Adidas for All-Star Phoneix


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Adidas for All-Star Phoneix

  1. 1. 1 I. Campaign OverviewObjectives: • Present Adidas products as premium and essential to success in basketball • Communicate to kids at the events that they can elevate to this level of athleticism. • Gain publicity for the Adidas NBA athlete spokesman • Increase Sales • To celebrate Adidas brand at NBA All-Star WeekAudience(s) Overview: • Primary Audience- Basketball crazed teens between the ages of 14- 24.  Teens 14-18: Tend to follow current trends and are more media conscious. o High School students: Grades 9 through the Freshman Year of College  Mature Teens 19- 24: Typically trendsetters who want the latest sneakers. They are more financially independent. o College Students (sophomore) through early career  General basketball fans across US  Kids who are players first and fans second and aspire to basketball successChallenge: To reinforce the association of the Adidas brand with basketball in the minds of thebasketball crazed fan. Taking advantage of the All-Star Week, Adidas needs to surpass theefforts of their competitors in reaching the attention of the consumers. The campaign needs towin over their audience by communicating a message of hope and encouragement for those whofeel that reaching their basketball dreams is impossible. Adidas is a brand that personifies therole of a coach, someone who understands, provides support, and leads. The message of thecampaign embodies the Adidas slogan- “Impossible is Nothing” and most importantly reachingtheir dreams is possible.
  2. 2. 2 II. Campaign Strategy & ResearchCampaign StrategyTo excite the young consumers about basketball while making the brand synonymous tobasketball. In order to stay consistent with the message, the marketing aspect must promote thetechnical innovations of Adidas products rather than in design.To improve Adidas’ brand image, it must demonstrate social responsibility through events toimprove low-income communities and the lifestyles of Adidas’ young consumers. A good brandimage leads to consumer loyalty and word-of-mouth between consumers and these are marketingtools are priceless.Recreation and its Impact on Students Physical education is an integral curriculum for young children in public schools. Studieshave shown that physical activity can lead to both physical and social benefits. Some socialbenefits include a sense of structure, discipline, and communication skills. Furthermore, physicaleducation is a gateway to participation in team sports, which has proven to increase benefits forstudents as well as young adults. According to a study by project PLAY (Promoting Lifetime Activity in Youth), schoolsreported a significantly higher participation in physical activity due to an additional 15- minuteexercise routine implemented between class time. This reveals that supplementary physicalactivity, such as joining a school basketball team; in addition to the school gym curriculum canincrease physical activity. However, many public schools throughout developing neighborhoods in America cannotafford for their students to participate in extracurricular activities in a larger capacity. Financial
  3. 3. 3limitations make it difficult for instructors to induce a positive association with physical activity.These schools have a need to improve their recreation facilities because it offers thecommunities’ children a place of structure, discipline, and education. Typically, schools are areflection of the opportunities (or lack thereof) that the community can offer to harvest theseyoung talents. For example, “four urban communities in Phoenix, Arizona within the zip codes-85003, 85025, 85030, and 85073, have a median HH income of less than $25,000 but a cost ofliving index of 105.8”1 Since, according to Time magazine, more low-income urban students fallbehind in academics compared to students from a suburban area. We can position Adidas as thebrand that can make their basketball dreams come true by helping these neighborhood schools.Target Audience I conducted a primary survey with a random sample of 50 individuals within the targetdemographic. The sample included 25 teens age 14-18 and 25 young adults age 19-24. Thesurvey consisted of ten questions formatted in the Likert scale. The questions were formed withthree objectives in mind: • Adidas’ brand placement in the market compared to competitors such as Nike and AND1 • What products and attributes basketball crazed teens look for in basketball attire • What motivations that drive them to their final purchases.The responses from both demographics were very similar. Below summarizes the survey results. • Teens age 14-18 o Brand placement – 52% preferred Nike over Adidas (36%) for athletic apparel o Product Attribute Preferences – 64% agreed/strongly agreed they preferred technical innovation rather than design when purchasing athletic wear1
