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  2. 2. NON-BUDGET ACTIVITIES • Review and Revise Procedures:  Add flow chart for easy to understand.  Add safety requirements into the procedures to improve safety awareness.  Improve warehouse operation management.  Improve stock variance ratio.  Check-weigher control instruction. 3/30/2015 Tran Thanh Tam 2
  3. 3. Review & Revise Procedures (Unloading RRB) 3/30/2015 Tran Thanh Tam 3
  4. 4. Review& Revise Procedures (Unloading PRB) 3/30/2015 Tran Thanh Tam 4
  5. 5. Review & Revise Procedures (General Procedure) 3/30/2015 Tran Thanh Tam 5
  6. 6. NON-BUDGET ACTIVITIES (cont.) • Study to compose new work instructions:  Belt conveyor Operation Guideline.  Forklift Operation Guideline.  Equipment Regularly Maintenance Guideline.  Shift hand-over Instruction.  Contractor Operation Management Guideline.  Inventory Stock Count Work Instruction.  Warehouse Operation Induction (for new staff). 3/30/2015 Tran Thanh Tam 6
  7. 7. Equipment Regularly Maint. Guideline 3/30/2015 Tran Thanh Tam 7
  8. 8. Forklift truck daily check list 3/30/2015 Tran Thanh Tam 8
  9. 9. Conveyor Belt Safety Operation Guideline 3/30/2015 Tran Thanh Tam 9
  10. 10. Other Activities • Improve Team & Individual performance effectiveness:  Work with HR to make a clear Operation KPI for Warehouse. Spread it to staff level.  Re-assignment job allocation.  Improve shift hand-over activity.  Improve daily job arrangement activity. 3/30/2015 Tran Thanh Tam 10
  11. 11. Other Activities • Organize a meeting among departments (Logistic, Warehouse, QC, Maintenance) on how to improve communication flow among dept. • Study how to utilize Jetties during high season. 3/30/2015 Tran Thanh Tam 11
  12. 12. BUDGET NEEDED ACTIVITIES 3/30/2015 Tran Thanh Tam 12
  13. 13. Propose to build Oil Filling Station 3/30/2015 Tran Thanh Tam 13 There is no oil filling station now Propose to do this in Q2.2012
  14. 14. Propose to repair all conveyor belts 3/30/2015 Tran Thanh Tam 14 Mobile Conveyor Belt: In other to improve HP Operation Efficiency, improve safety operation of belt conveyor, we need to improve technical condition of all above critical equipment. In considering to balance between repairing need and budget spending. The repair plan is proposed as follow: No. Equipment Description Q4/2011 Q1/2011 Remark 1 Mobilized Conveyor Belt Repair 20 14 2 Suspending Conveyor Belt Repair 5
  15. 15. Propose to repair all conveyor belts 3/30/2015 Tran Thanh Tam 15 Way of execution: Propose to call for external contractor to do the repair job for all mobilized conveyor belts. Warehouse will take accountability to execute this task. This should be done in Q4.2011 & Q1.2012. Suspending frame Deformed Wheels to be broken
  16. 16. Mobilized conveyor belt 3/30/2015 Tran Thanh Tam 16 Sharp edge to make bag torn
  17. 17. Mobilized conveyor belt 3/30/2015 Tran Thanh Tam 17 Wheels are small: easy to be damaged, difficult to move
  18. 18. Mobilized conveyor belt 3/30/2015 Tran Thanh Tam 18 Loss of drive chain covers
  19. 19. Mobilized conveyor belt 3/30/2015 Tran Thanh Tam 19 Non-appropriated height for arranging in line
  20. 20. Overhead/Stacking conveyor Belts No. Equipment Description Q4/2011 Q1/2011 Remark 1 Jetty Check and modify Jetty 1 Jetty 2,3 & 4 2 Stacking Check and repair The left side The right side 3/30/2015 Tran Thanh Tam 20 According to the current technical status. We need to do the survey and make some repairing and modification. The proposed schedule as below Way of execution: Maintenance Dept. to go with Warehouse Dept. doing the survey. Make some modification.
  21. 21. Overhead/Stacking conveyor Belts 3/30/2015 Tran Thanh Tam 21
  22. 22. Overhead/Stacking conveyor Belts 3/30/2015 Tran Thanh Tam 22 Need to repair and doing modification
  23. 23. Overhead/Stacking conveyor Belts 3/30/2015 Tran Thanh Tam 23 Material spill out
  24. 24. The floor of Big Warehouse 3/30/2015 Tran Thanh Tam 24 The floor has sunk down. It makes difficulty to Warehouse daily operation. Propose to make access path between section & at the main doors. Propose to start this task in Q2.2011
  25. 25. Belt line from Bulk Warehouse to silos 3/30/2015 Tran Thanh Tam 25 Propose to modify: Remove all cover. Install hand rail along side of the belt line Purposes: Increase ventilation. Reduce temperature and humidity. Prevent the accumulation of gas and the risk of weevil arising. Need a belt line links from Jetty 1 to Bulk WH. Do we have a project for it ?. Propose to do it in Q3.2012
  26. 26. New conveyor belt requirement 3/30/2015 Tran Thanh Tam 26 New Jetty(5): Propose to install fixed conveyor line for this jetty. Need: 10 more mobilized conveyor belts (08 meters/each) to meet requirement at high season. These new one should have at Warehouse in Q1.2012.
  27. 27. New Software for Inventory Management ! 3/30/2015 Tran Thanh Tam 27 From Excel To a professional soft ware for Inventory Management !  Can we have it in Q4.2012 ?
  28. 28. Other activities • Propose to buy 05 walkie-talkie for WH Team. • Organize External Safety Training for WH Core Team (From WH Assistant and up). • Organize Internal Safety Training for Core Team of Contractor (Team Leader/Supervisor) 3/30/2015 Tran Thanh Tam 28
  29. 29. Thank you ! 3/30/2015 Tran Thanh Tam 29