even more Branding5. Country expansion plans – aim of 6 new countries a year – build an International business ?Where do you want to be in 10 years’ time?
  21. 21. 30 Years of Strong Growth 4.2B 3.8B 3.6B 3.0B 2.4B 1.0B 500M 2M1980 1984 1996 2004 2006 2007 2008 2010 2011 2020
  22. 22. Our Role as a Wellness CoachWe help people to achieve their goals through:• Simple Nutrition Advice• Step-by-Step Education• Coaching• Motivation• Encouragement
  23. 23. How We Work• Free Wellness Checks• Free Facial Experiences• Free Consultations• One-to-one Coaching & Support• Group Weight Loss Challenges (WLC)• Team Building
  24. 24. How to Become a Herbalife DistributorPurchase an International Business Pack (IBP) - £95• Distributor Application• 25% Starting Discount• Products to Use Yourself• DVD, Literature and Manuals• Flexible Business – you chooseWe all start the same way
  25. 25. Top Quality Training and Support• Telephone conference calls and online webinars• Local business presentations• Local workshops and trainings• Business Building Seminars (BBS)• Regular National UK training events• International trainings (Extravaganza)• The Herbalife Broadband Network (HBN)
  26. 26. Consider a Career in WellnessHerbalife is ideal for Anybody who…• Would like to earn extra money – part / full-time• Are Fed up of commuting• Are Dissatisfied with their current job/career• Want more flexibility and fun in life• Want to feel good about what they do• Would Like More Family / Prime Time• Want More Lifestyle Choices
  27. 27. In Summary Herbalife offers a ‘ready to go’ success formula• Products backed by science – new, cutting edge, attractive products coming through• Amazing growth, based on Daily Personal Consumption• Exciting Global Branding• Ethical Leadership, and Support System trainings and information for your success• Dedicated Distributors working together• Your Sponsor/Coach there to help you• An Income Opportunity like no other – Part-time or full- time – it’s always your choice
  28. 28. SummaryNext Steps Any questions?