  4. 4. 4 o Motivation for Product Purchase – 72% agreed/strongly agreed that the brand image took a role in their final product purchases • Teens age 19-24 o Brand placement – 48% preferred Adidas over Nike (40%) for athletic apparel o Product Attribute Preferences – 68% agreed/strongly agreed they preferred technical innovation rather than design when purchasing athletic wear o Motivation for Product Purchase – 80% agreed/strongly agreed that the brand image took a role in their final product purchases III. Audience InsightOur target demographic is composed of Generation Y consumers. Some general assumptionsabout the group are: • Technologically savvy group that grew up using the Internet. • Generation Y spends more time online than watching TV2. o 9 out of 10 Generation Y-ers own a PC and 82% own a cell phone • Spends most of their time in school or on the Internet. • More independent since the rate of both parents working has increased • Tend to be brand loyal if they and their peers consider the brand to have the “cool” factor • The generation experienced crisis- such as Enron and 9-113 o This contributed to being more financially conscious and skeptical of authority o Has a higher value on self-fulfillment because they know life is short • Racially diverse (1 in 3 are a minority) • More open-minded with new products. (Ex: Men’s skin care goes mainstream)4 o Products such as technology and fashion remain paramount to the generation.2 BusinessWeek3 USA Today4
  5. 5. 5Knowing this, we can formulate strategic methods to reach our audience in an effective mannerto excite them about our brand and inspire them to aspire to Adidas products IV. Strategy Execution & TacticsBuzz Marketing The Official Adidas Athlete Package- Given out to those who attend the Official Sunday All Star Game. It will also be given to the various winners of the following events. The package will include:  Keychain- mold of the slogan- “Impossible is Nothing”  Branded sweat bands (arm/ head)- Apparel typically worn by athletes  Stickers- serves as logo advertising to the trendsetters’ peers  Adidas Ad posters- Typically for college students living at dorm rooms  Figurines- Promotes the NBA athletes and the Adidas apparel they sport.  Pens- serves as logo advertising to the trendsetters’ peers  Branded sweat towels- often used by athletes  Laces- Used as a motivation for purchasing Adidas sneakers. o Those who receive the package through attending the Sunday game or by winning an Adidas contest are typically devoted basketball fans and trendsetters. They will generate the buzz about the Adidas products. These products will be sold exclusively in the NBA stores and Adidas stores. The sales of these products can also be used to evaluate the effectiveness of these athlete packages during the All-Star week.
  6. 6. 6 Modeling the Athlete Package- Have the athlete spokesman wear the gear on the Sunday game so that it influences the concept of “cool”. Name the Dunk- On Saturday of the All-Star Week; athletes compete to win in a Dunking contest. Last year in Vegas, Dwight Howard put on a Superman cape to perform a dunk. That is still very much talked about. On, the hits for the video of the infamous dunk have reached over a million. This year, have the NBA athletes name their dunks in relation to Adidas. An example name would be- “The Impossible”. Other tie-ins can include naming a future product after the winning dunk.Product Promotion Design Your Jersey- For a limited time, all Adidas and NBA stores can offer the opportunity for people to go in and design their own Adidas jersey. The event is offered in a limited time because it generates exclusivity. Exclusivity will then generate hype and buzz among the trendsetters and athletes. The Sneaker Box- Introduce the TS commander sneaker as an exclusive, limited-time product pairing set (i.e.: 2 pairs of TS Commander Sneaker for $250). Each set placed side by side will create a complete image of the pro-athlete wearing his signature sneaker while dunking. This strategy will generate buzz because it is more affordable and will peak interest. Official Adidas Cereal- Collaborate with General Mills to create a custom limited-time basketball cereal. Modeled after Lucky Charms, the marshmallow will be basketballs and the grain cereal will be the “Adidas” logo. To connect this offer with the All-Star Week, the box will be designed according to the Phoenix All Star Week logo and colors.
  7. 7. 7TV/ Media Promotion (Network collaboration with ESPN or MTV) Mini-Series- “Training NBA Players”- this show will be a showcase of what it takes to be an NBA player. Though it communicates a high level of difficulty and skill, it also communicates the idea that it is not impossible if the player is dedicated- embodying the Adidas slogan- “Impossible is Nothing.” The show will draw hype because the fans that are basketball crazed will go to the show for advice on basketball skills Reality Show- “Street Ball -vs-the NBA”- a show about NBA athletes touring to areas where street ball is a prominent game and playing against the local teams. In many low- income urban areas, street ball is a huge game where there are less rules and the structure of the game is a little different. Our target market will be interested because this creates juxtaposition between street ball, a game they grew up with and the NBA game they watch on TV.- Product Placement Strategically place Adidas athletic wear in movies in an organic way. A historical example would be “High School Musical”. A highly popular mainstream movie that targeted a younger demographic. Zac Efron is a popular actor that played a high school student who is the captain of his basketball team. The jersey he wore in the movie wears would have had a prominent Adidas logo.- Website Event Giving Fantasy Basketball- Collaborate with (or another partner) to create a way for people to give back to the charity of their choice. Fantasy Basketball
  8. 8. 8 is a game where fans create their own teams, based upon the progression of the NBA players’ statistics. There are many sponsored tournaments where participants can win cash and/or prizes. Giving Fantasy Basketball would follow a similar format with a twist for All-Star week. The team with the best stats from the All-Star Week would win a pre- determined dollar amount that they can donate to the charity of their choice. Teams would be composed of players that are participating in the All-Star week events (slam dunk, three-point, etc) Additional awards to the winner can include: o Day with an NBA player o The Adidas athletic package o Autographed jerseys/sneakers.- Mobile Event Text to Dress Dwight Howard- A large ad placed in proximity to NBA and ADIDAS stores with an image of Dwight Howard (or another pro-athlete) half- dressed. The ad would read, “Text to Dress Dwight Howard.” Upon registration, the consumer receives a responding text with a link to a program that allows for consumers to design an Adidas jersey or sneaker on their phone. The consumer also has the option to preorder their custom product through a text message. They would also receive a video on their phone of Dwight Howard (or other) dunking in their custom designed apparel. Although we would have to develop the software needed,
  9. 9. 9 the value of customization program can be leverage for many events/promotions in the future.Special Events/ Contests Kids Who Dunk- In Phoenix, Arizona, there is a Jam session at the Phoenix Convention Center, which is a basketball theme park. We can organize a dunk contest for kids. The winner of the dunk contest would get the athlete package, a pair of the autographed sneakers, an Adidas jersey and a day with the respective spokesman. The day events would be reported. (An interview will be posted on Sports Illustrated Kids). Adidas’ High School Basketball Team of the Year Event- The Contest : High School Basketball Teams throughout US can submit a tape and a letter explaining why their school basketball team is the best and deserves to be the Adidas High School Team of the Year. The school team must display a sense of brotherhood and sportsmanship. Furthermore the story should exemplify how their team has pushed through difficult situations so that they can become a winning team and why they need this money. The selected team would receive proceeds raised during the below media event, Adidas team apparel and a day of training for both coaches and team members by NBA players The Media Event: The event hosted by Adidas will be to generate media attention. The purpose of the event is not just to celebrate the All-Star Week; it is also to generate a sum of money used to donate to the “High School Basketball Team of the Year.” Those invited will be notorious celebrities, basketball athletes, and media. Official NBA autographed apparel from the athletes will be auctioned off to the public. Adidas will
  10. 10. 10 double the amount raised and it will go to aid the winning team with help to reconstruct their gym facilities as well as the equipment that they may need. Pre-event: Pitch feature stories on the inadequate conditions of public school gyms in low-income urban areas. Promote the nominated schools as a focus of the story and the Adidas charity event V. Evaluation of SuccessTo evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign, we can monitor the following: o Attendance at the All Star Week games o Ratings for the miniseries and the reality show publicized during All-Star week o Sales of Adidas products o Website registrations and impression levels o For the mobile event o Contest entry o Event listing/information o Media exposure o Fantasy Basketball subscribers o Participation in the Jam session at the Phoenix Convention Center January 15, 2009Contact: Tiffany Tam Adidas Project Coordinator (315) 312- 5600
  11. 11. 11 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Adidas’ Search for the High School Basketball Team of the YearNew York- In anticipation of the Phoenix All-Star Week, Adidas is auctioning off NBA apparelJanuary 31 at a media event in New York. Proceeds from the auction will be matched by Adidasand go to benefit the winner of the contest.Nationwide participants of the contest are required to submit a video exemplifying camaraderieand how they embody the Adidas slogan- “Nothing is Impossible.” The prize includes proceedsfrom the auction, Adidas athletic gear, and a day of training with the NBA players. The deadlinefor submissions is January 20th.Items being auctioned off during the media event will be official NBA apparel autographed bythe athletes. Invited guests will include A- list celebrities, NBA athletes, and national mediapartners. The winner of the contest will be announced during the auction and their submissiontape will be aired along with a live feed of the team.The contest was created to attract attention to the conditions of many public school facilitieswithin the U.S. Over 35 million Americans live in poverty and due to the poor conditions thatmany communities face; schools have limited opportunities and resources to offer their students.These students are faced with being left behind in more ways than just academically. -more-2-Adidas
  12. 12. 12Adidas wants to convey to young teens the message that nothing is impossible. Throughout theAll Star Week, Adidas will be hosting a series of events including a dunking contest for childrenin the Phoenix Convention Center. The winner of the dunking contest will win the AdidasAthletic package, autographed sneakers and meet an NBA player.The All Star Week will take place in Phoenix, Arizona at the US Airways Center on February11-16th. Downtown Phoenix anticipates over 150,000 people attending the weekend games. -end-
  13. 13. 13Contact: Tiffany Tam January 15, 2009 Adidas Project Coordinator (315) 312- 5600 9605 Southwest Nimbus Beaverton, OR 97008 tamtiffany89@gmail.comTo: Managing editor, Time MagazineDear Mr. Stengel, I have read many articles in Time magazine about improving the conditions of public schoolsthroughout US. At Adidas we value education and believe that those with the capabilities but do notprovide assistance are failing the next generation of leaders. I am writing to you about an event weare organizing to raise money for a high school basketball team. High school sport teams are an essential part of the education process for children. Theyprovide for the student many opportunities including; social responsibility, structure, disciple, andhope. However, in many urban and low-income communities, public schools are limited in howmuch they can support extracurricular activities. We hope that with the large reach of yourpublication, you can help publicize this tragic issue that is disabling the public school systems. Adidas will be holding a charity auction on January 31st in New York to raise funds that willgo to one deserving high school basketball team. Enclosed is an invitation and press release withfurther details for this charity event. We hope that this will aid in future articles about the Americanpublic school system. If you need any additional information, please feel free to contact me at theaddress listed above. Thank you again for your consideration and we hope to hear from you soon.Sincerely,Tiffany Tam
  14. 14. 14 Media List ORGANIZATION NAME TITLE CONTACT INFO PrintSLAM Khalid Salaam Senior Editor (212) 807-7100Lindy’s- College Shawn O’Neal Senior Editor lindy@lindyssports.comBasketballSporting News- Scott Smith Contributing Editor yearbooks@sportingnews.comCollege BasketballTime Magazine Richard Stengel Managing Editor letters@time.comSports Illustrated Chris Mannix Contributing Editor 1-(877)-747-1045Sports Illustrated Kids Bob Der Managing Editor TelevisionMTV- Music Michelle Hsieh Music & Youth michelle.hsieh@mtvn.comTelevision Group SupervisorFox Sports- MSN Mike Kahn NBA Contributor